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30 Holiday Gifts For Dad Who Has Everything Under $30

If you want to treat your dad to something nice during the holidays, don’t worry, it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. Here are 30 holiday gifts for dad who has everything, ALL under $30. And once you’ve finally figured out what to get dad, here are some gift ideas for your brother!

1. Pillow Case

One of the dad-est activities of all is sitting on the couch watching TV with a beer in hand. So why not make that experience even better for your pops? Make his cozy pillow special with a personal pillow case. There a tons of options, but this one is a great choice for $20.

2. Six Pack Holder + Bottle Opener

While your dad’s curling up with his new favorite pillow, he can reach right down next to him and grab a beer from his new six pack holder! He doesn’t even have to get up to open it because there’s a bottle opener on the side. This goes for $25.

3. Chillsner

This little icicle gets stuck inside your beer bottle or soda to keep your drink cold. Perfect for lazy dads who don’t want to get up to get ice and picky dads who don’t want a watery drink. This retails for $10.

4. Corkcicle

The Chillsner, but for wine! Retails for $13.

5. Pint Glass

Once your dad’s grabbed a beer, he can drink it out of a special new glass! This one here is customizable, so you can put the appropriate information on it – this even works for grandpa, too! This glass starts at $13.

6. Rocks Glass

If your dad isn’t a beer drinker, but loves his liquor, you can still get him a glass! This set of rocks glasses is a great idea for gifts for dad who has everything. You get two for $20.

7. A Flask

If dad wants to take his drink on the go, he can do it in this! Give your dad a personalized leather flask like this one for a luxurious gift that has a personal touch. Including shipping, this one is about $27.

8. A Mug

If your dad prefers coffee, get him a special mug. He’ll think of you every time he’s sipping his morning java. Again, there are so many options for dad mugs, but here‘s an example of one that’s adorable and only $9.

9. A Baseball Cap

Dad hats are super on trend right now for our age group, so why not get one for an actual dad? This one is great for $24, and for once will be worn by the correct person.

10. Funny Shirt

This is a great, silly gift for a dad with a sense of *dad* humor. It takes a special dad to rock this shirt.

11. Cute Decorations

There are so many little dad decorations to be found on the Internet, so here’s just an example of one. Get something that will undoubtedly make your dad tear up or smile. Or both. This one’s only $25! Sweet sayings always make awesome gifts for dad who has everything!

12. Tool Belt

If your dad is a Bob the Builder, a Handy Manny, or a Mr. Fix It, then he probably uses or needs a tool belt. Even if he just pretends, he’ll definitely love seeming that much more legit with a nice tool belt like this $13 one.

13. Hammer

Now that your dad has a handy dandy tool belt, he’ll need something to put in it! How about a special hammer from his favorite kid? And it’s only $19.

14. Dad Spatula

If your dad’s preferred work place is the kitchen or the yard, get him a special spatula so he remembers you every time he’s flipping the family burgers. This one is super cute and only $20.

15. Grill Plate

To go with his new spatula – a new plate! This one just makes the budget at $30, but dad will love the little ego stroke it gives.

16. Apron

To top it all off, your dad will need an apron. You can get a basic one that just says dad, or you can get something clever like this “Grillfather” one based on your dad’s sense of humor. This one is only $20.

17. Spice Set

Keeping up with the grill theme, you might as well give him something to cook. No, don’t give him a piece of raw meat – but a nice spice set like this one would be a fun gift. Maybe your dad can try out new recipes! This particular set goes for $13.50.

18. OCD Cutting Board

For when dad seasons up the meat and it’s cutting time. This cutting board comes with lines on it, so chef dad can make sure he cuts everything perfectly. This goes for $18.

19. Portable Speaker

While dad’s grilling or working outside, he can listen to whatever he wants on this speaker. Whether it’s his favorite music, his favorite talk radio, or his favorite game, it’ll be heard perfectly – and safely – through a portable, waterproof speaker like this $27 one.

20. Desk Tray

For the dad that mutters, “Now where the hell did I put my keys?” at least three times a day. Get him somewhere to put his keys and you won’t have to hear that again…. or maybe you’ll only hear it twice. This tray is $28.

21. Long Distance Picture

This decorative art is a perfect gift for dad if you’re away at school or moved out. This will remind dad that even though you’re miles apart, your love it just as strong as it was before. You can personalize it to your liking and it starts at $24.

22. T-Shirt

There’s no dad in this world who doesn’t seriously know how to rock a t-shirt with some dad jeans. There are endless dad t-shirts available to make or purchase as is, so just go with your gut and pick what you think your shirt model would like. One of the easiest gifts for dad who has everything!

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23. College T-Shirt

If you’re in college, your dad will definitely want every excuse to brag about you. Give him a school shirt so he can wear it while he talks about you. Who doesn’t want to be bragged about two times at once? Plus, it’ll make him feel young again. Aw.

24. A Personalized Robe

Get your dad a personalized robe so he can relax in style, all while thinking about his favorite child. This one can be customized with your dad’s initials and is $29.

25. Cozy Slippers

To match the new robe! Number 1 dad comin’ in hot with the warmest feet in town. These are only $12.

26. Candles

While your dad’s relaxing in his new robe and slippers, he can light some candles that you gave him! One of the most perfect holiday gifts for dad who has everything!


27. A Reminder Blanket

If it’s too cold for just the robe, your dad can snuggle under this blanket you give him.


28. Picture Frame

There’s no better way to remember someone or something than with a photo. Give your dad a picture frame dedicated to just him, and of course, make sure you put a picture in it! This frame is perfect and only $16.

29. What I Love About Dad Book

This book gives you 50 fill-ins about things you love about your dad. This is super adorable and probably one of the most personal gifts for dad who has everything on this entire list. And it’s only $10!

30. Desk Sign

Your dad can put this “Best Dad Ever” sign on his desk in honor of his most important and favorite job. It’s right under budget at $28.

Do you have any other ideas for cheap gifts for dad? Comment and share below!


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