6 Household Plants To Get For Your Room

Plants are probably one of the best ways to decorate your room. They’re cheap, pretty and give you a little bit of responsibility, which isn’t so bad sometimes.

But a lot of plants aren’t suited for indoors, or need a lot of complicated care that some times aren’t that great for students or people who work all the time. So here are six household plants that you can put in your room and easily take care of!

1. Aloe

Aloe vera is really easy to take care of. It’s also a very attractive type of succulent that grows really well indoors. Plus, aloe vera is useful too! It’s used in a lot of products, and its juice can be used to relieve pain from scrapes and burns. Aloe is great for moisturizing too!

For care, place this plant in direct sunlight and only water every three weeks, even more sparingly during the winter seasons.

6 Household Plants to Get For Your Room

2. Bear’s Paw

This little guy is the cutest indoor plant (in our opinion) that you can have! It’s a type of fuzzy succulent and gets its name from the fuzziness of its leaves and the spikes at the top that look like, you guessed it: a bear’s paw! They’re small, easy to handle and don’t require a lot of work. Water this plant once a week, and feel for dryness in the soil before you do to ensure that you’re not drowning it, Place it in direct sunlight and enjoy!

6 Household Plants to Get For Your Room

3. Rubber Tree

Also known as a Ficus elastica, this plant can grow up to 50 feet tall. They are easy to take care of if you remember a couple of important things: the plant likes indirect, bright light, and will get really mad at you if placed in really hot lighting. Also, for watering, the plant likes to be kept moist when it’s growing, but during the winter seasons only needs to be watered once or twice a month. The leaves will warn you if they’re being over-watered by turning yellow.

6 Household Plants to Get For Your Room

4. Hedgehog Aloe

Hedgehog aloe plants are pretty easy to take care of. Like a lot of succulents, they like being indoors with a lot of direct sunlight. During the summer when it’s growing, like any succulent, this plant likes its soil moist (but not soggy) and can do with being watered once or twice a month during the winter. Tip: if you place this little guy outside in total direct sunlight, it’ll reward you with some flowers!

6 Household Plants to Get For Your Room

5. Echeveria Elegans

This chubby plant is a pretty popular type of succulent for indoor gardens and is easy to take care of like any other succulent. The leaves are waxy in texture and are pretty sensitive to touch, so be careful with them (or you’ll leave bruises)! These guys like direct sunlight, like any other succulent, and don’t need to be watered a lot, so they’re pretty easy to take care of. Just remember to keep its soil moist!

6 Household Plants to Get For Your Room

6. Zebra Succulent

Easily one of the coolest looking succulents. This plant gets it’s name from the little stripes that adorn its leaves, which are colorings (not spikes). These guys are great for indoor gardens because they give a little bit of variety from aloe plants, and are easy to deal with. Give these guys indirect sunlight and occasional watering, just like any other succulent, Make sure you give this one a bit of room to grow because they can reach up to eight inches!

6 Household Plants to Get For Your Room

Which of these household plants are you going to get? Let us know in the comments!

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