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Housewarming Gifts For Your Friend’s First Apartment

Sometimes it’s more fun to help other people decorate their new apartment than it is our own. And when your BFF moves into their first place by themselves, you’ll want to be the first to give them a housewarming gift. Nothing rings in a new chapter of life better than the thoughtful expression of giving someone a present, so here are some adorable housewarming gift ideas for your bestie who just got settled into their first place!


Who doesn’t love a chill night in with some scented candles lit? Candles are one of those little things to keep around the house that everyone wants to have, but doesn’t necessarily want to spend the money on. Especially when you move into your first apartment, there are usually more important essentials to worry about in terms of budgeting. Luckily, candles make for ideal housewarming gifts!

Aside from the fact that your friend’s new place will smell amazing, splurging a little means you can get them something super pretty that will add a nice touch to their first apartment. You can also buy the candles and holders separately, allowing you the freedom to mix and match based on your friend’s taste. Something colorful but simple like these candle holders from Etsy are a great, versatile choice. Just pick out a scent they’d like and you’re good to go!

A Cozy Blanket

Housewarming gifts that play off of things your friend probably has already are the perfect choice for their new pad. There’s nothing like hunkering down on a brand new couch in your brand new place with a cozy blanket! If you know what kind of ambiance and color scheme your friend is going for, feel free to pick one that matches the vibe of the room! 

Something like this tassled throw blanket from Anthropologie is both cute and cozy, and is also practical. Simple is a safe way to go, also, because they won’t get tired of it. But if you’re the creative type, making a blanket is always one of the most personal types of housewarming gifts. Plus, every time they sit down on that couch or chair and reach for their new favorite blanket (which will probably be quite often), they’ll think of you! 

Framed Photos

Personalization is key for your first apartment. Make your bestie’s life simple and help out with that task by gifting them some photos of your favorite memories together! Framed photos make for awesome and adorable housewarming gifts because they’re both decorative and will make your friend feel super loved. Everyone likes feeling the warm and fuzzies when they come home after a long day, and seeing pictures of what makes them happy will send off some good energy in a new, unfamiliar environment. 

Polaroid frames like these from Urban Outfitters are a great option because they’re tiny, and also come in so many colors you can get creative by mixing and matching! Wall frames are also a good choice, though, and so are standard sized. What really matters are the pictures that go in them, so have fun going through that camera roll and picking them out!


If your friend lives alone, nothing will keep them company like a new plant! The beauty of plants is that there are so many different types to choose from and so many places to purchase them. Plus, you can pick out a super cute pot or hanging basket that will add another pop to their decor. 

Air plants, succulents, or cacti are good options for low-commitment, since they don’t require much water or attention. Something like a bonsai however, is more of a visual showstopper, but requires much more maintenance. For the first time plant parent, buying your friend something easy to take care of is definitely the way to go!

Wall Prints

Wall prints are a risky thing to buy if you’re iffy at all about the apartment’s vibe, but if you know your friend like the back of your hand, they can also be some of the most fun housewarming gifts to pick out! The rule on wall decor is pretty much only to get something that screams someone’s name; otherwise they’re stuck with some huge poster they don’t know what to do with that’ll just sit in a closet its whole life.

See Also

Urban Outfitters has a lot of super cute and trendy prints like this winky face, and you can pick out a matching frame when you order it! 

Decorative Pillows

Like throw blankets, decorative pillows are great housewarming gifts if you know the color scheme your friend’s first apartment adheres to! You also have tons and tons of options — from fun shapes to different textures, there are hundreds of different types of pillows. Plus, your friend doesn’t necessarily have to use it in the living room. If they prefer, it can also be thrown onto a bed or used at a desk in their office!

Something like this Ikea throw pillow is perfect, since its cute pattern is also versatile. Who wouldn’t love that?

Gift Cards

As basic as it sounds, gift cards are actually really great housewarming gifts. While it’s less fun on your part, it gives you a lot of flexibility and is a super practical option that everyone would appreciate. Consider local business, like nearby restaurants or coffee shops, which will help your BFF get familiar with their new environment. Gift cards for nearby salons is another great option, and it’s very likely that a mani/pedi will be much needed after your friend’s big move.  

Welcome Mat

A new home calls for a new door mat, and what better way to make someone look forward to coming home than with their very own welcome mat? Whether you go simple or funky, personal or generic, every new apartment dweller would love receiving one of these housewarming staples. 

Sites like Etsy feature custom welcome mats, so you can personalize it to suit your friend’s interests. Or, you can go the extra mile and incorporate an inside joke! 

Which one of these housewarming gifts spoke to you? Let us know in the comments how your friend’s new apartment is coming along!

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