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How Fashion Has Changed In The Last 10 Years

How Fashion Has Changed In The Last 10 Years

As we glance out into the world, everyone has their style of how they dress. The method of fashion has changed so much in the last ten years. How we wore, clothes have changed so drastically.  Different brands that were deemed very fashionable in the earlier 2010s are afterthoughts now. While brands that where an afterthought in the early 2010s have come back and are making huge trends nowadays. The cool thing about fashion in 2020 is brands still rule the day in style, but people aren’t as influenced to buy them as they once were. Let us look at how fashion has changed in the last ten years.

1. The sizes of clothes

From oversized clothes to slightly fitting garments.

In 2010, the fashion world began to make a change that, for me, as a young teen, I would have never thought it would come. The era of the over-sized clothes was beginning to dwindle, and the actual wearing of fitting clothes started to become the norm. I currently wear a size 32 pants, and when I was around the age of 16, I wore a pants size of 36. My shirt sizes were even more drastic. I remember leaving out my house on the way to school with a giant SpongeBob shirt draped down to my knees. Spongebob was wearing a baseball cap turned backward while sporting a pair of gold teeth in his mouth. This was the style in the early 2010s. In 2010, my shirt sizes would be around 2xxl, but I wear a medium nowadays. No, I was not a big person; in high school, my average weight was about 158. Now my average weight is 178. Recently men aren’t viewed as appealing anymore if clothes are not fitting.


2.The Return of old Brands:

Old Brands are making a huge comeback.


The “Forever I Love Atlanta” also known as Fila may have been one of the worst shoes my mother bought me when I was in middle school. I remember that day as if it was yesterday. My mom did not want me to wear my new shoes for school. I snuck them out anyway. They were all white and resembled Ari Force 1’s, and it matched with my white uniform shirt. I was the man until lunchtime. At lunch, I was having so much fun that one Fila tennis shoes were not Air Forces. The other students would scream he got on a pair of Forever I Love Atlanta on” My face immediately dropped because this brand was old, outdated and cheap. Students joked about me and those shoes for an extended period. Nowadays, if you would go to the top shoes selling stores, you would see that next to Nike and Jordan is Fila. Fashion has drastically changed, although some may argue it is still about having the latest brand. From my point of view, the trend now is to wear whatever makes you comfortable as long as it looks beautiful. I picked up a pair of Fila shoes at the mall a couple of months ago. I considered buying those shoes for a couple of minutes. I put them back, though.



I never really wore anything from the clothing line; Champion, but everyone knew about the famous large C on its clothing and shoes. The clothing line was a hit in the ’90s, but in the early 2010s, it was deemed as something older people wore. Currently, everyone is wearing Champion. Their sweatsuits, hoodies, and other clothing are found in a lot of good clothing stores. One of my friends wore a Champion Sweatsuit on our last vacation. Who would’ve thought that would be cool? Fashion has changed drastically. 

I wonder how these two brands survived their massive fallout in the early 2010s. Maybe fashion is just like history; if we aren’t careful, everything happens again. Well, if that is the case, I hope LRG comes back because I loved their clothing.


3. The Decline of some top brands:

Remember the brands that could be seen everywhere. While they are still around those brands just don’t have the same effect on the fashion world they once had.

Ralph Lauren

In the early 2010s, Polo by Ralph Lauren was at the epitome of fashion. Polo had always been a respectable brand and probably will always be relevant. “Man, I got that swag. My hat matches my bag, Man I got that swag. “My hat matches my bag. You know I’m popping tags Cause man I got that swag. I’m on Hypnotic, exotic, This Polo on my body.” Lyrics from the song Swag Surfing by Fast Life Youngstaz

The reason everyone was huge on the Ralph Lauren look was that the fashion culture decided to change into a more fitting style of clothes. I had a brown Polo jacket in middle school. I just did whatever in that jacket; let’s say if I would’ve known Polo was going to become that popular, I would’ve treated that jacket way better. Growing up, Polo was viewed as clothes one would wear at church or worn at dressed casual events. It wasn’t really big in my community as everyday clothes. Once fitting clothes came back into style, other brands tried to garner the newly trending customers like me, but nothing entirely stuck like Polo.

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Black label, Edd hardy, LRG, Lot 29, Lacoste, all had the small run, but Polo lasted. I honestly believe Polo continued to be relevant because you could wear a polo shirt almost anywhere. The clothes weren’t cheap but certain items didn’t cost a lot. Everywhere you would go in the early 2010’s someone was wearing a garment from Ralph Lauren. Everybody wore Polo from the top of their heads to the sole of their feet. Their boots even rivaled some of Nike and Timberland’s most significant signature boots.

True Religion

 True Religion was unquestionably the jeans to wear in the early 2010s. It stood out from all pairs of jeans due to the impressive patent “u” shaped stitches shaped on the back pockets of the jeans. The jeans itself were around $200 a pair, but they were something everyone had to have. If one was able to have a whole outfit of true religion, stand back because that person was making a statement.

These two brands were the highlight of the early 2010s. True Religion and Ralph Lauren Polo still turn heads when people wear them, but the effect isn’t as strong as it was in the early 2010s.

The cool thing about fashion is it always adapts and changes through time. Eventually, older styles will come back in form, and some brands we think will never fall off eventually will. Due to fashion changing, people should always be up to learning what’s hot and what’s not. Don’t get caught wearing something that’s out of style.

How do you think fashion has changed in the last ten years. Let us know by leaving a comment!

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