10 Hottest TV DILFS

While most TV shows we start watching because we find them interesting, entertaining or maybe we were just looking for some background noise while we did some other mundane tasks like cleaning or homework, we quickly realized a lot of TV programming has hot dads to offer in addition to great storylines and character development. Granted, that hot TV DILFS were not the initial reason any of us began watching a show, I doubt any of us will complain. Furthermore I think we can all agree they add a little something extra. Here are our top 10 hottest TV DILF picks.

1. FP Jones

FP Jones is the ultimate DILF in CW’s Riverdale, played by Skeet Ulrich, who is also a total DILF in real-life. While in season one we saw him struggling to clean up his act, he has became one of the role model dads in the town of Riverdale (which isn’t saying much considering one of the dads is a mobster, and another is a serial killer). Aside from being dad material, FP Jones is a biker gang king, and if that isn’t sexy, I don’t know what is.

10 Hottest TV DILFS

2. Joel Hammond

Netflix’s dark zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet, shows married couple and realtors Joel and Sheila Hammond, living their suburban exiestence, until Sheila turns into the undead. Joel is ultimate husband-dad goals here because he stands by Sheila, despite her…inconvenient new dietary needs, even helping her kill people, while still trying to keep a lid on things as best as possible. Joel provides much needed humor to otherwise dark situations, all the while never not being a total silver fox.

10 Hottest TV DILFS

3. Christopher Hayden

Christopher Hayden, the dreamy dad on Gilmore Girls that we always wished we could have seen more of. While he only appeared in a total of 37 episodes (the show containing 154 during its run from 2000-2007), we were always hoping to a get glimpse of him. Some of us were Team Luke and some of us were Team Christopher, but despite who you wanted Lorelai to end up with you couldn’t get past Christopher’s inviting, blue eyes. It was like we could never stay mad at him for too long, all because of his good looks and those damn eyes.

10 Hottest TV DILFS

4. Ragnar Lothrok

While the acting and writing in Vikings has been commended, fans have praised the lead character, Ragnar Lothbrok. Brilliantly played by Travis Fimmel, viewers are mesmerized by his performance. The notion of a Viking is always a tantalizing one, but Ragnar goes beyond that. He isn’t a ruthless killer. He is a caring father, a logical warrior who would rather reach agreements than have bloodshed, and has a soft-spot for children (i.e. a raid to England in which he hid a child away, from the site of theother warriors  spare his life). Pair all that with strikingly intense blue eyes and being a powerful king; he has it all.

10 Hottest TV DILFS

5. Jax Teller

Jax Teller is everyone’s favorite biker rebel. Played by Charline Hunnam in Sons of Anarchy, we see Jax assuming the role of Vice President, and eventually President of the motorcycle gang. While he struggles with living up to his father’s legacy, but still being a good role-model and father to his kids. There’s just something about a bad boy, with a heart of gold we can all love, and fantasize about.

10 Hottest TV DILFS

6. Jim Hopper

Everyone’s favorite TV dad this summer is without a doubt Jim Hopper from Netflix’s hit-series Stranger Things. We fell hard for Hopper in seasons 1 and 2. He has all the things women want: he is strong, he takes charge, and he has a lonely, broken spirit that many of us find attractive, whoops. But after adopting Eleven officially and seeing him really take on the no-nonsense dad role in season 3, we were smitten.

And then we were heartbroken.

10 Hottest TV DILFS

7.  Roman Gofrey

Roman Godfrey didn’t make it to this list for being World’s Best Dad, he is on this list for being a total DILF. The only thing that makes ours ovaries explode more than a guy with great cheekbones, is a guy with great cheekbones, holding a baby. And while Roman’ parenting methods were super unconventional you can’t deny he went out of is way to protect his daughter, and that’s sexy right?

10 Hottest TV DILFS

8. Jack Bauer

Kieffer Sutherland has always been sexy so of course he had to be included on this list. Luckily in the concept drama 24, he plays a father in addition to being an action-hero where his character Jack Bauer works closely with a Counter Terrorist Unit to disassemble terroist plots and acts of terrorism. So he is also a total badass.

10 Hottest TV DILFS

9.  Jesse Katsopolis

Okay, seriously Jesse from Full House had us all weak. He was the 90’s heartthrob. Whether he was Uncle Jesse and being extra cute with Michelle, or a father to twins Nicky and Alex,  he was still leather clad with that bad-boy, but actually a total sweetheart, aesthetic. *Sigh*, If only I had been born sooner.

10 Hottest TV DILFS

10. Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes is the everyman in AMC’s The Walking Dead. Throughout the series we see Rick trying to maintain his morality when faced with obstacles that push him to the edge, again and again. While trying to survive and not be turned into a zombie, Rick also protects his wife and son, making him an amazing father and husband. His total badassery and moral compass combined with his damning good looks makes him a desirable person to have around in case of a zombie apocalypse. You know, for lots of reasons.

10 Hottest TV DILFS

It’s ok to admit one of the reasons you keep watching some of these shows is for the dads. That’s not to say these shows don’t have amazing writing, character and plot development, or story telling, it’s just that some shows that are super dark and gritty like Sons of Anarchy or The Walking Dead for examples, are a little easier on the eyes when a certain someone appears on screen. What did you think of these hot TV dads and who are some of the other tantalizing television DILFS that didn’t make this list? Tell us in the comments below!

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