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Hollywood’s King Of The April Fool: George Clooney’s Funniest Pranks

Hollywood’s King Of The April Fool: George Clooney’s Funniest Pranks

George Clooney is man of renowned fame, talent, and riches. He’s also Hollywood’s biggest kids. George Clooney’s funniest pranks demonstrate just how outrageous he is.

The One-Time Things

Many of Clooney’s greatest friends fall prey to his childish side. He once filled Bill Murray’s luggage with gravel; the bags were not only incredibly heavy, but they led to some interesting questions from airport security.

Other one-off pranks involve Clooney’s co-star in the ‘Batman and Robin’ movie, Chris O’Donnell. When Chris arrived onset in his brand-new BMW, Clooney and direct Joel Schumacher arranged to have it filled to the brim with fresh popcorn straight from the catering tent.


As George Clooney and Ryan Gosling starred together in ‘The Ides of March’, Clooney was determined to pull one of his pranks. While filming, Clooney pretended to have a serious chat with Gosling. In one of George Clooney’s funniest pranks, he had actually spent the whole-time dousing Gosling’s crotch with water from a spray bottle. Gosling hilariously didn’t notice until after Clooney had walked away.

Another instance was when Clooney fooled Sandra Bullock into jumping in a pool, dressed elegantly in a couture lace dress. Bullock was under the impression that all her friends were all going to jump in on the count of three, but Clooney cheekily pulled out and let her embarrass herself alone.


Pranks Gone Wrong

Clooney even braved the ire of Bruce Willis. In one of George Clooney’s funniest pranks, he told Willis that several older men at a party were hitting on his young daughter, Rumer. Bruce Willis became increasingly enraged at these men, until Rumer directly told her father about one of these men. Except she instead threw Clooney under the bus by stating “Dad, George told me to tell you- that- uh, I forget hid name, was talking to me.” Not for the first or the last time, Clooney’s pranks would go awry.

One mishap occurred on the set of ‘Ocean’s Eleven’. Clooney intended to trick Julia Roberts into tipping a bucket of water into her head. Unfortunately, the door he had balanced the bucket on was opened by the wrong person- a bellboy. Roberts did wind up getting hit by a Clooney prank eventually. George Clooney had placed a heavy statue in a suitcase, intending for Brad Pitt to pick it up. As it happens, Clooney got the suitcases mixed up, and a pregnant Julia Roberts was forced to struggle with the heavy suitcase instead. George Clooney’s funniest pranks are the ones that don’t work as he intended.

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Brad Pitt

Pranking Brad Pitt is second nature to Clooney. There was a long saga of bumper stickers mysteriously appearing on Brad Pitt’s car, landing him in hot water. He was pulled over by cops for a sticker which read “F Cops”, patterned with marijuana leaves. Other stickers include “Small penis on board” and “I’m gay and I vote.” Clooney also leaked the news of Brad Pitt and Angelina’s wedding to the press. Nine years before it actually happened. He pranked the paparazzi, who stalked out the suggested location, Lake Como, for weeks before realizing it was a hoax.


Occasionally Brad Pitt and George Clooney put their rivalry aside to prank others, particularly producer Jerry Weintraub. They challenged him to a vodka drinking contest. Pitt and Clooney won as they had been drinking water the whole time. Weintraub on the other hand was passed out. As supportive friends do, they decided to fill his underwear with M&M’s. On another occasion, Clooney stole a ghastly-looking shirt from Weintraub. He decided to give it back to the producer for his birthday, but only after it had been defaced by a large penis drawing and signatures of his friends, such as Pitt. A lot of George Clooney’s funniest pranks happen while on set.

Family First

A final long-suffering subject of Clooney’s pranks is his father, Nick Clooney. He was very surprised to find out at the premiere of ‘Monument’s Men’ that the film had been dedicated to his memory, despite him being perfectly alive and well at the time. It may have been one of George Clooney’s funniest pranks, but also one of his most dark-humoured.

Do you these are George Clooney’s funniest pranks? Comment below which prank you most want to try!

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