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Home Workouts To Do Everyday

Home Workouts To Do Everyday

Sometimes it’s hard to get yourself to workout and/or go to the gym. Maybe you can’t even go to the gym. But why let that stop you from getting in a workout everyday? Or at least close to everyday. Once you get in to the routine of working out, your days will start to feel a little off because it’s become a routine. This could be as minimal as a daily walk to get yourself outside or a full blown workout in your living room. You can set this at your own pace to ensure that you’re comfortable with what you’re doing and that you aren’t overworking yourself. One of the greatest things about working out though is feeling like you are releasing all of your bad energy. A gym is your sanctuary. A good workout can do absolute wonders for the mind. I think a big thing to also remember is to never be hard on yourself if you choose not to workout one day. Taking days for yourself is an essential part to everyone’s routine.

1. Outdoor Walk

Going for a walk never hurt anyone. Sometimes all you need to turn your day around is getting outside and getting in the fresh air. What’s nice about a walk is that you can find yourself ending up i your own world. If you turn on a podcast or your favorite music that 30 minute walk will actually feel like 10. Also, once you start walking enough that daily walk could turn in to a quick daily run. If you keep up with it and build your endurance then you will feel so good afterwards. You will also be able to reflect on where you started and where you’re at now. It’s something so simple that can turn in to one of your favorite habits.

2. Ab Workout

This is also one of the easier home workouts you could do. Daily sit ups and ab workouts can leave you feeling great. If you get home from that walk or run and hit a quick ab workout you will feel on top of the world. It truly is the small things in life that can make you feel great about yourself. Everyone starts somewhere so don’t go in to home workouts thinking you need to do high endurance activities. Once you start getting in to the habit of doing a core workout everyday your body will begin to feel it tough. And that’s great! When you start to feel sore and the workouts gradually begin to feel easier then that must mean you’re doing something right.


3. HIIT Workout

If you have the space then a great way to zoom through a work out is by doing a high intensity interval workout. This will really get your heart rate pumping and get you feeling good once you’re done. The best part about HIIT workouts is that you can go online or Instagram and easily find one that suits you. A lot of people have had to workout at home for the last year so you can a lot of workouts that are home friendly. A great thing about a HIIT workout is that you can alternate it with your outdoor run/walk days. You could easily put yourself in to a routine and feel good about how your week goes.

4. Run Stairs

This is a great way to get moving a grooving. Find any stairs and just start going. You will feel the burn, you will fill winded, but when you finish you will feel amazing. Running stairs is one of the easiest things you could do for a home workout because all you need is yourself and some stairs. These could be the stairs in your home, your apartment complex, you could even go on a walk to a place that has stairs. Call that walk your warm up. No matter what you choose you can easily find a set of stairs and start getting after it. You can also incorporate other moves in to those stairs. You could do squats, lunges, skip steps, etc. This stair workout could turn in to something that you never imagined.

5. Jump Rope

Another great home workout is jump roping. For some, the last time they jump roped was in elementary school. Jump roping is good for cardio and burns calories fast. It also improves your coordination. Jump rope is something that could easily be incorporated in to your home workout routine because of how simple it is. Even if you start out doing a quick five minutes and work your way up to more, you will start to feel improvement i yourself. Also finding other ways for cardio workouts can help you out with your other workouts. And if you’re getting burnt out on your walk or run this is a great alternative for those days.

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6. Dumbbells

To build some muscle you could Amazon Prime yourself some dumbbells or find something that has a little but of weight to it already in your home. This is a great way to build some upper body strength at a low cost way. While it seems like a usual home workout, the more you do it the more results you will see. Plus, there is no better satisfaction than moving up some weights once your current ones get too easy. Dumbbell workouts can be something quick you do to get your heart rate going during the day or you could centralize an entire workout around them. It’s a versatile workout that can be done every day or a specific days.

7. Bike

Biking is another great way to get your body moving and it’s fun. You could bike your neighborhood or go to some trails and bike mindlessly in the open air. The way your legs feel like Jell-O after getting off the bike has an uncomfortable satisfaction to it. Another great way to kill two birds with one stone is if you work from home you could get one of those desks that is a bike. It’s a great way to keep you moving and awake during the work day but you’re also knocking out a huge part of your workout. Plus being on that desk bike will start to feel like a routine as soon as you wake up and put your feet on the peddles.

What home workouts do you love? Share with us below!