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10 Hot Summer Dates You’ll Want To Go On With Your SO

10 Hot Summer Dates You’ll Want To Go On With Your SO

10 Hot Summer Dates You'll Want To Go On With Your SO

So you got your significant other, check. It’s summer, check. Now all you need are these 10 ideas for hot summer dates and you’re good to go! It can get exhausting thinking of new ways to enjoy each other’s company so we made a lil’ romance cheat sheet to set the mood and get you out of the clutches of Netflix.

1. I Believe It’s Called Alfresco

Who doesn’t love a summer picnic? Fill up a basket with some prosciutto, gouda, and your fav bottle of red and enjoy a breezy summer day hillside. The park is the perfect place to people watch while getting that much needed Vitamin D.

10 Hot Summer Dates You’ll Want To Go On With Your SO

2. Rooftop Happy Hour

What’s better than boozing it up with your significant other and having a partner in crime and avoided arrests? Hit up a local happy hour with a view, besides your beautiful face of course. Rooftop bars are the move on hot summer days because you might be able to catch that hint of a breeze!

3. Drive-in Movie

Go full 1950’s minus the patriarchal bs. Google local drive-in movies, load up on all your favorite snacks and get your date night on. You can be all types of cozy in the convenience of your car, plus you can do all the commentary you want without being shushed and minus the side-eye.

10 Hot Summer Dates You’ll Want To Go On With Your SO

4. Sunset Loving

Few things are as magical as watching a sunset with someone you love. A far as summer dates go, this one is a must. Grab your significant other and take in the masterpiece that is the sky when the sun meets the horizon. You’ll both be swooning and love will definitely be in the hot summer air.

5. Farmer’s Market

Because what is sexier than local produce and sustainable commerce? Summer dates are almost as sweet and delicious as summer dates…did you see what I did there? All produce puns aside a farmer’s market is the perfect place to peruse in a breezy summer dress as you pretend to be Diane Lane finding herself “Under the Tuscan Sun.” Don’t let your significant other hold you back from finding your true love.

10 Hot Summer Dates You’ll Want To Go On With Your SO

6. Theme Park Adventure

You can’t go wrong with a day full of turkey legs, over salted popcorn and lines that will make you realize whether this person is truly for you. With all types of thrills and chills, a theme park is one of those summer dates that will keep you going all day long. You’ll have ride after ride and those crazy rollercoasters are the perfect place to hold onto your significant other for dear life.

Next time your thinking of which summer dates y’all can go on, think big, think 40 plus acres of partially up to code possible death traps!

7. Cooking Class For Two

The great part of cooking classes is y’all can both feel ill-equipped but ready for a culinary adventure. With the perfect amount of trepidation, this summer date can turn into a total success when y’all learn that making pasta isn’t as hard as you thought and you get a dinner for two.

Cooking classes are alway’s a rom-com meet cute scene so why not bring it to life with your significant other. Try not to make too much of a mess though because you are at Sur La Table and you will be escorted out with haste.

10 Hot Summer Dates You’ll Want To Go On With Your SO

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8. Rock Out

Find that one artist both you and your significant other are willing to melt outdoors for and let the fun begin! Outdoor concerts are a staple when it comes to summer dates. You get to enjoy being under the sun while your Spotify playlist is played live, a real 10 out of ten.

10 Hot Summer Dates You’ll Want To Go On With Your SO

9. Dinner For Two

Sometimes to wine down you just need that perfect Trader Joe’s vino and some carry out from your favorite ramen spot. Having an intimate dinner where you enjoy each other’s company, as much as the delicious food is all the reminder you need why you chose this person as your person. Being there and attentive is the key to any hot summer date, plus risotto, you cannot go wrong with risotto.

10. Walk Down Memory Lane

Go back to the spot where y’all first met and see how far you and your relationship has come. Looking back with your significant other is the perfect way to rekindle that spark that started this fire once upon a time.

Because no amount of hot summer dates beat the ardent love and passion you had when you first discovered your person.

10 Hot Summer Dates You’ll Want To Go On With Your SO

Whether you decide to picnic at the park or walk down memory lane, these summer dates are sure to bring you closer together, spiritually not physically because it’s hot so physical touch is sticky. Proceed with caution and enter at your own risk.

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