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5 Hottest Dorm Room Styles And How To Master Them

5 Hottest Dorm Room Styles And How To Master Them

5 Hottest Dorm Room Styles And How To Master Them

For many of us, going to college provides the perfect opportunity to entirely makeover our bedrooms. There are an abundance of dorm room styles you can try, but here are the hottest five for 2019 that will make your space comfortable and inviting. Depending on your budget and how much time you have, you can always search for DIY alternatives for the essential items to master these looks.


The newest craze for dorm room styles entails plants – lot’s and lot’s of plants. To master this look, head over to your local nursery (or a Lowe’s/Home Depot for more affordable options) and buy as many plants as you can carry. Ideally, purchase at least one large floor plant and one hanging plant to really fill the room. Cover your counter-tops and windowsills with herbs, succulents, and medium sized plants to complete the look, and don’t forget to water everything! This dorm room style works best when paired with white bedding, curtains, rugs, etc., but you can choose another accent color to make the look more fun. Use this accent color in throw blankets, picture frames, and plant pots to bring everything together.


The next trending dorm room style is a cozy look. To create this effect, buy warm-toned fairy lights and line your walls, closets, and windows with them. Next, pick a color scheme that uses lots of light colors and neutral tones and buy trinkets in these shades including mirrors, tissue boxes, and artwork. Choose simple, fuzzy bedding within your color scheme and complete this look with a comforting touch of home: photographs. If done well, you’ll be sure to have the ideal hangout spot where all your friends feel welcomed.



The next dorm room style to obsess over is a vintage look. Start by picking a retro color to center your room around. These include faded yellows and oranges, a light teal, browns, and beige. Then look for items to completely cover your space with to give it an eclectic, fun feel. You can search nearby thrift stores for unique finds or pick up trinkets from places like Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters. You can include artwork on your walls, but pieces with a more three-dimensional look work best.

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Statement Bedding

The next great option for your dorm room style is to focus your room around a statement duvet. Find a bed cover with a pattern or print you love from somewhere like Urban Outfitters, Target, or Dormify and base the rest of your styling around those colors. To really let the bedding speak for itself, use a minimalist approach with the rest of your space. Don’t over clutter the sides, but instead pick one big piece of art or something for your bedside table to complement the statement duvet.


Black and White

The last classic look for your next dorm room style is a black and white look. This might be the easiest style to master. Pick white or black bedding and make sure you can fill your room with black and white furniture; those are the two major steps to making this theme really work. Now, the fun part. Find black and white artwork and posters to cover your walls. You can either print these yourself, find them in local stores, or use great art sites such as Society 6. Lay them across all of your walls and you can live in a cohesive space with great motivational quotes, beautiful pictures, and thoughtful art.

Your dorm room should reflect your personal taste, so create your own by using some of these tips to master a hot dorm room style for your next semester of college. Will you try any of these looks? Leave us a comment down below saying which one!

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