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8 Hot Springs You Must Visit When You Are In Colorado

8 Hot Springs You Must Visit When You Are In Colorado

8 Hot Springs You Must Visit When You Are In Colorado

Colorado has a lot to offer in the way of outdoors.  Obviously when you think of Colorado you think of skiing. But there is also hiking, camping, paddle boarding and exploring the gorgeous Rocky Mountains.   But what can you do when you have completed your outdoor adventures?  Visit a on of these 8 Hot Springs are a must of course!

1.) Ouray Hot Springs

The city of Ouray is located about 5 and a half hours away from Denver.   It offers 5 public and private hot springs pools. In the Gorgeous small town of Ouray, which lies in Southwest Colorado, not that far from Telluride offers a small town feel surrounded by gorgeous views of the Rockies.  From skiing , hiking, ice climbing and shopping the local business, finishing your day at the Ouray Hot Springs and resort will make a perfect end to your mountain escape.

8 Hot Springs in Colorado you must visit

2.) Orvis Hotsprings

The Orvis Hot springs are also located in Ouray, as part of the five pools, but a different location.  Newly remodeled, the garden surrounding the hot springs are absolutely lovely, still offering that mountain surroundings.    This resort offers several pools, a hot soaking tub and a sauna. Be sure to bring your own robe and towel as you should note, the outdoor pools are ALWAYS clothing optional.

8 hot Springs in Colorado you must visit

3.) Strawberry Springs

As sweet as it sounds, nestled in a valley of the rocky Mountains, just outside the gorgeous tourist town of Steamboat Springs, is Strawberry Hot Springs.  This located is a little bit of a hike, but worth it. Whether you chose to hike up the hill, or drive you car, be prepared for winter conditions as you must have 4 wheel drive or chains on your tires for the last leg of the trip, or you can catch a shuttle for a reasonable price in town..  Once you reach the springs, it is cash or check only ( no credit card). The springs themselves offer multiple pools of varying heat to test out, and a very relaxed atmosphere. After Dark, it is clothing optional. It is about 3 hours away from Denver.

8 Hot Springs in Colorado you must visit

4.) Glenwood Springs Hot Pool

Probably the most popular destination on this list is the Glenwood Springs hot Pool in the town of Glenwood springs just about 2 and half hours west of Denver on 1-70.   This big recreational pool and resort offers a HUGE hot springs recreational pool including lap lanes, diving boards, food trucks and water slides as well as large hot pool for soaking.  IT does offer a small kids pool as well. This is definitely a day of fun for the family, and somewhere I have been going since I was a kid. Summer time it gets quite crowded, but in the off season it is wonderful, especially in the winter!

8 Hot Springs in Colorado you must visit

5. Iron Mountain Hot Springs

While we are in Glenwood, we should note one of their newest Hot springs called the Iron Mountain hot springs. Running right along the Colorado River, this location offers multiple soaking  mineral pools as well as a fresh water pool for family fun. It is not as big as the Glenwood hot springs, but is worth as visit, especially of you want less of a crowd. It is also located right across the street for the  Glenwood caverns adventure park and where you have views of the Gondola going up to the adventure park and the gorgeous rocky mountains.

8 hot springs in Colorado you must visit

6.) The Springs Resort in Pagosa Springs

About a five hour drive away from Denver in the San Juan mountains, is the Springs resort and spa.  Offering 23 hot pools, massages and saunas this is a gorgeous location to enjoy a long weekend. With hiking nearby, this resort is family friendly and pet friendly too.

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8 Hot Springs in Colorado you must visit

7.) Hot Sulphur Springs

Located about 2 hours away from Denver, in between Granby and Kremmling, the Hot Sulphur Springs was originally found and used by the Ute Indians. In fact,  They still use them today! Offering 21 mineral pools fed from 7 natural Springs, these springs have been i use for over 100 years.

8 Hot Springs in Colorado you must visit

8.) Indian Hot Springs

The closest location to Denver, in Idaho springs, just about 45 minutes west of Denver, will give you a quick getaway to a tropical location in the mountains.   Offering an indoor experience, full of palm trees, you can also fine outdoor jacuzzis here as well as Geothermal caves. Did i mention it’s only 45 minutes from Denver?  And when you are done, pop into downtown Idaho springs and grab a pizza from Beau Jo’s, and Colorado style pizza place original to Idaho Springs.

8 Hot springs in Colorado you must visit

What is more relaxing than sitting in a gorgeous Mineral water pool under the star or while snowflakes fall on your face in the Rocky Mountains?  Which one of these 8 Hot springs in Colorado are a must for you?
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