Hot Nail Art You Need To Rock This Summer

Time for summer means times for multicolor, exuberant colors, textures, patterns and shapes, and yes I am talking about your nails. Summer really does feel like one long festive event that you get to dress-up especially for, down to the tiniest details. It may not be Coachella but Summer-chella is underway, so here are some hot nail art you need to rock this summer!

1. Unicorn Store

Chrome and crystals can make you feel as special and unique as a unicorn this summer! Definitely hot nails you need to rock.


2. Matte Marble

Marble and Matte! These nails are the work of a craftsman and are just dying to be shown off at some weekend brunches with friends this summer! They deserve to be holding a glass of mimosa.

3. Red, White, & Blue!

Do not forget to get your Fourth of July on by celebrating with some Independence Day nail art this summer!


4. What A Beautiful Constellation

Try a matte black with sparse flecks of glitter. Creating galaxies at your finger tips is something we mere earthlings can get behind.

5. Impressive Monet

Now this can quite literally be nail “art.” Delicate and intricate, these nails look like Monet did a quick stencil on the tip of your nails. These nails look like they will bring out the ‘art hoe’ in you!


6. Double Rainbow

A touch of the rainbow that can put you in high spirits. These hot nails will have you ready for the summer fun!

7. Snow White

A simple matte white with a few bedazzled jewels, makes it perfect for special events such as weddings, or if you are looking to be a bit flashy but not too flashy.

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8. Matte Geo

Intricately designed but cohesive as each nail is unique on its own but together creates a flawless, eye-catching combination.

9. Lip Lacquer

Cooly designed dripping lips, make this look fun and edgy.


10. Futuristic Lover

A nice chrome that gleams in the sun? Yes please! This eye-catching palette will be hard to miss on those summer days. It might make you feel a bit like 3019, but this is definitely hot nails we need to rock for 2019!


What is some hot nail art looks you are rocking this summer? Let us know below in the comments!

Featured Image Source:
Nechel Newton

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