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How Dressing Vintage Is Much Easier Than You Think

Vintage clothing has really come back into style over the last couple of years. People are beginning to want to wear more vintage looks to stand out and achieve their own type of style. However, some are afraid to wear vintage clothing as they don’t think they can pull it off and don’t want so much attention directed at them. In response to that I would say that vintage clothing is a great way to express your fashion style and have your own type of look that channels older fashion types. But is it easy to just rock vintage clothing? The answer is yes and here are some tips and hacks to pull off vintage clothing and look fabulous!

Where To Search For Vintage Clothing

So first things first, where can you find vintage clothing? Thrift stores are usually where to start at. There actually are some online thrift stores as well so you don’t have to drag yourself into the store. Shopping at your local Goodwill sometimes will have really cheap, cute options that oftentimes are even better than more pricey thrift stores. Vintage stuff is not super hard to find!

It Won’t Make It Look Like You’re Wearing A Costume

Sometimes people are afraid to wear vintage clothes because they think it will make them look like they’re wearing a costume. Well, I’m here to dispel that rumor and let you know that you can dress vintage easily without it looking like you’re going to a Halloween costume party. When you are at a thrift store try to pick items that speak to current trends. Since so many contemporary fashion trends are being brought back from the past, you really can’t go wrong with a lot of pieces. Also if a piece looks dated, but you’re really into sewing and designing fashion, you can still get it and make it your own. I see a lot of videos of people designing clothes from vintage items that they have found and made into a really cute, unique statement piece.

Modernize Vintage Clothing

Also if you are dressing vintage and are worried about it looking too much like a costume, make it more modern by adding some accessories! Wearing modern jewelry is a simple way to make a vintage outfit look not so old-fashioned but contemporary. Another easy way to dress vintage is by getting a couple vintage pieces and then wearing it with contemporary clothing as well. Mixing and matching vintage and new, modern clothing is a good way to get the best of both worlds. A lot of people I see will buy vintage tops and sweaters and then wear it with their favorite bottoms and shoes. Combing two different eras of fashion isn’t weird and in fact it’s unique and will make you stand out!

Find Your Own Vintage Style and Inspire Yourself

What type of style of you striving for? Is it 1940s or 1960s? Or maybe both? Buying vintage clothing is easy, but then you have to deal with trying to find what type of vintage you’re going for. Before even shopping for anything vintage, go on Pinterest or old vintage blogs, and find what types of fashion you like. If you’re super into 90s trends, maybe look more into the types of garments you would want to buy and channel into your outfits. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different eras and looks because that’s the fun of dressing vintage! There’s no right way to do it as it’s all about what you want to dress like. Vintage is made for everyone so have some fun trying new things and going outside your comfort zone!

Incorporate Vintage Accessories Into Your Look

If you aren’t ready to go fully vintage, try having some fun with vintage accessories. For example, vintage sunglasses are fun to test out and they’ll have people wondering “Where did she find those?” Even if you are wearing a normal, modern outfit, adding some vintage accessories is bound to make your outfit more fashionable and appealing. It’s an easy way to still look vintage without completely buying a whole new wardrobe. Some vintage items are still in style and in fact, are items that some people are dying to find! Designer bags and shoes are oftentimes sold at thrift stores for super cheap and some people still end up paying more money for the same items.

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Want to Look Vintage Without Buying Vintage?

Yes, it is possible to dress vintage without having to go thrift shopping and searching for vintage items! The truth is you probably can already start to look like you’re wearing vintage with just some clothing that you may already own. As I stated previously, it’s always good to look up different eras or vintage trends you want to emulate. Since a lot of older trends are coming back in style, it’s easy to search for your wardrobe and find pieces that may already look vintage. For example, paper bag trousers with different designs are really in style and so were they several years ago. You can take a piece that looks vintage and then make the rest of your outfit also channel the particular older trend you were aiming for. I have gotten away with “looking vintage” before by just wearing a graphic T-shirt I had gotten from TopShop! There are so many different ways to dress like a trend from a past era without even going out to the store. Also, make sure to do your hair and makeup so it fits with your “vintage” look. People will be convinced that your outfit must have been thrifted, but in reality, you’re just rocking clothing items that you already own!

Achieving that “vintage” look is not as costly and time-consuming as one may think! More and more people are obsessed with vintage clothing and will do anything to get that vintage aesthetic. Although it may seem like a lot of work to dress vintage, it’s not that challenging with a little research and maybe a couple trips to the thrift store.

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