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10 Hobbies To Pick Up While In Quarantine

10 Hobbies To Pick Up While In Quarantine

[dropcap size=small]B[/dropcap]eing stuck in quarantine is a really weird situation for everyone right now. Instead of sitting around and vegging out on the couch all day or binge watching a new Netflix show, you should pick up a new hobby! There are so many new and cool things you can do in your house that will have you entertained each day. A hobby can be a great way to relieve stress and anxiety about this situation and keep you busy all day. A lot of people are out of work and school right now so it is the perfect time to try one of these 10 hobbies! 

1. Painting

Although you might not be the best artist, painting can be so much fun! It is a way to release creativity throughout the day. Even if you have never painted before or are not the best you can watch videos or tutorials on how to start off with easy paintings. Painting can be so soothing and relaxing which can help keep you stress-free all day. I have seen a recent trend where people will paint a wall in their room or house which could be a great idea if you are looking to switch up the style. Going outside for some fresh air can also give you inspiration to paint your surrounds and scenery. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself and be a better artist than you expected! It’s definitely worth a try!


2. Sewing

If you love fashion and are looking for something to keep you busy, then sewing is the perfect hobby for you to try! This can be the perfect opportunity to go though your closet and pick out pieces that you never wear and turn them into something new! This DIY project can be so much fun and keep you busy all day. There are plenty of tutorials on the internet they can help you become a great sewer. You can crop old sweatshirts and turn them into a whole new design that you’ll love. Getting cutouts or making your own patches of fabrics then sewing them onto an old pair of jeans can create a whole new style of jeans that you’ll love to wear. This is a great idea and you can even send a new piece you sew to a friend and impress them with your new skills.  If you want to get fancy, you can even buy different fabrics and make brand new clothes. This new hobby will bring out you inner fashion designer!

3. Yoga 

Yoga is the perfect way to relax and stretch our body. Yoga can be a great hobby to pick up that will help keep you in shape and make you feel refreshed. It is a great workout and will build your muscles. Yoga might sound intimidating but there are so many beginner videos to watch and follow online. Some yoga instructors are even putting on free online classes in your community. Yoga can open you up to new mays of relaxation and you can even learn meditation. Meditation is a perfect skill to learn right now to keep your mind at ease and keep you calm. Find a place in your house that is quiet and comfy. You can even light candles or have relaxing yoga music playing. This will create a space for you to go to everyday that’ll keep you happy and calm. 


4. Cooking

It’s time to break out all of your pots and pans because cooking is the next hobby you have to try! A lot of people love to cook but for those of you who want to improve you chef skills, you should try new recipes. You can break open your old cookbooks and find new recipes you have yet to try or even look up fun new ones on sites like Pinterest! Baking desserts can be especially fun with trying out new types of cookie or brownie recipes. Maybe one night you could even cook your family a whole meal and impress them with your new skill. 


5. Journaling

Out of all of the hobbies journaling might be the best one for stress relief and organization. Journaling is a very personal hobby that you can execute in so many different ways. You can wake up each morning and write down what you are grateful for or how you are feeling in that moment. Journaling can be used in so many ways. If you are feeling overwhelmed then write the reason down. Then you can list all of the things that will calm you down or even motivate you to get a task done. This is a great technique for keeping yourself organized and happy. Writing out your daily schedule or even a workout plan can be so beneficial to having an accomplishing day. 

6. Reading

Pick up that dusty book thats been sitting on your bookshelves for years and give it a try! With so much extra time, reading can be the perfect way to entertain yourself. Find a good book and cozy up with it for a few hours. There are many hobbies and reading is one that can expand your mind while keeping you entertained. There are so many different genres and now is a perfect time to discover them and find one you enjoy the most. 


7. Start A Blog

If you are passionate about a certain topic, then you should definitely start a blog about it! This could be cooking, exercising, fashion, or makeup. Even if you love your lifestyle and want to share it with other and give tips and advice, a blog is the perfect opportunity. Out of many hobbies, this one will keep you busy and can also make you some money. Creating a blog is so easy now that there are websites and templates you can use for free! If a blog becomes popular, then you will be able to start making an income off of this. Sharing your favorite things to do and being relatable can call for the perfect blog. This is a hobby that is so fun and can keep you entertained all day while being inside.

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8. Photography

Although we are all stuck inside right now and there is not much exploring to do, You house can be the perfect place to start hobbies like photography!  Setting up areas in your house that have great lighting, say by a window could be a perfect soot ti practice. Use your pets for practice or even a family member. Testing out different angles and features on a camera are the perfect way to start. You can even adventure to your yard and take some scenic photos. 


9. Running 

Getting fresh air is so important after a while of being cooped up inside. Going for a run is one of the best hobbies that will keep you in shape and feel refreshed. Running around your neighborhood is the perfect location. you can go at your won pace and decide how long you want to run fo. Running is a good way to clear your mind and is a stress reliever for many people. 

10. Scrapbooking 

If you have a lot of extra time and are looking for a way to be creative, scrapbooking is the perfect thing to do. There are so many hobbies but this one can keep you organized. If you have a lot of pictures laying around your house you can put them into a scrapbook and put them in order by date. You can be so creative with how you set up each page. There are even special scrapbook scissors available to buy that can make it so much more fun. 


Being in quarantine can get boring but of you try on of these new hobbies it will keep you entertained all day! If you tried one out let us know what you think in the comments!

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