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8 Hot Yoga Benefits You Didn’t Know About

8 Hot Yoga Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Hot yoga has been gaining attention left and right. For those who don’t know, hot yoga has many benefits that regular yoga doesn’t. Turn up the heat and give it a go, here are 8 hot yoga benefits you didn’t know about. If you hear of a hot yoga studio in your area, give it a go, you might just fall in love with it!

Improve Flexibility

Flexibility takes a lot of time and persistence to improve. Through hot yoga, your flexibility can improve infinitely faster. Due to the heat in the room, your muscles will be warmer and less resistant to stretching. This will make it easier to achieve your flexibility goals, plus making it more comfortable to hold poses. Hot yoga is a great way to improve even the least flexible parts of yourself. So give it a go if you hear of a studio near you, in winter especially, it is a great way to get your workout in for the day without having to brave the cold! Because let’s be honest, in winter all of us would much prefer to stay on the couch, under a blanket.

8 Hot Yoga Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Burn calories

Sweating is one of the main components of hot yoga. through sweating, holding poses and trying to push yourself to stay strong through the core, calories will be burnt like that! Burning calories is a very big part for many of us during a workout. Turning up the heat in the room is a great way to kick start this! Start sweating and feel the calories drop off you. For many, yoga is a way to ease stress and improve core strength. Burning calories is a massive component of hot yoga. Many don’t think about this when they think yoga. Next time you want to try a new workout, look no further than hot yoga.

8 Hot Yoga Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Ease Worries

Yoga is general is a great way to clear the mind, for many, however, trying to stop the whirling thoughts in your brain is harder than it is for others. Hot Yoga gives your mind other things to focus on. Holding poses, harder breathing, sweating and trying to ignore the heat, gives you many things to focus on rather than the simple breathing and holding poses. If you are having trouble easing your mind and slowing down your thoughts, this is definitely something you should try. Hot yoga is much more effective at easing your mind and stresses than meditation or regular yoga, especially if you are having trouble separating yourself from your worries. This is an unexpected benefit of hot yoga, one that many don’t think about. So next time you want to attend a yoga class, swap it out for hot yoga instead. Don’t knock it until you try it.

8 Hot Yoga Benefits You Didn’t Know About

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Sweat out Toxins

Due to the immense amount of sweating that hot yoga demands of you, toxins will be sweat right out. Whether you are hungover, have been eating bad food, or your skin just feels like it needs a clean out. Hot yoga is a great way to sweat more than your average workout. Everyone knows and then your pores need a good clear out and this a great way to sweat out of every pore in your body. This is a great way to achieve the same outcome as a steam room would. This is definitely an unexpected benefit of hot yoga!

8 Hot Yoga Benefits You Didn’t Know About

Hot yoga may sound like a strange concept to many, but give it a go and see if you experience any of these benefits. Are there any other interesting benefits that you have experienced? let us know!

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