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15 Home Run Outfits To Wear To Sporting Events

Sporting events are a great way to get out and have some fun with your friends while rooting for your favorite teams. Even if you’re not the biggest sports fan, catching a sporting event can be a really memorable way to spend an evening. 

Going to a sporting event is also a good opportunity to rock some super cute outfits while also showing support for your favorite team. Your outfit will probably look different depending on what kind of sporting event you’re going to. You wouldn’t want to wear a tank top and shorts in a freezing cold ice rink for a hockey game. 

There are lots of ways for you to look cute while also supporting your favorite sports team. Here are 15 outfits for you to wear to different sporting events.  

1. Hockey Sweater and Beanie

On the surface, it may seem difficult to style a hockey jersey. But just like with any other sweater you have in your closet, there are a ton of ways to make a hockey jersey look cute. 

The key to doing this is to accessorize. Find a matching team beanie to go with your hockey jersey and pair that with a cute hairstyle, like a low messy bun or a pair of French braid pigtails. Throw on a pair of stylish ripped skinny jeans or mom jeans and you’re ready for a night at the hockey rink. 

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2. Baseball Jersey Over Tank Top

A lot of baseball season takes place through the summer, so part of getting together an outfit to go to a baseball game involves thinking of ways to beat the heat. Thankfully, baseball jerseys are generally loose fitting and breathable, which makes them a great option to root for your favorite team while also keeping cool.

Wear your jersey open and unbuttoned over a tank top or even a sports bra in a matching color and wear over a pair of shorts. Top off with some summer accessories, like sunglasses or patterned sneakers. 

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3. Over Sized Basketball Jersey

If you’re into baggy and over sized looks, a basketball jersey could be a good pick for your next sporting event look. Find a big basketball jersey and wear it as a dress or over a pair of athletic shorts or jeans. 

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4. Football Jersey Over Leggings

Whether you’re going to a football game at your local college or an NFL game, a football jersey is a great option if your goal is to look cute and support your favorite team at the same time.

Football jerseys tend to be on the longer side and football typically happens in the fall and the winter when the weather tends to get chilly, so pairing your jersey with a pair of leggings is a good move. Finish off the outfit with a cute pair of boots and you’ll be ready for kick off in no time. 

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5. Soccer Jersey With Jeans

Soccer jerseys tend to be pretty comfortable, which makes them perfect pieces to work into your game day outfits. Create a casual but stylish outfit by pairing your jersey with your favorite pair of jeans and a cute pair of sneakers. 

A messy bun or high ponytail would make a great addition to this look. Plus, this outfit is on the simpler side, which gives you a change to experiment with different accessories. 

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6. Hoodie Under Jersey

Adding a hoodie under your jersey can really add to your sporting event look. This works especially well for basketball jerseys, which are sleeveless and tend to be on the baggier side. Adding layers is a great way to enhance any look, including outfits that you’re wearing to a sporting event. 

A hoodie underneath your jersey can have a practical use, too. Hockey arenas and football games on autumn evenings can get pretty cold, so this extra layer can go a long way in terms of keeping you warm. It’s a way to keep yourself from getting cold without sacrificing style. 

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7. Team Tee Shirt Under Cardigan or Flannel

Jerseys can get pretty expensive, so if you’re looking for a way to support your favorite team without dropping $100, a team tee shirt might be a good move. There are tons of official and outside websites out there where you can find the perfect tee shirt for you for way less money than you would spend on a jersey. 

To take your look to the next level, pair your tee shirt with a matching flannel shirt or cardigan. It’s a great way to play with different color combinations and create unique outfits for every time you go to a game, even if the tee shirt doesn’t change. 

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8. Jersey Under Overalls

Overalls are a great way to dress up any outfit, so they’re a good piece to work into your sporting event looks. Short sleeve jerseys (like football jerseys or baseball jerseys) or tee shirts work best with overalls, but you can definitely pair overalls with a hockey jersey or long sleeve shirt when the weather gets colder. 

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9. Vintage Tees

Vintage inspired looks are always in style. You can add some vintage inspiration into your game day looks by finding some vintage tee shirts from your favorite team. There are tons of websites where you can find these shirts, or you can try your luck at a local thrift store for a truly vintage look. 

The good thing about vintage tees is that they’re super easy to work into a cute outfit. Pair your tee with some high waisted jeans and some accessories and you’re all set! 

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10. Cropped Tees

Crop tops can be great for game day looks, especially if you’re attending a sporting event at your college with friends. There are plenty of places to buy crop tops to support your favorite team, but they’re also easy to make from old tee shirts if you can’t find what you’re looking for. 

Cropped tees pair well with high waisted shorts and other game day accessories, like a baseball hat. This is a perfect look if you’re going to a sporting event with tailgate beforehand, like a college football game. 

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11. Leggings and a Denim Jacket

Sometimes you’re looking for a more comfortable game day look, and I’ve found that leggings and a denim jacket with a tee shirt is the perfect outfit for this. Leggings are a great clothing choice if you’re looking for comfort and style, and denim jackets pair well with just about any tee shirt. 

This outfit is a perfect choice if you’re looking for style while also wanting something simple to pull together and comfortable to wear. 

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12. Long Sleeve Tee Shirt and Jacket

Long sleeve tee shirts are good for game day outfits if you’re going to a sporting event in the late fall. Most long sleeve shirts can give you a little extra warmth without making you too hot.

If you’re looking for an extra layer, a stylish jacket is a good choice. It can give you some extra warmth on those chilly autumn nights without making your look any less fashionable. 

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13. Tank Top and Shorts

Tank tops are perfect if you’re going to a sporting event in the middle of summer, like a baseball game. Find a tank top that’s light in color and lightweight in feel to keep you feeling cool all day, no matter how hot it gets. 

Pair your tank top with a pair of denim shorts or athletic shorts and some fun summer accessories, like a pair of sun glasses. 

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14. Patterned Shorts and Plain Shirt

Your shorts don’t always have to be plain. Add some variety to your game day looks by finding a pair of fun patterned shorts in your favorite team’s colors. To complete the look, find a solid colored shirt that matches the shorts and pair with some neutral colored sandals. 

This is the perfect look if you’re trying to find a simple, unique, and comfortable look to wear to a summer sporting event. 

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15. Palazzo Pants and Tee Shirt

Palazzo pants are another great clothing option if you’re looking to stay comfortable during a long game day. Because they’re longer and a little bit warmer than some other pant options, palazzo pants are good option for a colder sporting event. 

These pants come in a ton of different patterns and colors, so you can definitely find one that fits whatever game day look you have in mind. Pair these pants with a tee shirt and sandals or boots. Throw on a jacket if you’re looking for a final finishing touch. 

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What will you be wearing the next time you go to a sporting event? Let us know in the comments!

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