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The Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch During Quarantine

The Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch During Quarantine

The Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch During Quarantine

Can’t get enough of gory, terrifying, fear-instilling horror movies? Looking for something to scare you more than the Coronavirus? Check out our list of the top ten best horror movies to watch during your quarantine!

1) Hereditary 

Coming in at number one for one of the most petrifying, disturbing horror movies of all time is Ari Aster’s “Hereditary”.  Advertised as a movie about family problems, this movie will take you on twists and turns from the very beginning, and it’s one of those movies you could watch about twenty times and get something different out of it every time. Considering we’ve been cooped up with our families for what seems like forever at this point, what could be scarier than a movie about a family that tears itself apart from the inside??

The Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch During Quarantine

2) Get Out

Hmmm… we’re stuck inside dying to get out… but we can’t.. any of this ringing any bells? “Get Out” will leave you feeling thankful that all we have to deal with during quarantine is our family’s little quirks. Unfortunately, the main character in this movie has a little more on his plate than a “little quirk”. If you like dark horror movies that leave you with goosebumps, “Get Out” is definitely for you. We promise you’ll be left stunned. 

The Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch During Quarantine

3) The Babadook

This next horror movie is an Australian flick that will literally have you checking in closets and under your bed before going to sleep. The Babadook is a monster that hides in the dark shadows in your house, and during a time where you basically have no choice but to stay at home, watching a movie in the dark about a creature that lurks about in your basement is enough to make us cringe. All we can say is, get your night lights ready.

The Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch During Quarantine

4) The Descent

This horror movie is literally about a group of people that are trapped in a small, dark cave. If this sounds like your family in your house right now, you’re not alone. If you’re looking for another pro of social distancing to add to the list, try “not having to worry about getting trapped in a creepy dark cave with your friends”. At least you don’t have to try surviving a new species of predators hell-bent on tearing you limb from limb- unless you have a sister you share a bathroom with… 

5) Bless The Child

Okay, it may just be our own opinion, but horror movies about kids with special powers, or kids that are possessed by the devil, are instantly 100 times creepier. Add a satanic cult on top of that and you’ve basically got “Bless The Child”. If you’ve got younger siblings that you’re convinced are possessed by the devil, you might wanna steer clear of this one until after the quarantine is over… for your sake and the sake of your sibling!

The Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch During Quarantine

6) Insidious 

If you ever want to get a good night’s sleep again, “Insidious” may not be the movie for you. But if you’re into creepy old houses, children who “see dead people” (hehe), and scares that will literally make you jump out of your seat, the first installment of the “Insidious” franchise is our recommendation. It’s got everything you could want in a scary movie, and it might actually make your mandatory stay in your house a little easier. I mean, at least your house doesn’t have a bunch of evil spirits in its attic! But just to be sure, you might wanna invest in some top-notch sage. 

The Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch During Quarantine

7) Contagion

This movie is about a global pandemic caused by a virus that leaves the government and the CDC baffled. What’s more is that this virus is centralized in Hong Kong and victims of it exhibit flu-like symptoms. I mean… need we say more? Just a slight warning to those of us that tend to over exaggerate and think everything that happens on tv will happen in real life… this movie is extremely disturbing in light of everything that is currently going on in the world. So if you’re one of those people who think life imitates art… why don’t ya just skip this one for a little bit?

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8) The Others

This movie is a bit of a head scratcher, and will have you trying to figure out what the heck is going on up until the very end. But like most horror movies, this one comes with a huge twist we know you will not expect. Another movie about a family forced to stay in their house for their own safety, this is a great title to watch during your quarantine. If you think your family is bad, try dealing with some of the problems Nicole Kidman faces in this flick. You HAVE to stick around until the end on this one. It’ll be worth it, we promise. 

The Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch During Quarantine

9) The Purge

If quarantine has you about ready to strangle the fam, check out this movie that actually encourages you to go out and kill. In “The Purge”, the government has set aside a day where all crime is legal for 12 hours. Miss that promotion you were up for? Kill your boss! Landlord hassling you for rent again? Kill him too! What happens when your own government, the people you trust with your entire life, turns on you and puts a target on your back?

The Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch During Quarantine

10) Rosemary’s Baby

As a cult classic, you really can’t have a marathon of horror movies without watching “Rosemary’s Baby” at SOME point. If the fact that it’s directed by Roman Polanski isn’t enough for you, this staple horror film features a demonic fetus that’s dead set on dooming the entire world. Yeah sure the Coronavirus is bad, but at least the spawn of Satan hasn’t made an appearance! If anything, this movie serves as a reminder that things can always be worse… unless you’re Rosemary. Then you’re pretty much SOL.

The Top 10 Horror Movies To Watch During Quarantine

Which horror movies made your list of must-watch’s for your quarantine? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!

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