5 Hot And Healthy Drinks You Should Be Drinking This Fall

During those chilly fall days, you’re certainly going to be seeking warmth. While a jacket, hat, and gloves do the trick to heat your skin externally, you’re going to want some that warm your body up on the inside. Look no further than a hot fall beverage. Here are 5 hot and healthy drinks you should be sipping on this fall!

1. Black Coffee

The only healthy way to drink coffee is black. In its pure form, coffee has a lot of benefits to the body including strengthening the heart, preventing cancer, aiding in digestion and warding off illness. While I know that some are completely opposed to black coffee and are disgusted at even the sight, it’s the type of drink that once you start drinking, you ultimately become used to the taste. And eventually sweetened coffee will taste like a milkshake to you. So leave the cream in the fridge and the sugar in the packets.

5 Hot And Healthy Drinks You Should Be Drinking This Fall

2. Chamomile Tea

A truly relaxing beverage, chamomile tea will release all the tension and worry from the body, leaving you in a calm state. Chamomile has properties that help to increase digestion and make falling asleep an easier task. The tea is also perfect to drink when you’re sick as it is known to soothe an upset stomach or aid in decongestion. And the good part is that chamomile tea bags are readily available at any supermarket, meaning that you won’t have to be searching at one of those all natural stores to find them. So drink up and begin the destressing process!

5 Hot And Healthy Drinks You Should Be Drinking This Fall

3. Naturally Sweetened Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate is one of the main perks that come to mind when thinking of fall weather but you may have been unaware that certain versions can be good for your health as well. Naturally Sweetened hot chocolate made with real cocoa powder is good for heart health, digestion and your immune system. The drink is perfect for sitting around with your friends and is a nice alternative for those who are not fans of coffee. Just beware when you order it out places that you will not get the organic version. So you’re best bet is drinking this beverage at home and purchasing the packets from your local supermarket.

5 Hot And Healthy Drinks You Should Be Drinking This Fall

4. Licorice Root Tea

You may have never heard of this tea before, and if not you’re not alone. I didn’t know about this tea until a few years back when I came across it at my local vitamin shop. Licorice root is key in eliminating stress and aiding in stomach issues such as ulcers, heartburn, indigestion, and gastritis. The root has even been found to repair the lining of the stomach itself. With magical healing powers, this tea will definitely be a drink you want to include in your fall mix. Also if you’re worried about taste if you don’t like licorice, don’t worry. It tastes nothing like licorice and is really sweet in flavor!

5 Hot And Healthy Drinks You Should Be Drinking This Fall

5. Apple Cider

Apple cider is a classic fall beverage that is not only delicious but healthy as well. It helps increase your digestion, gives you proper vitamin intact and is loaded with nutrients to help fight off illness. Now the more sugary you add into cider, the more unhealthy it becomes. So you’re definitely going to only want to drink cider that has been naturally sweetened. You can even make this drink into a fall dessert if topped it with a little whipped cream and cinnamon.

5 Hot And Healthy Drinks You Should Be Drinking This Fall

Can you think of any other hot and healthy beverages you love? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section!

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