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Top 5 Hole In The Wall Places To Study On UA Campus

We all need a nice place to study sometimes. A place where we can finally focus our mental energy and get to work. Unfortunately, with roommates and a busy campus that can be a stretch. So here’s 5 hole in the wall places on UA campus to get work done!

1. Reese Phifer Rotunda

One of the best places to study for communications majors or others is the Reese Phifer Rotunda. Enter into the Reese Phifer building through the giant steps and into the rotunda. Then, take the first set of stairs directly ahead up to a small indoor landing. Halfway up is the landing that overlooks the rotunda. This is an excellent spot to unwind or get work done.

This little area is home to several tables, a couch, and a wall of seats. It is small and usually not very crowded. Not to mention complete with plenty of outlets to recharge your laptop. On top of that, it is also home to a charging station for almost every type of phone or tablet!

The Reese Phifer rotunda nook is great for those in communications or for those who commonly find themselves on the south-west side of campus. The only drawback is that the echo from the rotunda can at times cause clatter. However, compared to the benefits of a nice secluded area it is still a great study location. If you are in need of a place on the south-west side of campus hit it up!

2. The Grove At Morgan

For all of you outdoor study lovers here is a prime spot that is not the quad. Nestled right behind Morgan hall on the west side of the building and out a back door is a small unused courtyard. This secluded study spot is outdoors in the fresh air. It is a prime location for soaking up some UV while putting in work!

The best part about this area is that there’s rarely any foot traffic. It is behind the building and mostly forgotten about. On a large outdoor campus, this is a bonus. Its tall bushes block it from the view of passer-bys and give it a grove feeling.

This area comes equipped with about two tables with umbrellas to block out the sun when it comes unwanted. Not to mention nice foliage and a courtyard feeling to give it some appeal. If you spend a lot of time near the performing arts areas or the business halls you may want to give this place a try. It is a must study for outdoor types!

3. The Tom Bevill Balcony

Situated right next to the science and engineering quad on the north side of the campus is the Tom Bevill Building. This is a building that few ever stumble into making it a perfect hole in the wall at UA. The Tom Bevill Building is built something like a greenhouse. Above a garden pathway is an overlook or a sort of crosswalk/balcony that is a perfect study space.

The Tom Bevill Building combines the benefits of both indoor and outdoor study environments with a slight sci-fi feel. On the first floor, there are many rooms surrounded by glass in which science experiments are taking place daily. If you continue on however you will find a winding indoor garden path overlayed with a humongous greenhouse roof. It’s like the indoors outdoors!

You can sit on any one of the benches in the indoor garden path or take the stairs up and head to the walkway above. The walkway above happens to be a study area fit with bright crimson retro couches. The best benefit to this place other than the cool atmosphere is that no one is ever there. So if you find yourself on the science and engineering side of campus definitely check this place out!

4. Gorgas Solitary Chambers

I know what you are thinking, everyone who goes to UA knows that they can study at Gorgas Library. But wait! What a lot of people don’t know is that up on floor 2 there are small, soundproof rooms. You can literally close yourself off from the world if you need perfect silence to think.

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If you’re the type of person who can’t study unless they are completely alone with no distractions then this is the perfect environment. Simply arrive at Gorgas Library then take the elevator up to floor 2. Once there take an immediate right or left and you will see small rooms on each side enough for one or two people max. These little rooms are perfect for the distracted studier!

So if you are the type to study in Gorgas Library often, maybe mix it up and try the solitary rooms. They are a great way to get peace and quiet. You don’t even have to reserve a room, just look for an open one. Just be careful not to distract yourself! These rooms are a common library recourse, just underutilized.

5. Smith Hall Cozy Couch

Last but not least is the Smith Hall Cozy Couch. To find this study space simply enter Smith Hall, located on the north-east corner of the quad. Once you have entered the building itself then enter the actual museum of natural history. Take three sets of stairs up and past the giant dinosaur skeleton and you will find a couch.

There is a reason that this study space is last on the list but not because it is the worst. This is by far the best study space. It is comfy, silent, and overlooks a giant hanging zeuglodon skeletal recreation in a building over 100 years old. The reason it is not first on the list is to keep it the best secluded study area.

Smith Hall Cozy Couch is a must study location. If possible make sure you come here at least once during your time at UA.  The combination of the skylight and fluffy couch which is rarely occupied cannot be matched by any other area. So what are you waiting for!

Finding the perfect study space for yourself can be tough, but we hope this helps. Comment your favorite places to study on campus at The University of Alabama!

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