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Home Decor Tips To Make Your Apartment Feel Like A Home

Home Decor Tips To Make Your Apartment Feel Like A Home

Decorating your apartment to make it feel more like a home can be difficult to some, especially if you are moving out for the first time. When you first move out, it is easy to feel isolated and alone. Your new home may not feel like it yet. This article will be sharing some home decor tips to help your place seem less like an apartment and more like your own home. This article shares home decor tips that anyone can use, no matter if you are moving into an apartment or a house.

1. Bring in a piece of your childhood or your past home with you 

If you are moving out of your childhood home, you can always bring something from your childhood with you. Bringing something to your new home that you have some nostalgic feelings towards can alleviate some of your anxiety about moving out. It’s an easy way to help yourself feel comfortable. This could be a cool stuffed animal, furniture from your old room, anything that you look at fondly from your past is a great option. Bringing something like that to your unfamiliar surroundings can help you feel better in your new spot.


2. Candles/ Wax Burners 

Candles and wax burners are a simple way to make your apartment feel more like a home. Smell plays a large role in you feeling comfortable in your living space. If you grew with your house always smelling clean or sweet then, these are the type of candles and/or waxes that you need to be purchasing. It can also just be scents that you enjoy. If you don’t want to use candles, there are wax burners available that just use a light bulb to warm the wax. There’s nothing like walking into your place and having the smell of sweet vanilla candles welcome you back home. 

3. Plants; Succulents 

Plants are a great way to make your place feel more livable. Plants are known to spread good vibes and positivity. They have been scientifically known to purify and improve your air quality, which in turn can make you feel so much better. Plants also give you something to look after and take care of. 


4. Tons of Pillows or Throw Blankets 

Why not add all the cozy things? There’s nothing like snuggling up with a throw blanket on your couch while watching TV. Having a lot of pillows on your couch or your bed can also help you feel homier in your place. Adding that extra amount of comfort will aid in you feeling more at peace in your apartment.


5. Pictures on the Wall/ Posters 

Putting pictures and posters on the wall of things you like adds to the personality to your home, which in turn, can help your apartment feel more intimate to you. If you surround yourself with things that you like, it will eventually make you feel more comfortable in your new home.

6. Bookshelves 

Bookshelves don’t just have to be for books. You can place anything that you like on your bookshelves, like pottery, plants, or whatever else you like. Using this decoration gives you more space to add decor and other items to give it a homey feel.


7. Soft, Cozy Rug 

Adding something soft and cozy thing in your apartment is the easiest and quickest way to help your space feel more like home. When you think of a home, you think of your own personal sanctuary. A place where you can relax and just sink into your sofa or bed. Decorating your place with plush and softness adds to the snug feel that a home has.


9. Don’t worry about cleaning all the time 

Decluttering is excellent, but your apartment does not need to be spotless all the time. Have you ever been to a place where it is so clean that it looks like nobody lives there? Leaving certain things out can help your place look more lived in. It gives some perspective on your personality to any guests you may have in the future. For example, leave some of your makeup or perfume out that you use every day on your dresser. This isn’t encouraging you to be messy, it’s allowing you to feel more at home in your space, and letting the space be yours. 

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10. Decorate for each season change 

This home decor tip is especially important for those who love the holiday season. This can be personalized to your own taste and preferences. If you are like most of us and love Halloween, then you can start there. It doesn’t make to be anything expensive or extravagant. A lot of dollar stores carry small table decor and candles that you can use to decorate your place on a budget. Many dollar stores also have fake flowers that you can use as a centerpiece in the center of your coffee table or dining room table.

11. Cook at home more 

There’s nothing like a home-cooked meal. This doesn’t mean you have to cook 5-star meals. You should cook more to help your apartment feel more like a home. Practice and cook some of your favorite recipes from your previous home as well. You can also learn new recipes to add some new experiences to your new home. Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to finding new recipes. You can similar meals or ingredients that you like, and the app will suggest more recipes for you to try.


12. Set up routines in your apartment 

Setting up routines in your apartment makes it feel more familiar to you. For example, you can always clean or cook regularly to help you feel more comfortable there. Making a routine in your house can make things more predictable, which helps you feel more relaxed and at ease towards your new home.


What are some home decor tips that you plan on using to make your apartment feel homier? 

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