5 Stay At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas For You And Bub

I’ve mentioned it once or twice… or more than that… but Valentine’s Day is an overrated holiday that stresses people the fuck out. Personally, I spend Valentine’s Day at home regardless of if I’m single or taken. Cliché chocolates and raunchy lingerie are all good and well but a home-cooked meal and cozy sweats always does the trick for me on Valentine’s Day. Regardless – I’m all about having a good time on Valentine’s Day. With that in mind, here are some stay at home Valentine’s Day ideas that are so worth the chill out. Okay, these stay at home Valentine’s Day ideas might be a bit “extra” so invite people over and throw down.

The Best Stay At Home Valentine’s Day Ideas EVER

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Mimosa Bar

This stay at home Valentine’s Day idea is perfect for a few close friends – or if you’re coupled, you may as well make it a couple’s party; whatever floats your boat. A DIY Valentine’s Day mimosa bar is the most mandatory stay at home Valentine’s Day idea. Get a few bottles of champagne (or bubbly rose for the festive color commitment) and a few bottles of cranberry juice, grapefruit juice, fruit punch or whatever floats your boat for a mimosa.

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DIY Valentine’s Day Skewers

This is one of those fun stay at home Valentine’s Day ideas for both you and babe. Make candy arrows with red chewy candy. I’m a huge fan of this. It’s cute AF and a fun Valentines Day activity.

Candy Arrows

Love Coupons

You absolutely do not need to leave the comfort of your own home with Valentine’s Day love coupons. They have printable love coupons you can use that are on Etsy. Some of the coupons are DIY Valentine’s Day based. There are victory coupons or action coupons like, “turn the kitchen table into a dance floor & make it” (check all that apply: funny, sexy, both). It’s an instant download and an instant success for you and babe if you are having a stay home Valentine’s Day. All the fun you need is on those coupons.

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Make Your Own Rosewater

This is one of the best stay at home Valentine’s Day ideas. Everyone is obsessed with Herbivore Botanical gifts, especially the rosewater Pink Cloud moisture crème. Why not make your own rosewater at home? This is perfectly festive for Valentine’s Day. You could make it a spa day if you’d like. That’s a next-level stay at home Valentine’s Day idea.

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DIY Bath Bombs

Again, this is one of those stay at home Valentine’s Day ideas for those of you who just want to relax on Valentine’s Day. This gives you both a fun activity and it’s quite easy. Check out Rachel Beyer’s DIY Heart Bath Bombs perfect for Valentine’s Day. This is a relaxing Valentines Day idea that is cheap and pretty!

DIY: Heart Bath Bomb (for Valentine's Day)

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Freeze Flowers into Icecubes

This takes zero seconds and would make your at home Valentine’s Day cocktails perfect. Throw these beauties into your drinks you’ll be sipping at home and you are good to go.

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What stay at home Valentine’s Day ideas do you have?

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