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How Boarding School Prepares You For College

How Boarding School Prepares You For College

Going to college is a different experience for everyone. This is how students who attended boarding school may be more prepared for college than others.

For some, entering college is like spontaneously showing up to a movie where you’re forced to take the front row seats because those are the only ones left. A lot of people aren’t sure what to expect, especially as far as dorm life goes. But there are some people who find it a little easier to navigate because they’ve had a taste of college life before the real deal. For boarding schoolers, college prep is more or less a guarantee when you live in the same proximity with other students just as the regular college student would. In essence, there are a number of ways coming from a boarding school would be an advantage when entering the wonderful world that is college.

1. You Know The Laundry Drill

“I’ll do it tomorrow.” – the most common phrase of a college student eyeing their accumulating laundry pile until their dirty laundry outnumbers their population of wearable clothes. If you’re from a boarding school, you’re sure to be completely familiar with said statement. But luckily, you’ve probably already created an unplanned laundry schedule and learned to maneuver around the setbacks of a communal laundry room. A major key to college success–and hygiene.

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2. You’ll Be An Expert At Dorm Decorating

Probably the most exciting part of starting college, amirite ladies? Deciding whether to go for that trendy bohemian theme or the contemporary, geometric-artsy-simplistic vibe is the real dilemma. If you went to a boarding school, you’ll be a pro at knowing the tips and tricks to hanging up your favorite poster without it falling on you in the middle of the night, and you’ll know that lofting/un-lofting your bed is a chore, but it creates a lot of extra space for your fridge too.


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3. You’ll Know How To Deal With That One Roommate

Yes, that one. The one who wakes up at the crack of dawn to blend their coffee beans three feet away from you. They proceed to demand you turn your reading lamp off at 10pm so they can get enough sleep before waking up to carry out their devilish activities. Luckily, for boarding schoolers, most of us have dealt with someone like this before. Roommate selection is a tricky thing, but if you’ve been through the process you’ll know that compromising is a virtue, and learning to deal with difficult people is an envied skill.

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4. Fire Alarms Got Nothin’ On Ya

If you went to a boarding school, you’ll know that there are some young adults still learning the ropes to making microwave mac and cheese. You’ll know that 2am fire alarms are not out of the question, and you’ll be ready with a blanket wrapped around you, with snapchat in hand, to let all your other pals know what a ride dorm life is.


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5. You Know There’s No Cure For A Bad Music Taste

If you’re familiar with communal showers, you’ve probably seen it all…and heard it all, too. You’ll know to secure your turn with the shower jams because believe me, it’s a serious matter. Other times, you may find yourself listening to someone’s bad, bad music that leaves you wondering what the rest of their Spotify playlist is like.

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6. You’ll Always Have Your Room Key At Hand

At least, hopefully you will. One of the most valuable lessons learned at a boarding school is ALWAYS have your room key with you, even if you leave for 2 minutes to use the restroom. Locking your doors is important, because well, people are untrustworthy creatures, so having your key with you at all times is vital.

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This is how boarding school prepares you for college. Share your thoughts and any questions in the comments below!
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