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10 Holiday Desserts Guaranteed To Wow Your Family

10 Holiday Desserts Guaranteed To Wow Your Family

Learn how to create an edible holiday Christmas wreath this holiday season. Make desserts that your family is guaranteed to love and perhaps find new recipes that you can turn into family traditions.

One thing is true and that is that every family get-together always includes food! Your aunt brings her famous casserole, your mom rolls out the family recipe for deviled eggs, and you’re stuck with dessert. It can be hard making something that everyone likes, but even if they don’t eat it you can make it look good! My favorite part about baking and making desserts is getting to make it pretty because let’s be honest it’s hard to make a batch of mac & cheese look cute.

1. Layered and Topped with Snow

My favorite desserts to make for family get-together are trifles bowls. I mean who doesn’t remember the friends episode with Rachels famous dessert? Don’t worry, Pinterest recipes don’t include the meat and are super simple to follow. Try making this delicious holiday brownie treat for your family, they are sure to love it!

Holiday Brownie Trifle


2. Festive Reindeer Chow

Puppy chow is a family favorite in my household. Spice up the traditional recipe by adding mini pretzels (reindeer antlers), Christmas M&M’s, and mini Reeses! You really can’t go wrong with peanut butter and chocolate, but even if people don’t like sweets they can at least grab a few ‘reindeer antlers’.

3. Edible Christmas Trees

Put a spin on an easy brownie pan. Cut your square pan of brownies into small triangles and add festive decorations. Use icing as garland and add candy bulbs to make your desserts shine as bright as a star on the desserts table. For extra fun add a mini candy cane for the tree trunk!

4. Let it Snow…Sprinkles

If cookies are your game, then sprinkles should be in the name! Wow your family by making sugar cookies rolled in Christmas colored sprinkles. Soft batch sugar cookies are easy, and pretty to look at. Give these Pinterest worthy cookies a try this holiday season!


Holiday Soft batch sprinkle cookies

5. Buddy the Elf Approved Peppermint Bark

Make a gorgeous peppermint bark this holiday season, it’s super easy and fun to make.  Grab some vanilla, green and red candy melts and melt each of them separately. Pour out the vanilla first (for an extra holiday feel add peppermint extract), then swirl in the green and red. Top the bark with crushed candy cane and sprinkles!

6. Kris Kringle Kookies

Nothing screams Christmas as much as red and green crinkle cookies covered in powdered sugar. These cookies are super fun to make, in fact, bring in the young ones and have them roll the balls of dough in the powdered sugar! Creating new family traditions is what the holidays are all about!


7. Trim your Pie

Make your traditional holiday dessert, but add a twist! When making the dough (or buying it) make sure you leave a little extra to top your pie with. Now it’s time to get creative with your cookie cutter! My favorite cutter to use is my Santa hat and add some extra sugar to the ball and hat trim to make it sparkle!

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Holiday Decorated Pie


8. Reindeer Rice Krispies

Make these treats a holiday favorite by adding a red M&M nose, cute candy eyes, and small icing antlers. Decorate the plate by adding red and green rice Krispies shaped into balls with sprinkles mixed in them!

9. Topped with a Bow

Add a show stopper to your holiday table by creating an edible wreath! Grab a bag of pretzel rods, white candy melts, green sprinkles and red M&M’s. Break the rods in half, dip them in the melted chocolate and coat them in sprinkles! Add a dot of the chocolate to each M&M to decorate your wreath and add a fruit by the foot bow top it off!

10.  Reindeer Treats

My absolute favorite dessert to make for my family Christmas parties are super easy and adorable. Get a bag of pretzels, Hersey Hugs and Christmas M&M’s. The trick to these is making these look perfect is getting circular pretzels instead of square ones! The hugs sit inside perfect and let the chocolate stripes stay perfect.


Holiday Hugs

I hope you found some helpful ideas for your holiday baking this season and Merry Christmas everyone!