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Hot Spots In Cleveland To Have Fun

Hot Spots In Cleveland To Have Fun

One of our main goals in life is to get out into the world and travel. We want to see things in other cities, states and countries that we don’t get to experience locally.  In Cleveland, there are plenty of fun sites to see and enjoy. Here are a few places to come visit in Cleveland that will make you want to come back over and over again.

Cedar Point

A great place to always visit and have fun is at an amusement park. The top amusement park to visit in Ohio that catches everyone’s attention is Cedar Point. Cedar Point is one of the world’s most renowned amusement parks. With its signature rides such as the Dragster, Maxair, The Millineum Force, the Maverick and more, Cedar Point offers a range of exciting fun-filled rides and activities that fill people with the utmost joy. People from everywhere across the country travel far just so they can come and experience the excitement and thrills that this phenomenal park has to offer. This park has so many incredible sites aside from the amusement park, including a water park, the beach, and even a hotel for you to enjoy your stay for more than a day! Cedar Point is a place where you, your family and friends will enjoy so much that you will never want to leave.

Hot Spots In Cleveland To Have Fun

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

If you’re someone who likes to invest their time in anything that pertains to music, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be the next place you would want to go. This iconic museum is one that provides a historical background to the great artists and musicians that have contributed so much to music in the last several decades. It was founded on April 20, 1983 in New York by Ahmet Ertegun, Jann Wenner, Jon Landau, Suzan Evans, Seymour Stein, Bob Krasnow, and Allen Grubman. It would later go on to expand into Cleveland, where everyone who is a huge fun of music comes to view the history behind some of their favorite artists. People can go in and learn about some of their favorite artists that include Michael Jackson, Metallica, Jay-Z, Elvis Presley, and hundreds of others. This museum is one that is sure to attract the attention of those who live music and even inspire them to maybe even some day be in the same hall of fame on their own. 

Hot Spots In Cleveland To Have Fun

Great Lakes Science Center

If you’re a person who likes to indulge their time in anything of scientific nature, then the Great Lakes Science Center is where you want to head to next. This exhibit is used as an educational facility and also talks about the environment of the Great Lakes area in Cleveland. The museum even hold an exhibit that is dedicated to NASA and all of its historical moments. Some of the museum’s exhibits include the NASA Glenn Visitor Center, biomedtech, creativity zones where people can build different things, and one of their signature exhibits, the iMax Movie Theater. This theater shows educational videos about the natural environment of Cleveland as well as projects from NASA. Talk about some fun things to see! The Great Lakes Science Center has contributed so much history to the citizens of Cleveland since 1996, even offering a science academy for people who wish to pursue a career within science. Not only is this place great for exploration and gaining knowledge, but it can also be seen as a wonderful place to have fun.

Hot Spots In Cleveland To Have Fun

B.A. Sweetie Candy Company

We can’t deny that candy is something that always puts a smile on our faces as well as satisfy our growling stomachs. One place to get a wide variety of different sweets and treats is at B.A. Sweetie Candy Company. This place will be guaranteed to spark your excitement for sweets and delightful goods. B.A. Sweetie is the largest candy company in America, contributing over six decades of delicious, delectable candy. This place not only sells your usual candies we see in every day stores,(i.e. Kit Kats and Reese’s), but every sort of candy that has been around for decades, such as Turkish Taffy, Regal Crown, and Broadway licorice rolls. However, that’s just the beginning! B.A. Sweetie recently added a new addition to their ever-growing business: a soda shoppe! An old school shoppe that sells ice cream, malts and milkshakes. Combining the world’s most favorites desserts with the best candies will leave an everlasting feeling of sensation and joy, making you want to come back for more.

Hot Spots In Cleveland To Have Fun

IX Center

Another fun facility to visit in Cleveland the offer a range of activities for people to partake in is the International Exposition Center, or the IX Center for short. The IX Center is an exhibition center where numerous events take place, such trade shows, animal competitions, and have holiday events for children. The most anticipated event every year for the IX Center is its indoor amusement park that opens every year around spring time. It usually opens from late March to late April. You can look up its upcoming events on its website to see what event may interest you in going. No matter what though, the IX Center always displays an excellent amount of entertainment.

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Hot Spots In Cleveland To Have Fun

Great Wolf Lodge

Whenever we travel, sometimes the one thing we think about when we’re traveling is where to go take a swim, right? You’ve been to the best museums, you’ve ate at the best restaurants, and now it’s time to find a place where you can enjoy a nice, calm swim. Look no further than Great Wolf Lodge! Great Wolf Lodge is one of Ohio’s most popular and relaxing resorts, with the most friendliest staff that you can possibly meet. This lodge exudes camping vibes with fireplaces, tents, and even story time for children. They also serve a bar with numerous pool areas, a restaurant that serves breakfast all day long,  and even an arcade room for the kids to enjoy themselves. They also host dance parties and singing shows for everyone to join in on! With a wide range of activities and events, Great Wolf Lodge is a place where both kids and adults will have the best time.

Hot Spots In Cleveland To Have Fun

Cleveland has a wide range of places for you to have fun with your family and friends. From amusement parks, resorts and museums, you are guaranteed to have a blast every time you stop by these notable places.

What other areas in Cleveland would you suggest to visit? Tell us in the comments below!

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