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Hot Lingerie To Treat Yourself With

You don’t need a boyfriend or significant other to treat yourself to some lingerie! That’s my new number one rule, because sometimes you just want to look (and feel) sexy without relying on another person to validate it. Here are some seriously hot lingerie pieces to pick up when you want to feel extra spicy. 

1. Butterfly Thong

When purchasing lingerie, I always look for sets so I can always be matching and not have to go through the hassle of trying to coordinate colors and styles. However, I naturally will go against my own preferences to include these super cute thongs. They have lace detailing and at the top is a lace outline of a butterfly. It appears in a pack of three on SheIn and are the perfect thongs for those who want a more subtle sexy look. You can’t go wrong with these little butterfly lingerie pieces because they will look good with any bra that coordinates color. Since it includes black and white lingerie, you won’t have trouble finding a hot bra to accompany it. 

2. Heart Mesh Set

For a Valentine’s Day surprise or just because, this is a red hot set that will make your own jaw drop. I absolutely love lingerie that have subtle detailing and don’t look intimidating to try on. It’s what I like to call beginner lingerie, but it is still hot and will get the job done. It’s red, which is just like the sexiest color of all time in my humble opinion, and has little hearts at the top of each piece. What more could you ever want from one of your lingerie sets than to be holiday themed but also versatile? Not much, if you ask me. 

3. Floral Lace Set

Coming in hot is this lingerie set that is both classic and timeless. Since lace is the most basic of lingerie sets, you will not be disappointed with the results you get from buying something simple like this. They have lace lingerie sets in just about every color under the sun, so you will get your first choice of color if you look hard enough. If you are just entering the lingerie world, then this is a great starter set for those who aren’t ready to get into the more intense looking items that you can find out on the internet. It’s not intimidating, but it’s seriously hot and was also my first piece of lingerie. 

4. Garter Lingerie Set

Ah, now on to the more interesting pieces of lingerie that a beginner can buy but still figure out. The garter aspect of lingerie is actually super sexy and adds a bit of flare to your set without being super complicated. If you’re unaware of what the garter entails, that’s okay so was I at first. They essentially are just like bands that go around your thighs and connect to the thong while also wrapping around your stomach. It gives off a more complicated, intricate look that actually isn’t all that hard to figure out. It’s added dimension to whatever look you were going for, which we all need sometimes. It’s also simple to wear under clothing because it is still a bra and underwear set, just with a twist. 

5. Leather Corset and Thong

Nothing is hotter than a corset, we learned that from Bridgerton at least. Corset tops have come into style this year due to the popular Netflix series, and I can’t say I’m mad about it. Wearing a corset top out is a hot way to spice up your wardrobe and doesn’t really look like lingerie if you throw it on with jeans. But I’m not here to tell you about how to wear lingerie outside of the comfort of your own home. A corset is also a great piece of lingerie, and adding leather to the mix makes it incredibly sexy. You will love to wear this corset and thong set on your own or for your partner and it will bring out the inner 50 Shades in you I am sure. 

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6. Embroidered Mesh Bodysuit

This lingerie item literally took my breath away when I stumbled upon it, it’s that beautiful. There are satin panels running up the sides of the bodysuit that are a dusty rose pink, while there is mesh detailing and flowers garnishing the center of it. Pair that with lace up detailing and you have one of the most intricate pieces of lingerie you will own at the moment. It is reminiscent of a fairy tale, and you surely will feel gorgeous putting it on because it is absolutely stunning. You will turn heads, make jaws drop and dominate the world in lingerie like this so be careful who you wear it for! 

7. Faux Pearl Set

If you are looking for lingerie that is basically like being naked, but with a little extra flare then here you go. Literally all these pearls do are accentuate your features, because there is little else left to the imagination with this set. Pearls are classy, however, and will make you look like you are a pinup Playboy model when you put it on. We all want to buy lingerie that makes us feel like our baddest selves that we know are hiding away inside of us. The little pearls and the white bow in the back of the thong make it an intricate set that is sure to get you feeling extra confident when it’s on. 

8. Ladder Cut-Out Set

I own this piece of lingerie and it is seriously the hottest thing I could put on my body. The expertly placed straps on all parts of the set leave just enough up to the imagination to spark interest, but cover just the parts that you want covered. It is sexy and fun, but also isn’t too crazy for those who are a bit more conservative when picking out their lingerie. The only downfall about lingerie like this one is that, if tangled, it can be a bit difficult to figure out what goes where and where your arms and legs fit into all of it. If you can figure it out, which I have faith you can, you will not want to take it off and I won’t blame you on that either. 

Lingerie shopping is supposed to make you feel confident and sexy! Let me know your fave lingerie piece in the comments below.

Featured Image by: etsy on Pinterest
Jai Phillips

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