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12 Holiday Party Themes You’re Going To Adore

12 Holiday Party Themes You’re Going To Adore

Holiday parties are a great way to celebrate the season with your friends and family. If you’re hosting an event this year and you are unsure of where to start, then try out these holiday party themes.

1. Under The Sea

Everything is better down where it is wetter. Take some holiday inspiration from the lady in red, The Little Mermaid. Yes, this is not technically a traditional holiday party story, however it is is so much fun to live like a mermaid. When planning your Under The Sea party make sure to ask yourself  ‘what would Ariel do?’ Go crazy and have fun decorating sea shells with jingle bells and finding a Christmas tree made out of kelp. This holiday theme will be a lot of fun and a chance to use your crafting skills.


2. Holiday In The Sun 

The holidays are a great time to travel. If you’re not going anywhere bring the vacation to your party. Skip the cold and get your home ready for some fun in the sun. This holiday theme won’t just make you feel like you’re on vacation, it’ll also be a great excuse to wear your favorite bathing suit again. Make sure to turn your heat on though, guests will be coming in from the cold and a warm guest is a happy guest. 

3. Holiday Movies 

Christmas With The Cranks, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, and Christmas Vacation are all wonderful holiday movies that we all love to re-watch every year. Skip the Netflix binge and bring that holiday movie magic to your party. A Holiday Movie theme will be a great opportunity to have your friends and family dress up, have fun and enjoy the holidays. Decorate your home with your favorite movie in mind and have your friends and family bring their own favorites to the party. This could be through costumes, food or even music. 


4. Secret Santa 

Gift giving can be such a drag over the holiday season. Especially if you have to bring gifts to a party. Skip having your guests bring gifts and instead utilize a Secret Santa holiday theme. This way everyone only has to bring one gift and everyone also gets a gift. No one is left out and nobody goes broke over Holiday Shopping. 


5. Costume Party 

Halloween only comes once a year, which sucks because a lot of use spend time and effort on those costumes. If I’m describing you then congrats, because this Holiday theme allows you to bring your costume out of storage. A costume party theme can be a fun way to make your friends and family relax over the holiday season. No gifts, no mention of Christmas, just good old fashion dressing up. Sit back and relax because this Holiday party is just meant to be fun. 

6. Winter Wonderland

If you live in an area where it snows a lot, then you know there is nothing wonderful about it. I’m from Canada, where the air hurts your face. Despite my hatred for snow, I also recognize that it is beautiful. If you want to skip the headache of having to actually deal with the cold snow, bring the white magic inside with fake snow. This way your guests can have the winter wonderland they’ve always wanted without having to wear snow pants.


7. Scary Christmas 

Look, decorating is expensive, especially if you throw multiple parties a year. To help you save money I have come up with this holiday party theme. Scary Christmas is a great way to use your Halloween decorations at Christmas, while still throwing a holiday party. Think Nightmare before Christmas, but way less Disney. Cobwebs over your stockings, Santa with Vampire teeth or even a pumpkin snow man can help you create this theme.  


8. Santa Suits Only 

You’ve probably been to a ‘anything but clothes party’, well this idea is similar. Guests can only wear clothes made out of a Santa costume. Do what you will with this theme, wrap the coat around your body like a guest, or just wear the pants and have two hats covering your Christmas bulbs. This idea can be a lot of fun, but can go bad fast, so make sure you have back up clothes for guests. No one wants to see your neighbor’s jingle bells this year.      

9. Sexy Santa 

This theme can work in combination with your ‘Santa Suit Only’ holiday theme. If your friends and you want to play Sexy Santa dress up then more power to you. This holiday theme can be a lot of fun, very flirty and also very cold, so again extra clothes for your guests is a must. 

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10. Nutcracker Christmas 

Holiday stories such as the Nutcracker are a Christmas tradition in many peoples homes. Bring that tradition to your party by using it as a theme. Guests should walk into your party and feel as though they have met the sugar plum fairy in person. Using the Nutcracker as your theme can be a great way to remind people what holiday magic looks like.  


11. Holiday Jingles 

 It wouldn’t be the holiday season without holiday jingles blaring through the speakers everywhere you go. Although we all hate those songs and are completely sick of them, we all also have one we love. Pick your favorite holiday jingle and base your party around it. My only suggestion would be to only play the song once, even you might get sick of it by the end of the night.  


12. The Great Holiday Bake Off 

The best part of the holidays is the baking. Cookies, muffins, cupcakes and cakes are all apart of making any holiday party great. Cooking all of those yummy treats can be a bit of a time suck though. Skip the manual labor and make baking your theme. Have people bring their favorite treats or have people bake at your house. This holiday theme ins’t just fun, it is also a great way to feed your guests. 

Throwing a holiday party can be a lot of stress on you, your home and your guests. Make this holiday extra special by mixing things up a bit with these holiday theme ideas. 

What is your favorite holiday party theme? Comment below!

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