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Hot Makeup Artists In Austin Area

Hot Makeup Artists In Austin Area

Hot Makeup Artists In Austin Area

Attention to all ladies and gentleman who wear makeup!! Aren’t you tired of seeing bomb ass makeup on instagram or twitter and then finding out the artist lives in Los Angeles or New York or Atlanta or any other city you aren’t in? It’s so frustrating! You could be an aspiring artist who would like to learn more or you could be like me, doesn’t know how to do makeup at all and need someone to do it for you. Someone who’s not 10 hours away that is. Here are some hot makeup artist in the ATX area that can hook you up!

Nicole Gueits

Hot Makeup Artists In Austin Area

This makeup artist right here is my favorite!! Nicole Gueits has been doing makeup for as long as she can remember. She was a girly girl growing up and says that the feeling of being in a makeup chair, in her plastic vanity children set, and feeling like she was in a whole new world. Later in her high school years is when she started doing makeup on other people. She had been in a cosmetology program her sophomore year and when her junior year came about, she felt confident enough to put her hands on the faces of others.

Tips From Nicole

Since then, Nicole has used makeup as a filter for emotions and creativity for herself and others and has gained multiple, long-time, clients while doing it. Nicole’s favorite makeup tip is that you wet your beauty blender to give you a more even, blurred look. NEVER USE A DRY BEAUTY BLENDER!! Also, for my people who are super obsessed with their brows, Nicole says to use the same foundation you’ve been using, instead of concealer, and it’ll help your brows to look much more natural!

Hot Makeup Artists In Austin Area

Gueits has two favorite makeup looks to do which are; the natural glam look and also looks that involve super bright colors! She says she enjoys these because they allow her to show more of her creative skills but they also require a little more focus, so it tests her skills as well! But, although these are her favorite, she is able to achieve any look you are aiming for. Wether it’s for a simple day in the town, a dinner, business lunch or even a themed party, Nicole has got you covered! To schedule an appointment or consultation with her, visit her at one of her social media pages or visit her at Sephora!

Instagram ( nicole.gueits ), Twitter ( @Gueitsnicole ), Facebook ( Nicole DareD Gueits Morales ), Youtube ( Nicole Gueits ).

Hot Makeup Artists In Austin AreaHot Makeup Artists In Austin Area

Beauty By Sandra

Hot Makeup Artists In Austin Area

This makeup artist is based out of San Antonio, but doesn’t mind setting up appointments with people in the Austin area at all! She has been doing makeup for years and has gained quite a cliental list. She has a thing for the dramatic and loves to take risks and try new things when it comes to her craft! She is an expert in using glitter to put her looks over the top but also knows how to tone it down for the less dramatic, more day-to-day looks.

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Hot Makeup Artists In Austin Area

Omas Cosmetics

Beauty by Sandra, is also the CEO of her own cosmetic company called Omas cosmetics. She offers her own mink eye lashes, as you’ll see in the photos, head wraps and bonnets and also eyeshadow pigments. She is great with all skin tones, but people of color are her specialty! She knows exactly what pigments to use to accentuate the beautiful, dark, rich skin of her clients.

Sandra is great for all types of events like prom, birthday dinners, or Halloween! To set up an appointment or consultation with this MUA you can find her on Instagram, @beautyby_sandra or go to her cosmetic page if you want to find some product you can apply yourself, @omascosmetics!

Hot Makeup Artists In Austin Area

As mentioned before, it’s hard to find MUA in areas where the makeup industry may not be a prominent as it is in other places. But, there is much more talent at your fingertips than you may realize!

Featured Image Source: Nicole Gueits sent it via email.
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