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10 Hole In The Wall Food Places To Try In Massachusetts

10 Hole In The Wall Food Places To Try In Massachusetts

Some restaurant chains are delicious but more often than not a hole in the wall is the best place to go for a delicious meal. Hole in the walls are hard to find so here are 10 Hole in the wall food places to try in Massachusetts:

1. Jim’s Market, Medford:

If you ever have a lazy morning free on the weekend Jim’s Market is the place to be. Whether you order “The Clogger” or a “B-Boy”, you’ll always leave happier than you arrived. There’s really not much better than a bite of eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, and BBQ sauce all on a sub roll, and I can confidently say that not much tops Jim’s when it comes to breakfast.  


2. Ma Magoo’s, Cambridge:

Ma Magoo’s is tough to find but is not tough to enjoy. Located in Fresh Pond just minutes from Alewife station, Ma Magoo’s is not only easily accessible, but also a classic hole in the wall spot. Order the honey mustard chicken sub with buffalo sauce for a taste matched by no others.

3. La Victoria, Arlington:

Cheap prices aren’t the only great thing about La Victoria. It’s very hard to find authentic Mexican flavor in Massachusetts so when you find a spot it’s best to cherish it. For just a few dollars you will be satisfied with a jumbo sized burrito and will have trouble staying away from another round. 


4. Felipe’s, Harvard Square:

The northeast isn’t necessarily known for its Mexican food and Felipe’s is one of the lone spotlights when it comes to Massachusetts. Felipe’s is open late, making it not only an amazing place to eat, but also one of the few spots to eat after midnight on a night out. 


5. Boston Burger Company, Porter Square:

Nowadays dozens of fast food joints serve the same old burgers and sandwiches, and they tend to become boring. Boston Burger Company gives for a unique variety of burgers that are far from the typical. Try a burger with a fried egg on it, or try one with mac and cheese and onion rings; The weirder the combo the better it tastes.

6. D’agostino’s, Arlington:

Not too many places have the classic deli feel anymore, but Dag’s is one of the few that still goes strong. D’agostino’s serves as both a small grocery store and deli and makes for a great place to stop by to get either cold cuts or a hot or cold sub and a pickle. 


7. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, Boston:

Hokkaido can be easily located by the overflowing line out the door, but have no fear it moves quickly and the wait is well worth it. The service is quick and the ramen is unforgettable. Order the pork broth and feel the tender pork melt in your mouth or get a mushroom base; No matter the flavor your bowl is bound to be life changing.  

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8. Al’s State Street Cafe, Boston:

Long morning of work downtown and looking for a lift-me-up? Lunch at Al’s should do the trick. Al’s has quick, cheap sandwiches that are delicious and make for a lunch that will fuel you for the rest of your work day. 


9. Spring Shabu-Shabu, Boston:

Shabu-Shabu is an extremely unique dining experience. Instead of the typical dining service, at Shabu you get to create your own meal. Stations are filled with noodles, vegetables, and any other condiments which you take back to your seat and cook alongside meat in order to concoct the perfect dish of ramen. The experience of making your own meal is exciting and is about as easy as putting stuff into a pot, making Shabu-Shabu a hole in the wall you have to try at some point.

10. Pressed Cafe, Burlington:

Nowadays nobody wants to put junk food into their body, especially with the endless amount of healthy options that are available. Pressed Cafe is a great spot to sit down for a salad or an acai bowl and will have you feeling both satisfied and healthy after your meal.


Do you think hole in the walls are better than chains? What’s your favorite hole in the wall spot to go? Comment below to share!

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