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10 Homemade Skincare Hacks You Have To Try

10 Homemade Skincare Hacks You Have To Try

10 Homemade Skincare Hacks You Have To Try

Skincare being one of the leading industries, could often have products loaded with chemicals being sold at sky high prices.

You dont have to shed out big bucks for a healthy, glowing skin. Even without the development of an array of products, people used to take perfect care of their skin.

Troubling but true, most of the leading skincare products have high levels of potential hazards and toxins. You can avoid using tons of harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients on your skin with these 10 simple homemade skincare hacks. Make sure to do a little patch test before applying completely on your skin.

Turmeric Fack Mask

For hundereds of years, turmeric has globally been known for its healing properties and cosmetic benefits. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities of turmeric makes it very effective to target pores, catalyze healing wounds and calming the skin.


You may add small amounts of Greek yogurt and  honey to the turmeric. Mix well and apply as a face mask for 15-20 minutes for a healthy, glowing skin.

10 Homemade Skincare Hacks You Have To Try

Aloe vera to moisturize and sooth sunburns

Aloe vera is a very benefitial plant with several skincare benefits.

Aloe vera gel encourages skin repair by building new cells. Application of it’s gel supresses skin inflammation. Since it is mostly composed of water, it helps hydrate the skin without a post-application sticky feel.


It also helps lock moisture in the skin, while acting as a glue to keep the top layer of skin cells stuck together, leading to smoothning and softening your skin. It also helps fights acne and breakouts.

Aloe vera to exfoliate, prevent dark spots and slow signs of aging

This multi-use gel can also yield satisfying results to to gently get rid of dead skin cells. Its regular application for about 20 minutes can help enhance the elastin fibers that make skin less wrinkled and more elastic.

It also helps prevent the enzymes responsible for discolouration of your skin. This helps supress skin-damaging effects of sunburns, may also help fade spots already formed.


10 Homemade Skincare Hacks You Have To Try

Coconut oil moisturizer

Coconut oil works as a great moisturizer, especially for dry skin type. It prevents the moisture in your skin from evaporating.

A layer of coconut oil on top of a layer of aloe vera gel would help boost and maximize hydration for your skin.

Coconut oil is also great for makeup removal and can also serve as a healthy and replenishing hair conditioner.


Sugar lip scrub

We might not pay much attention to the dead skin on our lips. However, smooth, soft lips are desired by all. It also improves the application of lip colour. It is quick and easy to make your very own lip scrub at home.

Here are the ingredients required:

  • 1 tablespoon brown sugar
  • 1 squirt of honey (just enough to mix with brown sugar and make a paste)
  • 1 drop vanilla

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and store for up to a month in a glass jar or a tube. Little jars of your old cosmetic products could be a good storage for your self made lip scrub.


Gently apply the scrub as required on your lips, usually 1-2 times a week. Let it sit for about two minutes, then rinse with warm water for smoother, softer lips.

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Tea bags for under-eye puffiness

After a refresing cup of tea, keep those tea bags aside for a replenishing use for your under-eyes. Once they have cooled down, you may place them underneath your eyes as you rest for 15-20 minutes.

The caffeine and tannins present in tea are responsible to draw out the fluids, helping to reduce under-eye puffiness.


10 Homemade Skincare Hacks You Have To Try

Chill out with ice

Yes, just as simple as ice is what you need to improve the quality of your skin.

It is a good practice to regularly wash your face with ice water a few times a week. The chilly temperature not only will make you feel more awake and refreshed, but also quickly reduce puffiness, helps tighten pres and reduce inflammation.



Sea salt has powerful antibacterial properties and works to pull oil from the skin.

Mix a tablespoon of sea salt with just enouh water to form a paste. Apply this paste on the zit and let dry for upto an hour (10 minutes for sensitive skin types), then rinse it off. This is help reduce inflammation and clear your skin.


Oranges are a vital source of Vitamin C that works towards improving your skin, hair and nails.

Apart from eating oranges, rubbing its fresh juice on your face is beneficial to clean any clogged pores. It also helps prevent acne, pimple, wrinkles and fine lines.


Homemade skincare hacks could save your a great deal of time and money, yielding better results. Let us know what homemade hacks have you used for your skincare in the comments below!

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