8 Hot Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

8 Hot Ways To Let Him Know You're Into Him

There are plenty of ways to let a guy know that you’re into him and here are only a few of mine. This is an era where the roles have switched for women. In the past, the men were supposed to ask a girl out or ask for her number; not now! Women have the power to begin and end a relationship at their own discretion. So, ladies, if you like a man, here’s a few ways to let him know so he can be ready for you. Take it from me, he’s already turned on.

8 Hot Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

#1 Eye Contact with lots of Pearly Whites

There’s an art to eye gazing that most people do not know about. The way you cut your eyes or stare at him seductively will have his full undivided attention. He wouldn’t be able to take his eyes from yours unless you make him blush, which is not a bad thing. Smiling at the things he says while keeping your eyes locked into his, is key. It shows a bit of lustfulness and innocence on your part. I promise you, if he’s into you, you’re going to feel the heat.

#2 Slight Touching

This has to be the oldest rule in the book. Gentle strokes on the arm and/or light touches can give off flirtatious vibes. By touching him, it gives off signals that you are interested in. Simple as that. Women do not touch those that they do not like.

#3 Body Language

By standing too close to your crush can get his blood pumping. It’s something about getting close enough to him to smell to a whiff of his cologne. Let him know that you noticed his sent by complimenting him.

8 Hot Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

#4 Watch your Tone

Speaking in a calm and sometimes low tone of voice can turn him on to you. People call it the bedroom voice. Speaking to him in this way with little playful smirks here and there would definitely let him know that you’re into him.

8 Hot Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

#5 Asking for his Instagram or other Social Media

Instagram is the biggest social media platform to ask for when you want to get a peek into someone else’s life. Liking pictures on the Gram is the easiest way to let someone know that you’re into him and the easiest way to get rejected if they are not feeling you like you’ve hoped.

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#6 Tell Him!

Ladies, it’s 2019 and the roles have changed. Women are becoming more of the dominant figure when it comes to relationships these days. We are speaking out more on what we want, our tolerance level has gone down when it comes to dealing with bullshit, and the men do not seem to care that much. From what I was told from many of my male friends, guys actually think it’s sexy when a woman approaches them and ask them for the digits. Do you have the courage ladies? Get some.

#7 Invite Him Out

By now, I know you know that you and crush have a few things in common. If you’re into him invite him to an outing that you’ll both love. Why not? However, be real casual about it. Like, slip into a conversation that you’re having and see what he says.

8 Hot Ways To Let Him Know You’re Into Him

#8 Have your Friends Help You Out!

That’s what friends are for! They are there to be your wingman and to get as much information on the crush as possible. When the time is right, if you have a good friend, they’ll make up a conversation with your crush and talk about you and nothing else.

Like I stated before, it’s 2019, if you’re into him you should just tell him… casually of course. Enjoy being in your power ladies and add a bit of sexy to it. I promise it will liberate you to the fullest. Comment down below if you agree that it is okay to ask a guy for his number. Until then, see you soon!

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