How Did They Get Away With These Jokes In Kids Cartoons?

Dirty jokes in kids’ cartoons are usually the most memorable moments from a show. After all, grown-ups get stuck watching these shows with the kids, so the writers sneak in a few jokes just for us. However, sometimes these jokes can walk the fine line of being TV-14. So, here are all of our picks for the jokes that had to be near impossible to get away with.

Rugrats – Lonely Space Vixens

Rugrats is a childhood staple for most 90s kids and early 2000’s kids. That being said, it had a few dirty jokes hidden in for older people who may have been stuck watching the show. The most apparent joke is when Stu is showing Tommy and Chucky some of his tapes, like a few Reptar videos he has. However, the last video he references is called “Lonely Space Vixens”, and ultimately saying that this video was for after they went to bed. It should be pretty obvious what kind of video Stu is holding, but a quick Google search of the word “vixen” should clear it up for anyone who may still be confused.

Robots – How To Make A Baby

Robots is a 2005 animated classic, which snuck in plenty of dirty jokes which some of us only got many years later. The best one in my opinion though is how to build a baby. Rodney comes home excited as ever to his wife Cappy who tells him that he had “missed the delivery”. Rodney seems disappointed, but then Cappy tells him that “it’s okay, making the baby is the fun part”, before lifting a box of baby parts which say some assembly required. Once the baby is assembled completely, Cappy asks what the extra piece is. We do not get to see the piece, but Rodney asks if they “wanted a boy, right?”. 


Animaniacs – Fingerprints

Animaniacs is another classic cartoon that so many of us remember fondly. However, their dirty jokes were not hidden all too well and rather put front and center. In one episode, our group needs to dust for prints to find clues to a crime. Yakko tells the others to check for prints everywhere, and before too long, Dot says she had found prints. When the camera cuts to her, we see her holding Purple Rain singer Prince. Yakko tells her that he meant fingerprints. Dot takes a short pause to look at Prince, before looking back and saying “I don’t think so”. 

How Did They Get Away With These Jokes In Kids Cartoons?

SpongeBob Squarepants – Patrick’s Genius

SpongeBob Squarepants is everyone’s favorite yellow sponge who lives at the bottom of the sea. SpongeBob is speaking to his best buddy Patrick Star about how to make their friend a little less homesick. Patrick suggests bringing Texas to her, which SpongeBob thinks is a great idea. SpongeBob tells Patrick that “his genius is showing”. Patrick quickly exclaims “where?!” while covering his private area. The implication here is that Patrick thought his penis was exposed.

The Brave Little Toaster – The Computer Gets Laid

This joke is another one that was not even hidden. This computer is having the time of his life when someone is searching through his files. He seems to be enjoying what is happening to him way too much before exclaiming “there is something inside me that I can’t keep to myself much longer”. To which we see papers getting printed. The innuendos this computer proclaims points us to believe that searching computer files and printing a document is orgasmic for a computer, the orgasm, of course, being papers getting printed.


Scooby-Doo – Shaggy is a Stoner

This is one of the longest-running animated jokes, as, in almost any adaptation of Scooby-Doo, Shaggy always seems to be a fan of the ganja. I mean, he looks like he is based on any stereotypical hippy from the 70s. While they have never outright said it, you can not tell me you do not think he is too. For one, he always has the munchies and will eat anything in sight. On top of that, listen to the way he speaks. Constantly rambling at varying speeds, there is no way my man Shaggy has never partaken in the smoking of marijuana.

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How Did They Get Away With These Jokes In Kids Cartoons?

Rugrats – Babies Discover Their Bodies

My personal favorite joke from any kids movie is from The Rugrats Movie. When the babies sneak off to find “where the babies come from” and end up finding the newborn nursery. As you may have guessed, the newborns break out into song describing how new the world is to them. As they discover the world, we see two babies who discover the difference between boys and girls. A female baby proclaims that they “cut her cord” while looking in her diaper. A male baby, who is also looking down his diaper, tells her to “consider herself lucky”.


The Amazing World Of Gumball – The Hug

The Amazing World Of Gumball is a personal favorite of mine, which can be enjoyed by really any age group. However, the implication of one scene is… wild. I have no better word to explain it. Okay, so the story is supposed to be about that feeling when you and another person awkwardly have to be overly friendly to one another. When Gumball makes friends with a hot dog and has to keep it up, things go as far as he and his new buddy having a tent sleepover in his backyard. After the hot dog falls asleep, he accidentally puts his arm over Gumball. Gumball tries to put his arm back, but Hot Dog wakes up and finds Gumball around him. They both awkwardly smile and hug, before we see a very peculiar shadow on their tent. Watch the scene for yourself, and make your own conclusions as to what the implication is.

How Did They Get Away With These Jokes In Kids Cartoons?

Dirty jokes in kids’ cartoons will always make me laugh, but it makes me wonder why they are usually sex jokes. I guess all those late nights drawing can really get to an artist, and they need to get that pent up energy out somehow. Did I forget any good dirty jokes in kids’ cartoons? If so, make sure you let me know in the comments below!