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10 Holiday Fashion Trends To Copy

Looking fashionable in winter is actually easier than you think. We all rely on our sweats and puffy coats help us survive the cold winter, but when it comes to the holidays we may want to dress up a bit. With so many fashion trends popping this winter, you’ll be able to stay warm, on-trend and festive for the holiday season. 

1. Velvet Everything

Velvet is one of the most on-trend fabrics for the past few years, and thankful it hasn’t gone out of trend yet; because it is one of my absolute favorite trends. Velvet can dress up any look, a velvet top with jeans makes your entire outfit chic and dressed up while still being comfortable. Velvet dresses are perfect for Christmas dinner or date night out. And as an added bonus, velvet is a very warm fabric that will help you to stay warm even when it’s below zero. Adding a little accessory of a velvet belt or a velvet bow in your hair, not only is it practical but also will help you have a more put-together look. One of my most worn items during the holiday season is a black velvet skirt. It matches literally everything I own and makes my outfit stand out more than just a traditional black skirt. I also love the fact that it’s so soft and cozy.

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2. Corduroy Comeback

Corduroy is making a serious comeback from the seventies and we cannot get enough. From overall corduroy dresses to matching corduroy skirts and jackets; we are seeing so many amazing fashion trends with this fabric. Corduroy is a thicker fabric so it’s ideal for winter when you want to stay warm and still look nice. It’s thicker than jeans and a bit nicer, but can also be dressed casually the way you would jeans. My favorite look has been corduroy overall dresses with a turtleneck underneath. It’s warm, cute and is a great transitional outfit between casual and dressy. Perfect for Thanksgiving dinner or a work meeting. Pair it with your warmest tights and boots and you have the perfect holiday fashion trend.

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3. Sweater Weather

Let’s be honest, everyone’s favorite fashion trend in winter is sweaters. They are just the coziest look you could ever come by and they go with everything; jeans, dress pants, skirts, overtop of dresses. It keeps you warm but also looking very fashionable. I have a sweater in almost every color imaginable because it’s such a simple thing to throw on when running to the grocery to stay warm or catching a movie with a friend. Sweaters with boots are the easiest and most fashionable way to stay warm during winter. A red sweater with a bright red lip is a great way to be festive but also a quick and easy way to look nice. And sweaters come in so many different styles, cardigans, pullovers, chunky turtlenecks; the options are endless so stock up on a few of these so you stay cozy and cute this winter.

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4. Blazer Boss

The other way to stay warm but look a bit more professional this winter is blazers. Layering up with a blazer gives you a business bitch look and I am absolutely here for it. It’s the easiest way to dress up jeans. It’s perfect for when you have to grab drinks right after work with friends. You can layer it with a long sleeve tee for extra warmth. These come in all kinds of fabrics and patterns and are one of the most versatile fashion pieces you can own. I am a firm believer that everyone can benefit from a good blazer. A plaid blazer with a matching skirt can be used for both the office and for going out to see the Nutcracker with your family. You will feel so chic and grown-up strutting in your blazer. 

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5. Patterned Tights

I’ll admit it, I actually love pantyhose. It may sound weird but I do. I love how dressy I feel in them, I love that they come so high up and I love how soft and stretchy they are. When your entire outfit is basically a dress and pantyhose, patterned tights can add a little more flair to what would be an otherwise boring outfit. I love a monochromatic black outfit with black polka dot tights, it adds just a little individuality without being over the top. And peaking out from under your boots, you’ll love the subtle look.

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6. Suede Babe

Another beloved winter fabric that’s both warm and fashionable. Suede is probably the most popular of winter fabrics, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t own something that suede. From shoes to jackets, suede can be used on any clothing item. Suede skirts have been taking over college girls’ Instagrams by a storm, but even if you’re not a college girl, suede can still be your go-to fabric for winter fashion. Like velvet, it’s softer and you’ll love wearing it for comfort but you’ll also really like the fact that it is a nicer fabric to wear for your holiday gatherings. Suede loafers are an absolute must for me for winter, unlike a flat, it covers more of your foot and give more support but they are also a great transitional piece for any occasion. 

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7. Trendy Trench Coats

I am not talking about the taupe trench coats you find on detectives, I’m talking about long trench coats either in wool or another warm fabric that makes your outfit stand out. Coats can often take away from what would be a cute outfit, so why not have a cute coat to go along with it. One that hits right above the knees will ensure you stay warm but also shows off a little bit more of your outfit than a traditional full-length coat. These look so much nicer with your holiday dresses than a big puffy coat that swallows you and hides the rest of your outfit. Getting a black one is a safe bet to match more outfits, but opting for a bright pink or emerald green will make you stand out in the snow.

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8. Over The Knee Boots

I’ll be honest, I didn’t like the one the knee boot trend at first, I’m 5’2, can you blame me? But I saw how amazing these looked for holiday fashion and knew I had to try it. And I was not disappointed. Over the knee boots are everyone’s friend, regardless of height. They actually made me look taller because it elongated my legs. It was also an added layer aka more warmth. I loved that I could put this on over skinny jeans, pantyhose or even just bare legs and be warm regardless. It’s perfect for the looks that you don’t want to put pantyhose on because it still gives you some warmth without that layer when it just doesn’t look right with pantyhose. These come in heeled options for if you wanna dress it up even more or flat options for being able to practically walk across the layers of ice on the sidewalk.

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9.  Snuggly Sherpa

Sherpa has become popular in fashion thanks to the rising trend in casual clothing. Stores that typically sell more sports or loungewear also sell sherpa because it’s just that versatile. Wearing sherpa is basically like wearing a blanket, but not looking like you just rolled out of bed. It looks better with sweats than your trench coat does but can also be worn with jeans for a semi-casual look. 

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10. Faux Fur

Let’s be real, faux fur is way more practical than real fur. Faux fur is less expensive and is better for our environment and the wellbeing of all animals. Faux fur can be just as warm as real fur and you will feel just as chic as if you were wearing real fur but, less guilty than if you were wearing real fur. You can pair this with a dress or black pants and a sweater. Top this look off with heeled booties and you’ll think you’re a model walking a runway, not the snowy streets of your hometown. 

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Which Holiday Fashion trends are a must for you this season? Which one is your favorite? Comment below and let us know!

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