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10 Home Workouts To Get Your Body In Shape This Spring

10 Home Workouts To Get Your Body In Shape This Spring

With spring and summer coming around the corner, it seems like everyone is rushing to get more fit and into shape for the warm weather on the way. We know that sometimes we don’t have enough time to workout, are low on equipment and or can’t afford a gym membership. Because of this, we have compiled some of our favourite Home Workouts from our favourite fitness influencers and gurus to help you stay fit at home.

1. Marie Purvis’ Full Body Workout

This workout is great for a quick, no stress full body workout. All you need is a towel and you’re set to go! This workout consists of 5 exercises repeated for a total of 4 rounds. Each exercise is doe for 30 seconds followed by a 15-second rest between. This workout targets the whole body and focuses on strength and stamina. Exercises such as lunges, plank, triceps push-ups and knee-ups make up this challenging 15-minute workout that will have you sweating like there’s no tomorrow.

10 Home Workouts To Get Your Body In Shape This Spring

If you’d like to see a video of Marie demonstrating how to do to each exercise, be sure to check out the post on her page @mariepurvis.

2. Tammy Hembrow’s Home Booty Circuit

Tammy Hembrow is known as the Australian fitness goddess, entrepreneur and mommy of two. She owns her own workout program, gear and protein powder line s(which you can find on her website here), which does require payment and subscription. However, thankfully she’s gifted us with a few detailed workout videos on her Youtube channel, where you can find this killer Home Booty Circuit.

This circuit, which she does in the comfort of her own bedroom, focuses on the lower body muscles (glutes, hamstrings, quads) and will simultaneously get your heart rate up by incorporating some cardio as well (hello, jump squats). All you need are some weights. Tammy uses dumbells but realistically you can grab anything that will make your squats and lunges a little more challenging to really build up strength. The video only lasts just below 6 minutes but Tammy urges you to repeat the circuit as many times as you can for a full workout.

10 Home Workouts To Get Your Body In Shape This Spring

To see Tammy’s full video and demonstration, check out the video on here YoutTube channel here. 

3. Shonda’s Chair Full Body Workout

This workout is amazing- hard and sweaty this workout will tone you up insanely fast. It can all be done at home with a just a chair as equipment. This workout targets all muscle groups an is definitely one of the more challenging ones for those of you who are up for it! Check out the rest of Shonda’s amazing archive of videos on her website for more at home workouts.

10 Home Workouts To Get Your Body In Shape This Spring

Visit Shonda’s website where here to see the full workout video and browse all her other great, no equipment needed workouts.

4. Alexis Ren’s Hourglass Ab Workout

Alexis Ren is known for her killer abs and amazing Insta-worthy body and she has blessed us with some videos on her Youtube channel. Our favourite is definitely her Hourglass Ab Workout which she collabed with IGTV. This workout is only 6 minutes long but will have you gasping for air in no time.

10 Home Workouts To Get Your Body In Shape This Spring

Visit Alexis Ren’s Youtube channel for the full video of this workout here.

5. Chloe Ting’s Intense Ab Workout

Chloe Ting is a fitness guru who has accumulated over millions of views on her Youtube channel. Chloe Ting has whole body workout video for each body part, but one of our favourites is her Intense Ab Workout. This one is definitely challenging but worth it. You’ll be seeing results in no time, and, its only 10 minutes long!

10 Home Workouts To Get Your Body In Shape This Spring

To see Chloe’s full ab workout, visit her Youtube channel here.

6. POPSUGAR Fitness 10 minute, Full Body Home Workout

POPSUGAR is a great source for workouts and fitness ideas. Their Youtube channel has full workouts to target any fitness goals and are great for those who don’t have access to tons of equipment. Our favourite home workout they have is the 10 minute Full Body Workout which will have you shredded and in shape so, so fast.

10 Home Workouts To Get Your Body In Shape This Spring

To see the full video, visit the POPSUGAR Fitness channel on Youtube here.

7. Kayla Itsines 12 week BBG Style Home Workout Program

This workout is part of a 12-week challenge made by Kayla Itsines (which you can find on her website linked below). The workout is comprised of 2 7-minute circuits targeting a range of muscle groups. And the longer into the seven minutes you get, the harder the exercises get as well.

10 Home Workouts To Get Your Body In Shape This Spring

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Click here to view the full free workout plan on Kayla’s website.

8. NourishMoveLove’s At Home HIIT Workout

This home workout, made by NourishMoveLove is a 24 minute HIIT full body workout that targets all muscle groups while burning the maximum fat possible. HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is a great way to optimize fat burning while still gaining strength. This workout is already pretty short but considering it’s basically two workouts in one, we really couldn’t ask for more. All you need are some moderately weighted dumbells!

Check out Lindsey’s article here.

9. Fit With Cambrie’s At Home Workouts

Cambrie Schroder is the up and coming fitness guru. Based in L.A. and under 25 years old, Cambrie is still a super knowledgable about all things fitness. She has a workout and diet plan for only $40 dollars on her website but has also blessed us with some free home, no equipment needed workout videos on her Youtube channel. Each video targets a different muscle group and is capped off at less than 10 minutes each.

Checkout Cambrie’s website here or visit her Youtube channel to view full at home workout videos anytime!

10. Women’s Health Magazine 20 Minute At-Home Cardio Workout

This is a 20-30 min workout that targets cardio and core, no equipment needed. This workout was created by Mark Ribeiro, ACE-certified personal trainer, and founding instructor at FitHouse. This workout will definitely get your heart rate up and your muscles burning to leave you tired and sweaty by the end of it. But it is so, so worth it.

10 Home Workouts To Get Your Body In Shape This Spring

To view the full article and workout, check out it out at the Women’s Health Magazine Website here!

Will you dare to try any of these home workouts? Comment below and let us know which one!

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