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10 Houseplants That Are Perfect For Dorm Life

If you love plants (who doesn’t?) and want to liven up your dorm room with some cute foliage, then you need to check out this list of 10 amazing houseplants that work perfectly in a dorm! They’re low-maintenance and easy to take care of, perfect for any busy student. These plants are cute and are guaranteed to bring some energy and life into your dorm room, no matter how small your space might be! Get creative and keep a few different types of plants in your dorm to keep things interesting. Check them out and see what fits your space best!

1. Succulents/Cactus

These little guys are not only super adorable, but they’re also super easy to take care of! Although there are many different varieties and types of succulents, a lot of them require similar care and growing environments. You can have a lot of these guys at once and you won’t have to spend a lot of time caring for them, so they’re really a perfect plant for students! 

There are so many different shapes, colors, and sizes to succulents! They offer a lot in terms of livening up a bland or seemingly lifeless dorm room. Most of them simply require decent lighting, which can be achieved through fluorescent lighting if there isn’t much sunlight or room on your windowsill! Seriously, these adorable and durable plants are the perfect dorm room accessory. 

2. Bamboo Plant

While the bamboo plant looks super cool, it’s also believed to be lucky! Keep this plant in your dorm room to boost your luck and your dorm room’s appearance. Bamboo is also a very durable and low-maintenance plant that doesn’t require constant love and attention, leaving you plenty of time to focus on your studies (or just relaxing!).

Bamboo comes in many different sizes, twists, shapes, and varieties, so there’s bound to be one that appeals to you! Take your luck up a notch and add some beautiful decor to your room at the same time!

3. Aloe Vera

The aloe vera plant looks so cool, and it also provides fresh and natural aloe, should you ever develop dry skin! Like with succulents and bamboo and honestly most plants in general, there are several varieties of aloe vera that each looks unique. Aloe vera requires very similar care as succulents, so they’re super easy to care for and add some cool and fresh vibes to your room.

4. Spider Plant

Spider plants are very popular house plants that don’t require too much attention besides proper watering and indirect sunlight. These plants are really cool because they’re very durable and can grow to be very long! They look great potted or in a hanging planter in a window. 

The stripes on the leaves of this plant are really pleasing to look at, and this plant is sure to really brighten up your dorm room! And because it’s such a popular indoor plant, you’ll look like you really know what’s up with this plant in your room. 

5. Snake Plant

A bit different in appearance from the spider plant, the snake plant also bears an animalistic name but is much sturdier and thicker than the spider plant. The detail on these plants’ leaves looks almost like snakeskin (hence the name) and it bears a similar stripe pattern as the spider plant. 

Something about this plant that might be even cooler than its appearance though is that it actually removes impurities and toxic pollutants from the air! Isn’t that cool? It’s a sturdy plant that actually helps clean the air in your dorm as well as adding a cool touch of freshness to the decor. Seriously a win-win. 

6. Pothos Plant

These plants look super cool and come in a few different patterns and colors. It’s a great houseplant-turned-dorm-plant because it requires little care and doesn’t even have to be planted in any soil! It does just fine living in a pot with just water! If you do use just water though, you’ll have to keep up with it as water evaporates relatively quickly from the air. 

These plants can grow to be very long like the spider plant and can survive well in many different light settings, which is great for dorm rooms because you never know what kind of lighting you’ll be working with. Place this plant on a shelf or in a hanging basket to enjoy the vine growth!

7. African Violet

These pretty little plants can produce a wide variety of lovely colored flowers, including blue, white, or purple flowers and the leaves are actually soft and fuzzy! These plants make great additions to any dorm room because they actually thrive in almost all lighting situations, such as low, bright, or indirect sunlight. You can enjoy these beauties all year round in your dorm and they’re sure to add some color and freshness!

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8. Air Plants

Okay seriously, if you’re looking for some low-maintenance plants, you can’t get much more low-maintenance than air plants. Air plants come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and look great in terrariums or hanging in planters! 

They’re an effortless addition to any dorm room, and they look super cool. All you have to do for air plants is soak them in room temperature water every 2 weeks or so! Shake off excess water and let them dry, then place them back in their display or pot! It doesn’t get much easier than that. 

9. Bromeliad

If you love the look of tropical plants and foliage and want to add a pop of color to your dorm, you’ve got to check out the bromeliad plant. It boasts strong leaves and a strong, leaf-like bloom that is typically a bright and vibrant shade of red, yellow, orange, or pink!

As if the beautiful bloom wasn’t enough, these plants can have sticking leaves as well, coming in many different colors like red, green, purple, and even white! This plant is low-maintenance and makes a great and striking addition to any dorm room. 

10. Jade Plant

The jade plant is another very popular indoor plant that can grow to be very large! Like with the bamboo plant, jade plants are considered by some to be symbols of good luck (and you can’t have too much of that!). They’re fairly easy to care for, the only thing to be aware of is watering properly. 

When the top of the soil your jade plant is in feels dry, it’s a good time to water it. You don’t want it to dry out completely, so testing the soil with a finger is a good rule of thumb. Its deep green color and rounded leaves make the jade plant really stand out and it’s another great addition to any student’s room!

These resilient, adorable, and low-maintenance houseplants work perfectly as dorm plants! They take little time or effort to care for so you can keep focused on the important things (like cramming for exams) while enjoying the beauty these plants will bring to your space. Try adding one or two or even more of these perfect plants to your dorm to bring some life and freshness to your space! What’s your favorite indoor plant? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

Featured Image Source: Unsplash
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