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Holiday Party Themes Your Guests Will Love

Holiday Party Themes Your Guests Will Love

These holiday party themes are going to have your guests talking about it for days! Here are some of the top Christmas party ideas for you!

Once the holidays come around, some of us feel like it’s time to throw some memorable parties. The problem is, you don’t quite know how to throw the party, or make it so memorable that your guests will remember it long after it’s done. Here are some Holiday Party Themes Your Guests Will Love.


This is a holiday party theme that you could use twice in the same year. It wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do, but you could still do it. ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ can be used either during Halloween or Christmas time. While I’ve seen the Christmas-version frequently, I don’t think I’ve seen the Halloween-version used all that much. It’s a great twist that’s sure to entertain your guests. They could show up in costumes during Christmas time, or exchange gifts during Halloween. The decorating ideas alone make this theme a great opportunity to wow your guests. This is one of the best holiday party themes.


Some of you may mistake this for a costume party, but you would be wrong!…kinda. A masquerade ball is one of the fancier (if not fanciest) options you could go for on this list.This is your opportunity to really throw an extravagant gala, something akin to the Phantom of the Opera. For a little extra fun, you could have a little game or contest thrown into the night’s festivities. Try to have your guests who’s who, or maybe have them try to identify their host.



What better way to celebrate the winter months than with a holiday party theme that encompasses the entire globe? Each culture celebrates winter time differently, and you can use this in both food and decoration. You can have a table filled with sauerkraut and bratwurst, symbolizing Germany, next to a table laden with Spanish tapas. You could have a Christmas tree in one corner, and a lit menorah in another. Christmas-time is often lauded as a time to celebrate and encourage unity between men and women. This holiday party theme is a great way to encourage that. Just be extra careful when doing your research.


This one is a personal favorite. What better way to celebrate good times with friends than plopping down on the couch and watching all sorts of holiday classics. From ‘A Christmas Story’ and ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ to less traditional movies such as ‘Die Hard,’ even though Bruce Willis himself claims the film isn’t really a Christmas film. But that still doesn’t stop people from seeing it as such. Anyway, this is a holiday party theme that sure to please the film fans in your social circles.

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An unorthodox solution, but hear me out. Some Christmases, people go all out trying to outdo each other with their gifts. Some people injure their pride, while most injure their wallets. But what if there was a way to bring some healthy competition to the party and not go all out with the gift-giving? Buy the worst possible gift you can imagine. A ceramic skull ashtray, mail clippers, a hair dryer for someone who’s bald. Decide amongst yourselves which gift was the worst, and make the person who gifted it and the person who received the winners. Just be careful you don’t go to0 far.


Those of you on a diet might hate this holiday party theme. But really, Gingerbread houses have always been a staple of the holidays. Spending the afternoon making and designing your very own is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. They sell ready-made kits in major stores, so really, all you have to worry about is the cost of all the candy you need to get for your guests to do the decorating. And once the winner’s been decided, you can celebrate by chowing down on your creations. After taking about a dozen pictures of them. This is one of our favorite holiday party themes!

I’m sure there are other holiday party themes that you think should be on this list. Tell us about them below, as well as any other stories you might have about these themes.
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