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20 Hottest Style Trends That Compliment Layered Hair

Layered hair can be styled in so many different ways to create a beautiful fashionable look. Aside from deciding on the initial haircut itself, (A bob or longer hair? To get bangs or not to?), there are tons of fun things you can do to help make those layers stand out for a breathtaking effect.

1. Enhance Your Natural Waves And Curls

Playing with the natural curls in your hair can make your newly layered hair incredibly noticeable! The extra waviness will make it so that each strand of hair falls a little differently, accenting the different lengths present perfectly! Building up that extra volume can be done many ways, so there is bound to be an option that works well for you. Buy shampoo specifically designed to maximize your curls or waves, use texturizing sprays and mouses, utilize a curling wand, or simply braid your hair and leave it overnight. You will wake up in the morning with a head full of curls! The smaller your braids, the tighter your curls will turn out, so double braids or even a handful of smaller braids will maximize the effect.

2. Ombre Natural Blonde Highlights

Dying your hair any form of ombre will instantly draw attention to the tips of your hair and give layered hair an added energy. Blonde highlights play with the same concept by choosing specific strands of hair to make stand out against the rest, leaving you with a vibrant array of hair color falling at differing lengths. For the ultimate look, start with brown roots and add in gradual blonde highlights that fade to your final ombre blonde tips!

3. Accentuate Your Layers With A Simple Black Outfit

Giving your hair a plain background allows the fun way your wair falls to be more visible, as the color of our outfit will not grab the attention of onlookers as easily. Adding a statement necklace will help pull the focus toward your face and shoulders; right where you want the attention to be to show off those new locks!

4. Half Twist Back

Try taking a section of your hair, (between a quarter and half of it works best), twisting it, and pinning it back using a bobby pin or stylized hair clip. This look helps show off your layered hair by playing with the way your curls fall on top of one another. It also adds extra volume to anyone with thin hair!

5. Zig-Zag Part

Try changing up your part for an extra fun look that will do wonders for your layered hair! A zig-zag part is the perfect way to offset your layers and can even help to camouflage overgrown roots if you are between hair colorings. To achieve this look, simply brush your hair straight back and then use your fingers to distribute uneven sections of hair to opposite sides of your head, alternating as you go. For a more clean, defined look, try using a rat tail comb instead or your hands!

6. Show Off Your Neck And Shoulders

Letting some skin show on your upper body will make it easier to see the way your layers fall in different places since they will contrast more with your shoulders than it would with a top. Try wearing a deep v neck, tank top, or strapless dress. Pair with skin-tight black leggings, yoga pants, or tights to complete the look!

7. Teased Layers for Thin Hair

To give your hair a pumped up and volumized look that accentuates our layered hair, try teasing your hair! This works particularly well for anyone with thin hair. It is perfect on a bob, but will still work wonderfully for anyone with layered hair. Start at your crown and tease the roots by running a comb backward through your hair gently.

8. Utilize Bandanas And Headbands

Pushing your hair back using a bandana or headband will keep all your hair together at the crown off your head, making the difference in length between where the layers fall down your back all the more noticeable!

9. A-line Textured Tip Highlights

This style looks awesome with all textures of hair, but pairs particularly beautifully with beachy waves. This looks incorporates ombre highlights that are offset with gentle, steeped layers that are perfect if you are trying to grow out of your previous hair color!

10. Brassy Reddish Brown Lowlights

Much less abrasive than the typical blonde highlights, this look is perfect for anyone looking to emphasize their lakers without committing to a drastic hair color. 

11. Mini Skirt

Mini skirts and mini dresses are perfect for showing off shorter layered hair. Avoiding baggy clothes will make it easier to see the layers in your hair, so keep that in mind when picking a dress. Pair with earrings that fit your face shape and high cut boots to finish the look!

12. Contrast With Straight Cut Bangs Across Your Forehead

Having sharp, straight bangs will add the perfect contrast to make the layers in your hair all the more obvious!

13. Start With A Simple Flannel

For a style that matches well with the feel of layered hair, base your outfit around the flannel or plaid shirt of your choosing! Trying adding a leather jacket on top with ripped jeans for an edgy vibe or wear a cute designed shirt underneath your unbuttoned flannel paired with black pants for a more fun, casual feel.

14. Edgy And Retro, Yet Feminine

Unisex and men’s printed shirts are perfect to show off your layers since the boxy cut of the shirt makes it obvious how differently your hair falls. Crop off the bottom or tuck your shirt into a cute, plain mini skirt for a perfect casual day to day look! Wear tennis shoes or flats if you are on the go a lot or wear pumps to add an extra flair to your style.

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15. Incorporate Braids

Adding small braids to your hair will help to accentuate your layers. Braid the top half of your hair or just pin back one or two small braided sections. For a funky look, wear with tribal print shorts, a chunky necklace, and the coat of your choosing!

16. Wear Body Hugging And Skin Tight Dress With Your Hair Down

The less your clothes get in the way, the more noticeable your layered hair will be, so wearing tight tops will go a long way towards accentuating your new look.

17. Let Your Hair Flow Under A Beanie Hat

Keeping all of your hair together until it reaches your neck is very helpful because the layers will be very distinct as they fall down your back. Pair with light-colored jeans and a long coat to finish the look.

18. Pin Your Hair Back

Separating a small section (or two or three) or your hair to pin back with bobby pins or a cute clip will help to not only show off your current layers, but also give the appearance of additional ones! Braid a few strands, twist them, or simply pin your hair back as is depending on how you want the layers to fall!

19. Accentuate With Layered, Side Swept Bangs

Having layered bangs will make sure that your face is always perfectly framed and will make your layers even more noticeable in your day to day life. The length of these bangs is completely up to you, and there are tons of styles to choose from, so don’t be afraid to explore!

20. Tease Your Ponytail In Advance

To make a normal ponytail more fun and to really show off your layered hair, try teasing parts of your hair at the crown before putting your ponytail up and again once you have the hair tie in! Leave the bottom half of your hair alone, but lightly tease the area around the crown of your head where the ponytail will sit. Ather up your hair if you have not already done so, put the hair tie in, and then tease the top half of the ponytail right below where it starts to flow free.

I hope these hot style trends helped you compliment your layered hair! If you enjoyed reading these tips or found using them helpful, please share this article!

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Mykala Repati

Mykala Repati graduated from Northland College with a B.A. in Writing and from Tulane University with her Master of Social Work (MSW).

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