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Top 5 Holiday Movies to Watch During the Jolly Season

Watching Classic Holiday Movies is a must-do activity during the jolly season. They entertain you and add so much to the Holiday spirit. Below are my 5 Favorite Holiday Movies that will make your Christmas festivities a delight!

1. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York

I am aware that there has been a big debate on whether the first or second Home Alone movie is better. The first Home Alone movie established the blueprint for the entire franchise. It is hilarious and has put a cultural reset on the Holiday atmosphere. Back when it was first released, people went crazy for the film. It was that significant. However, the second movie takes everything we loved about the first one and took the franchise to a whole new level.

First of all, worldbuilding is incredible. The first movie only took place at Kevin Mcallister’s house. He built traps all over the house to prevent the invaders from causing chaos. But in the second movie, Kevin has a massive city to explore by himself. This means that the stakes are higher and he has more room to build traps. We also get to meet more lovable characters like the Pigeon Lady. I cry every time I get a scene from her!

On top of that, we get an excellent tour of New York City during the holiday season. This city does not slip on the giant Christmas trees, bright lights, and other Holiday decors that will get you in the spirit. The city basically becomes the metropolitan North Pole. 

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

There has been a big debate on whether this movie is more of a Halloween film or Christmas flick. Many people argue that it is a Christmas movie because it technically takes place during that holiday. But others say that the Halloween theme is more predominant in this film. I personally think that it represents both times of the year. Marrying the two events together to make a double holiday. And if I make a Halloween movie list, I would also add this movie to my list. 

Either way, this movie is extremely enjoyable. I was blown away by how well animated this film was. Given that it was a stop motion project. The characters moved around so seamlessly, making me think that I was watching a 3D animated film. The mise-en-scene of this movie is also gorgeous. I also loved the original design of each character. Jack Skellington alone has set a standard for kids costumes around the world. I remember seeing so many kids dressed up as this character in the early 200s. 

I often make it a habit to watch this movie twice a year. Once during Halloween, and the other time during Christmas. To me, it feels wrong if I skip a holiday. I made it my mission to keep up this habit! And you can too if you want!

3. Rise of the Guardians

Want to get even more confused on which holiday you can watch a movie? The Rise of the Guardians will give you every holiday you can think of. The movie stars Jack Frost, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and other predominant holiday figures. I often view this movie like the Avengers of the Holidays. All of these figures team up to fight against a common villain that threatens to plague the holly season.

This movie is full of action, emotion, and beauty. I loved the design of each character. Jack Frost looking like a frozen peter parker, Santa looking all buff and strong, the tooth fairy looking like a cirque performer, and the Easter bunny looks super buff. The characters definitely take on a design that moves on from their stereotypical looks. And I am here for it! The stakes are also very high with its dark plot. And you definitely feel emotions when the movie progresses. 

Overall I find this movie to be very underrated. I don’t see many people talking about this movie, even though it’s awesome. I personally think it takes on a creative direction that has not been thought out of much. It is an incredible concept that gives every holiday a superhero power no matter what time of the year it is!

4. The Polar Express

When I first saw this movie as a kid, I was blown away by everything it entailed. The animation, the storyline, and the characters. It had it all. I will never forget the dreams I used to have as a kid. Waking up in the middle of the night to be transported to the North Pole by train. I even begged my mom to buy me a toy replica of the train. And I got it from Santa!

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The Polar Express takes the Christmas Fairytale on a whole new level. Instead of sleeping during the evening, kids get to be picked up by the Polar Express. I train that will take them directly to the North Pole from their home. At the destination, they get to tour present wrapping factories, the city markets and see Santa Claus leaving the North Pole with his reindeer. All of this adds so much to an already entertaining tall tale of how Santa goes down the chimney to leave presents. 

As an adult, I still appreciate the creative leaps the movie producers took. There is definitely no holiday movie like this!

5. It’s A Wonderful Life

If you want to take a deep and emotional trip around the holidays. It’s A Wonderful Life explores a not-so-wonderful viewpoint of the holidays. The story legitimately gets pretty dark and realistic. A counter to the happier movies I listed above. 

The story involves a father of a nuclear family. He suffers from legal and financial troubles. His situation becomes so bad that he begins to contemplate suicide. Yes! Suicide. An angel then comes to show him what life is without him. An alternate reality where he kills himself.

I would refrain from talking too much about this film. I believe that the movie will speak for itself once you watch it. It is one of the best movies I have ever seen! 

Have I missed any of your Favorite Holiday Movies?  If so, let me know your favorite Holiday Movie in the comments below!

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