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Homemade Makeup Hacks You’re Going To Want In Your Life

Homemade makeup hacks help you get a runway-ready look from your own bedroom! Want to look good without all the fancy makeup tools and professional experience? Here’s how!

Lip Balm to Brow Gel

Brow gel is a great tool for taming and shaping brows, as well as helping them to grow properly. It’s not essential, but it is a nice thing to try and see if it works for you. If you happen to like brow gel and yet can’t seem to find your favorite brand, then here’s a simple makeup hack to get you through until you can buy more. Using lip balm, coat your small finger and place it on your brows, then use your spooly to shape them to the form you desire. How easy was that homemade makeup hack? Ridiculously so, right?

Bobby Pin Eyeliner Wing

One of the simplest hacks for a homemade makeup tool is this bobby pin wing. Simply coat your pin in mascara, making sure to layer it as much as possible without overloading it. Too much makeup will create jagged edges, and then this wing won’t be nearly as smooth as you like. Then, place the shorter end of the pin against your eyelid, using it as a base. Swipe your pin across your eye, giving it a moment to dry before you take a look at the line. Fill in the wing as necessary. Once you’re satisfied, sit back and take a look at your easy, perfect eyeliner!

From Eyeliner To Gel

If you have a favorite eyeliner color, but it’s in a pencil form, you’re in luck. This makeup hack will have it liquefied in seconds. Simply grab a lighter or a candle and hold your eyebrow pencil over top of it. In a few seconds, it will be completely wet, and you can apply it directly to your eyes then. It will be warm, but should not be hot. If you’re still hesitant about it, use a brush to catch the new liquid gel and spread it across your skin carefully. Either way, you’ve got homemade makeup for instant eyeliner anywhere!

Hair-Dry Your Eyelash Curler

We dry our hair. Why not do the same thing for our eyelashes? While not necessarily a homemade makeup hack, it’s still useful to know. Lashes curl better when warmer, so it makes sense that if the tool was hot, they would work better with it. Use a hairdryer to warm up the curler, and be careful that it isn’t too hot when you pick it up. Carefully curl your lashes as you normally would, being cautious not to burn your skin accidentally. Once you’re done, you won’t have to do it again for the rest of the day! These lashes will stay put for a long time thanks to that extra heat.

Kool-Aid Lip Stain

Shocking as it may seem, this energy drink actually has more to it than putting you on a sugar high; it can be homemade makeup as well. Mix three parts Kool-Aid to one part water, and dip a Q-tip in to apply. Make sure that you haven’t applied any other balms or lotions to your mouth, as they’ll stop the mixture from staining. Wait about five minutes, then reapply where necessary. For the last step, dip a Q-tip in water and run it over your newly flavored and favored lips. This helps to remove any and all sugar crystals that may have built up.

Be careful of cuts when you use this method! The paste will sting if it comes across any open wounds. Take care to also hydrate your lips if you plan to use this often. This is a drying mixture, and it will cause cracked lips if constantly applied.

See Also

Blush Lipstick

Homemade makeup in two seconds. This is your key to making sure that you don’t miss one of the essential features. You don’t have a lipstick on hand? Pull out your blush and a small tool. Grab a tissue and scrape off a few bits of the powder. Take a lip liner or balm that you don’t enjoy, and mix it in with those few scraps of powder from your blush. Viola! Instant lipstick.

This is a perfect hack for when you realize you’ve forgotten your favorite shade and you’re up next for the job interview. The matching shades will help to compliment your skin evenly, going for a pretty, yet subtle impression.

Glue Gun Brush Cleaner

This little clean-up makeup hack could not be any easier. Simply take a glue gun and a plastic lid or holder of any sort. Draw a few lines and squiggles of varying thickness and length, then sit back and let the glue dry. Once it has, you’re completely set to use that glue as your brand new brush cleaner!

Which of these homemade makeup hacks will you be using? Let us know in the comments down below!

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