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Homemade Party Snacks That Your Guests Will Love

Homemade Party Snacks That Your Guests Will Love

Homemade Party Snacks That Your Guests Will Love

When it comes to preparing snacks for a party, we tend to overthink it and put tons of planning and preparation into it. Or if that gets too stressful, we order food. But preparing delicious snacks does not have to be so time-consuming. These snacks are easy to make, quick to prepare and are ideal for a party, a dinner, a movie night or even just a casual get-together with some friends.

Tortilla pizzas

What you need: tortilla wraps, mozzarella, tomato purée, basil leaves

For a lighter take on pizza that will leave you satisfied but not stuffed to the brim, try using tortilla wraps as pizza bases. Spread some tomato purée across the base evenly and not too thick, and chop a mozzarella ball into little slices or just sprinkle some grated mozzarella (even quicker!). After that, the toppings are up to you and your guests. Cook in the oven at around 170 for 8-10 minutes, or until the edges of the tortilla start to crisp, and top with some fresh basil leaves.

Homemade Party Snacks That Your Guests Will Love

Yogurt strawberries

What you need: strawberries, a pot of strawberry yogurt

This is the easiest snack ever to prepare – simply dip your strawberries in some yogurt and freeze. These are a delicious snack on their own or with a chocolate fondue.

Homemade Party Snacks That Your Guests Will Love

Southern fried chicken nachos

What you need: pack of Southern fried chicken strips, tortilla chips, salsa, guacamole, cheddar cheese, mozzarella

If you want to go fully authentic and make the chicken yourself, go for it. But this is all about convenience, so pick up a pack of Southern fried chicken tenders, strips or breast – it doesn’t really matter. Cook the chicken as the packaging requests, but five minutes before they’re ready, take them out and cut them into thin ‘shreds’. Next, spread Doritos evenly across a separate baking tray lined with grease paper. Put the chicken shreds on top of the Doritos, and then chuck on your classic nacho kit – dollops of salsa, sour cream, guac, and sprinkle some cheddar and a little bit of mozzarella. Cook for 5 minutes, and you have a delicious, savory tear-and-share nacho platter with a succulent Southern twist.

Homemade Party Snacks That Your Guests Will Love

Chocolate popcorn

What you need: sweet popcorn, milk chocolate bar, butter, salt

There are plenty of popcorn recipes out there that want you to make your own popcorn from scratch, and make your own toppings and flavors blah blah blah… But let’s face it. You’re hosting a party, and have 101 other things to do, so let’s keep it simple with this chocolate popcorn recipe. Simply melt some butter and a chocolate bar in a pan, add a pinch of salt, and pour it over some store-bought popcorn. Give it a good mix, and pop it in the fridge for a bit to ensure it sticks. Add caramel sauce, M&Ms, marshmallows – whatever your sweet tooth fancies! This way is much easier than popping the kernels yourself…

Homemade Party Snacks That Your Guests Will Love

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Caprese kebabs

What you need: skewers, basil, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, mozzarella

These work great as a party snack, and are also sophisticated enough to serve at a dinner party! All you need are basic ingredients. If you can get them, it’s even easier to use mini mozzarella balls and cherry tomatoes so no prep is necessary! Chop the tomato and mozzarella into even chunks, and slide a chunk of tomato onto a skewer, then mozzarella, then a basil leaf, and continue until your kebab is complete. Drizzle some balsamic vinegar over them for a finishing touch. This is a fresh and delicious snack or starter, and if you’re having a barbecue, they make a great compliment to your meaty main meal!

Homemade Party Snacks That Your Guests Will Love

Feta and watermelon chunks

What you need: feta cheese, watermelon, cocktail sticks

Another easy peasy one. Again, you can either buy the ingredients in full and chop up a watermelon and feta block, or buy the packaged watermelon chunks and feta cubes. All you need now is some cocktail sticks to seal them together, and if you want to, add a little mint for an extra burst of taste. It makes for one refreshing, mouth-watering party snack.

Homemade Party Snacks That Your Guests Will Love

What are your easiest, go-to party snack recipes? Let us know!

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