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The 10 Hottest Handbags Of The Summer

The 10 Hottest Handbags Of The Summer

Take a look at the hottest handbags of summer 2018 that you need to go out and buy right now!

Finding a nice handbag on a summer budget can be quite a struggle. When scouring the internet trying to find bargain buys, keep in mind these 10 hottest handbags (all under $20) are sure to keep you up to date with trends while not breaking the bank.

1. The Zara “Dual Bellow Crossbody Bag”

This bag, is a great option for the guy or gal that doesn’t carry around a lot of stuff. The soft blue color allows for a pop of color, while remaining muted, which guarantees the bag to match with any look you’re wanting to out together. The crossbody style of this bag is also amazing because it allows for hands-free carrying, and you don’t have to worry about setting it down somewhere and forgetting to pick it back up. (Am I the only one that’s done that? No? Ok.)

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2. The Target “Straw Ava Camera Crossbody Bag”

Continuing on with the crossbody bag, this one from Target combines the ease and function of a the long strap with the trendy “basketweaving” look that has been everywhere this summer. There’s a super functional pocket on the outside of this one as well, leaving room for things that you need to access quickly– like your cell phone or keys!

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3. The Target “Tassel Wristlet Straw Clutch”

Continuing on with the straw vibe, this clutch is for the person that doesn’t have a lot to carry, but wants something super stylish and trendy. The tassels on this bag, combined with the weave texture allow for this clutch to take the cake as the ultimate summer going-out bag. Plus, it’s only $19.99, so if you only have one fancy occasion that you’re going to this summer, this new bag won’t break the bank!

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5. The Target “Striped Pouch”

Continuing on with clutches, this bag from Target is another great options for summer nights-out. It allows for light and easy carrying and forces you to only take the necessities. Plus, if you end up carrying a larger bag during a later season, you can utilize this clutch as a makeup bag! Go, multitasking!

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6. The Forever 21 “Faux Leather Fanny Pack”

Okay, I know fanny packs are the ultimate trend right now, but I couldn’t resist this one from Forever 21. The black leather look allows you to dress it either up or down– making it perfect for long day-trips to amusement parks as well as hitting the clubs. Plus, at $17.90, it’s an inexpensive option that you don’t have to commit too hard to.

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7. The Forever 21 “The City Graphic Tote Bag”

Canvas tote bags are my personal favorite for summer time (and all year around, tbh). They’re super cheap (this one’s only $3.90), fit a lot of stuff (perfect for trips to the farmer’s market), and are a good source of self expression if you find one with a slogan you love, or one branding a company’s logo that you love.

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8. The Forever 21 “Round Gingham Clutch”

For those that love patterns, this Gingham Clutch from Forever 21 is an inexpensive trend piece that will fit perfect into your summer handbag collection. It can be dressed up, or would look super cute with a sweat suit, and fit’s the minimal necessities for hottest handbags that you can’t live without.

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9. The Target “Faux Leather Mini Backpack”

If you can’t already tell, I’m pretty pro- hands-off bags. This mini backpack is super functional for days at the beach or in town, and the white color makes this bag fit right into summer fashion trends for hottest handbags.

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10. The Adidas “Gym Bag” in Black

I’m throwing a gym bag into this list purely for function and not for style– even though this one is pretty stylish, too. From Adidas via Asos’ website, this tiny-duffle bag stands at $20.00 and is super functional for all the days where you’re already sweaty and for some reason, you want to sweat some more.

Which of the hottest handbags are you going to get? Let us know in the comments below!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

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