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Top 10 Hookup Spots at the University of Arkansas

Top 10 Hookup Spots at the University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas is in a location that holds one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Fayetteville, Arkansas has a ton of nature and scenic places to check out. These places can also double as super cool places for a hookup. Some of them are kind of public and might be illegal, so use this list at your own risk. Here are 10 hookup spots at the University of Arkansas.

1.Harmon Parking Garage

I know how this one sounds, but hear me out. If someone asked me to hookup with them in a parking garage I would probably laugh in their face, but this parking garage is special! The garage is huge. It has like 10 ginormous floors, so is very unlikely anybody is going to walk by your car and see you. I have gotten lost in this parking garage before because it is so big. What is extra cool about this spot is the top floor. The building is so tall and the view is so pretty. I don’t think many people ever hookup here, but it is a good spot. Just trust me.

Risk level: 2

2.Mount Sequoyah

Everyone at the University of Arkansas has been to the beautiful scenic overlook at Mount Sequoyah, but not many people know about the slightly lower overlook on Oklahoma Ave. The higher overlook is very public and there is a huge cross there, so it would definitely be very weird to hookup there. The lower overlook is much less known and only people up to no good ever go there. There are never cops that drive by and people space their cars out pretty far because it is mutually agreed that nobody wants anyone seeing them. This is another great and private hookup spot with a view!

Risk level: 2

Top 10 Hookup Spots at the University of Arkansas

3. Literally any frat house

Spending the night is one of those epic hookup stories you hear about around campus, but don’t actually know anybody who has done it. If you end up at a frat party and meet a cute guy and you want to hookup with them, do it. Why not, right? Just be safe and don’t let him treat you like shit. I think the reason these hookups are so rare is because nice frat men are hard to find and I also don’t know anyone that stays sober enough to give consent at a frat party. If you are going to try this one just please please please be safe!

Risk level: 8

4. Hammocks on Old Main Lawn

One of the best parts of the spring and fall is pitching a hammock between two of trees on the Old Main lawn. The lawn is really big and beautiful. It is the pride of the University of Arkansas and I think the founders would be proud to have crazy college kids enjoying the lawn with a hookup. For this one you have to have good timing. Do not try it while classes are changing. Wait until everyone is in class or off campus for the day. Do not even try to do it when campus is busy. 

Risk level: 5

Top 10 Hookup Spots at the University of Arkansas

5. Basement of Mullins Library

I don’t know a single person who has ever been in the Mullins Library basement. I’m pretty sure most people don’t even know it has a basement. If you’re looking to spice up your love life by having a public hookup, this might be a good place to start. It is extremely public, but nobody really goes there. The basement is considered the silent floor of the library, so it won’t work if anybody is down there. They will definitely hear you. If nobody is in the basement you’ll be fine, but if someone walks in you better have a plan ready to get dressed quick.

Risk level: 6

6. Apartment/dorm stairwells

This one isn’t the most comfortable suggestion, but it could be really hot. Imagine you’re bringing a guy home and the sexual tension is so huge that you can’t wait anymore and he just throws you up against the wall and you two go at it. Is anyone else feeling warm? To avoid people walking in on you walk to the very top of the stairwell. That is usually limited to roof access and nobody will be coming out of there. Just keep the volume down. Stairwells have good acoustics.

Risk level: 4

Top 10 Hookup Spots at the University of Arkansas

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7. Bean bags in Mullins Library

This is one of the riskier suggestions. The bean bags are scattered around the perimeter of the library and not many people walk over there. Despite this, they are still very public and out in the open. This hookup spot is only for the extremely brave people out there. Even I wouldn’t try this one.

Risk level: 10

8. Wilson Park

This is probably the most illegal hookup spot on the list. Absolutely do not try this during the day. There are children and families there. This can only be done at night when everyone should be sleeping. Cops drive by the park quite often to patrol the area. I think it would be really hard for anybody to pull this one off and not get caught. Try it at your own risk.

Risk level: 10

Top 10 Hookup Spots at the University of Arkansas

9. Dickson Street bathrooms

Bathrooms are prime real estate for public hookups. Dickson street is filled with bars. If you meet a cute guy at the bars and you’re looking for a one night stand but don’t want to take them home, use the bar bathrooms! Literally nobody cares about the bathrooms, so even if you got caught people will not think twice about it.

Risk level: 3

10. Your bed at home

This one goes back to the basics. It is fun to mix things up with an exciting hookup spot every once in a while, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with a good old bed hookup. 

Risk level: 0

Do you have any secret hookup spots at the University of Arkansas? Let us know.