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The 2019 Holiday Decor Trends Are Here And We’re Getting In The Spirit

The 2019 Holiday Decor Trends Are Here And We’re Getting In The Spirit

Holiday decor shopping is the perfect activity to get you in the spirit. 2019 is full of holiday decor trends that will inspire you to deck out your space and make it as festive as possible. Whether you have your own room, apartment or house, these decor trends will help you decorate. This list has it all and will help you narrow down the decorations that you want to incorporate into your decorating this holiday season. 

1. Lighted Holiday Garlands

These string lights are an adorable decoration that hardly take up any space. These lights have the added touch of acrylic berries, which makes them even more festive. This is a great take on the traditional string of lights. These can be used to decorate your mantle. Or if you only have your own room, you can easily hang them above your bed for a little added holiday cheer. These types of lights can be found most places, but Walmart has a great option of a string lighted garland at an affordable price of $13.98. This garland is available in red, gold and silver, so you can choose the one that best fits your color scheme. 


2. Artificial Trees

Artificial trees have been gaining popularity over recent years. More and more people are starting to favor them over traditional real trees. Part of this is due to the fact that they are more budget-friendly, less messy and do not require a lot of upkeep. They are also a one-time purchase only and you can keep using the same tree for years to come. Artificial trees are one of the best holiday decor trends because of how easy they are. Most come in separate sections that you simply attach together when you are ready to set it up. They also come in a variety of sizes and styles. Fake trees are more practical for people with smaller living spaces because you can choose a smaller artificial tree. You can find them in nearly any shape and size now due to their growing popularity. I recommend shopping at stores like Target or Walmart in order to find the best deals on fake trees.


3. Christmas Pillows

Pillows are an adorable added touch that also don’t take up a lot of room. They can easily be stored away in cabinets or closets during off-seasons. They look super cute on couches and beds and add the perfect amount of holiday decor. They’re a great simple addition for people that don’t want to go too overboard with holiday decor trends. Having two or three holiday pillows is just enough to decorate a space. You can choose ones with festive pictures or cute holiday sayings. Simply adding a few red or green pillows is also a cute idea. Home decor stores, such as Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or Home Goods, are your best bet at finding cute holiday throw pillows. Pillows are not only a great decoration, but also provide comfort as well. They can add extra cushion for when you have friends and family over who are sitting on the couch. 

4. Fake Potted Flower Arrangements

Flowers, such as Poinsettias, definitely symbolize the Christmas season. Unfortunately, they can be hard to care for and maintain. In recent years, fake flowers have become more realistic looking and have become a great alternative to real plants. Several home decor stores offer already made faux plant arrangements. Depending on how much space you have, you can choose how big of an arrangement you want to purchase. However, even just buying a single potted fake Poinsettia will add some holiday cheer. 

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5. Stockings

Stockings are a traditional holiday decor trend that will keep coming back. There is something classic about having a set of stocking hanging on your mantle. This image symbolizes Christmas for many. Personalized stockings with embroidered names are also a great touch that make the holidays feel more special. It can be tons of fun to fill stockings with small gifts for your loved ones. These stockings double as decorations and can also hold gifts, which is a win win. Stockings also come in a variety of fun colors and patterns, which can add to your decor. 


6. Oversized Lawn Ornaments

These are a fun and creative way to decorate your front yard if you have the space to do so. Lawn decorations add a lot to your house. These lawn ornaments are sure to be the envy of your neighbors and anyone else who drives by. They are a cute twist on the traditional small sized ornaments that normally adorn your Christmas tree. They now come in giant sizes and help you add some of the holiday spirit to your front yard. Target offers these large ornaments in LED lighted varieties. They are a little bit on the pricier side, but you will get your moneys worth because you can use them for years to come. You can also find other varieties of lawn ornaments, such as giant gift boxes or inflatable figures. Taking decorating to the outside of your home has become one of the big holiday decor trends in recent years. Decorating outdoors is just another chance for you to express your creativity.

Decorating for the holidays can be tons of fun. Holiday decor trends help inspire you and help you shop for new decorations. The suggestions listed in this article are sure to inspire you to decorate and get in the holiday spirit in these upcoming months. Decorating your own home and making it festive is the key to making it feel like the holidays. Decor trends come and go, but the majority of holidays trends are reoccurring. The good thing about spending money on holiday decor is that you get your moneys worth since they are decor items that you will be using for years and years to come. Decorating the inside and outside of your home is the perfect chance to express your creative side. Comment your favorite holiday decor trends in the comments down below!

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