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12 Household Plants That Are Hard To Kill

12 Household Plants That Are Hard To Kill

Keeping your household plants alive can be difficult! Whether you lack a green thumb or proper lighting in your space, the odds can be against you before you even bring your plant home. If you are determined to buy one and keep it alive, it is possible no matter your skills or space limitations!

Here are some plants you can keep inside that are easy to take care of!

1. Aloe Vera

These plants can thrive in both natural and artificial light! Low light is no problem for these little guys! You can keep your thermostat set for whatever is most comfortable for you and do not worry about your plant! They do well in normal home temperatures so you will not have to worry about them getting too cold. During some of the warmer months, you can put them outside if you want! All you have to do is water them once every three weeks! Make sure you do some research on how to water them properly and you will have a happy, healthy plant in your home!


12 Household Plants That Are Hard To Kill

2. Jade Plant

These plants need direct sunlight for four or more hours a day! Make sure you have a perfect spot in your space in mind before buying a jade plant and bringing it home. They need to be watered more often in warmer months and as it starts to get colder, do not water them as much! Do not overwater them because they do not thrive well in wet soil!

12 Household Plants That Are Hard To Kill


3. Peace Lilies

They need to be kept in a well-lit area away from direct sunlight! Make sure you put your plant in the warmest part of the house. These will require a little more care than some of the others on this list, but if you can remember to mist them and water occasionally, you should be able to keep them alive easily! One advantage of having peace lilies is that depending on what color their leaves are, you can tell what is wrong with them. There are different types and sizes to choose from so you can easily find a plant that is perfect for you!

4. ZZ Plant

While “ZZ Plant” is not the official name of this plant, it is much easier to say than Zamioculcas Zamiifolia! This plant does great in usual house temperatures (60-75 degrees Fahrenheit). They grow well in low light and do best when they are not in direct sunlight. If you are a person who forgets to water plants, this is a great one for you! They do better with less water than being watered excessively. Like the peace lilies, the ZZ plant will let you know what is wrong with it by the color of its leaves! Listen to your plant and you will be able to keep it alive for a while.12 Household Plants That Are Hard To Kill

5. Air Plant

These plants are great because they love artificial, especially fluorescent lights. They are a little tricky because they need to be positioned correctly so they receive enough light but once you find a spot for them, you will not have to move them! When it comes to watering them, you can either soak them every one or two weeks or mist them thoroughly every week. It is better to underwater these plants than to overwater them! Do some research on what kind of pot or other container is best for your plant in your space and make sure it gets enough light and water. If it starts turning brown, make sure you water it more than you have been!


6. Parlor Palm

This plant does well in low levels of either natural or artificial light! It can grow to be around four feet tall, so make sure you give this guy enough room to grow. You can move it back and forth between your space and outdoors if you want to ensure your palm is getting enough light to flourish! Make sure you do not overwater these plants! They do better with less water than living with excess because the roots will rot if they soak in water for too long. When you bring your plant home, you will probably have to water it once a week and then as it grows, every few weeks!12 Household Plants That Are Hard To Kill

7. Fiddle Leaf Fig

Like most of the others, this plant does well when not watered consistently! They will need to be rotated so that it grows upward towards light sources. A few hours of direct light will allow this plant to thrive! Make sure you place your fiddle leaf somewhere it will have access to ample light. They do well in a self-watering container! This might be a great option if you do not usually remember to water your plants!

12 Household Plants That Are Hard To Kill


8. Snake Plant

When watering these guys, make sure you do not get the leaves wet or overwater the roots! You can keep them on the floor or on a table or countertop! They can grow in both low and direct light depending on what you want your plant to look like. If you want yours to grow faster, keep it in bright, direct light! One of the best parts of these plants is that they only have to be watered every two to eight weeks.

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9. Weeping Fig Tree

First off, do not panic if your tree starts wilting or losing leaves after you bring it home! These trees take some time to adjust to their new home so no matter what, do not overwater them! Overwatering causes more harm than good when it comes to these plants. Make sure it is receiving consistent bright, indirect light as much as possible! Always make sure there are a few dry inches of soil before watering it again!


10. Arrowhead Plant

Make sure you keep your plant somewhere it will not be in direct light for extended periods of time. Depending on the type of arrowhead you buy, some can handle harsher light better than others! Granted, you will need to water this guy two or three times a week and mist it to keep it moist. If you are comfortable in your space with the thermostat set between 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit, then your plant will be happy too!12 Household Plants That Are Hard To Kill

11. Money Tree

If the name of this plant did not convince you to buy one for your home, maybe the fact that the braided trunk looks beautiful and that it flourishes best in low-lit areas! Make sure you do research about the proper mix of soil you need for your money tree. They need a certain combination so that water will drain properly! Wait until there are a few inches of dry soil before watering it again to ensure the roots do not rot.

12. Succulents and Cacti

Make sure you keep your plants on a windowsill or somewhere they will receive plenty of direct sunlight! The more light they receive, the happier they will be. There are so many varieties of these little guys you are bound to find one or three that are perfect for your space! Make sure you rotate them so each part of the plant is getting enough sunlight and only water them when the first inch or so of soil is dried out. Choose a pot for them that allows ample drainage so the plant does not rot!


12 Household Plants That Are Hard To Kill

Which houseplants are your favorites? Share them in the comments!