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5 Reasons Why The Hofstra Culinary Club Is Taking Off On Campus

5 Reasons Why The Hofstra Culinary Club Is Taking Off On Campus

The Hofstra Culinary Club is such a great thing to be a part of on campus to help you learn the ropes of making amazing food!

Are you a Hofstra student who usually runs out on meal points during the last month of classes? Are you a Hofstra student who loves to cook?! Here are some reasons I cooked up for why you should join the Hofstra Culinary Club!

1. It’s free!

What college student doesn’t love FREE FOOD?! It’s obvious that this is the number one reason why you should join. You don’t have to pay a dime to cook and eat. Save on meal points on the days we cook. All you have to bring is your passion to cook and eat.

2. It’s a great atmosphere

You can make new friends! We all sit together to eat our cooked meal and gives that nice family vibe/feeling. Everyone there either has a passion for cooking or eating. What’s better than cooking, getting to eat your food AND meeting new people?


3. Gain New Skills

Hey, Racheal Ray wasn’t perfect a first. It took time, patience and practice! Don’t feel like you won’t fit in if you don’t have the skills of a master chef? Don’t worry! It’s okay if you do not know how to cook! Not everyone in the club does. You can learn how to cook different recipes. You can also share what you know with the rest of us because hey, we are trying here!

4. Cooking sessions and Food Tours

We hold a cooking session once or twice a month and all the sessions have different themes. Some of our past cooking themes were Spanish, Southern comfort, Dumplings, etc. Once a semester we go out to NYC to go on an exciting food tour. Some tours that we have done include a DUMBO tour which was under the Brooklyn bridge, we went to the Smorgasburg festival in Williamsburg. Again, this is all free!

5. The Food is delicious

Are you sick of the same Hofstra food over and over again? Have no fear, that’s why the Culinary club exists! The food we make is obviously all homemade. There is nothing like a fresh cooked homemade meal. You get to take a break from Hofstra’s food. The food always tastes good, and it tastes better knowing you made it.

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This is a great fit for either a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior! The culinary club is open arms for everyone, whether they have the gift of cooking or not. All we ask is you bring passion and you’re ready to cook things up!

Which of these reasons above is proving to you that you should join the Hofstra Culinary Club? Let us know in the comments below.

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Here are some reasons to join the Hofstra Culinary Club!