15 Hippie Outfits You Need To Copy

Hippie outfits are super in right now, and dressing boho chic lets you express your creativity and bold side through fashion! Spring is here, so now is the best time to dress funky and wear all sorts of bold colors. For those of you who want to dress like hippies but have no idea how to start, there are 15 hippie outfits you need to copy.

Floral Bell Bottoms

Spring and Summer are the perfect times to wear your bell bottom pants. These flowers scream hippie and are perfect for the warm weather! Pair it up with a crop top and a cute trendy hat!

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Maxi Skirt and Crochet Top

Maxi skirts and crochet tops are totally hippie worthy. Wear your favorite maxi skirt with double slits or even one slit and then pair it up with a crochet top. This can be a crop top or a regular crochet top. This outfit is perfect for the Summer and you’ll look like a hippie as well!

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Comfy Printed Sweaters

Hippies wear sweaters too! This sweater is perfect for anyone who wants to copy a hippie outfit. The colors and the designs are gorgeous. If it’s chilly out or if you’re feeling cold, this sweater will keep you warm but also make you look cute!

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Funky Colored Skirts & Tops

Funky colors are totally appropriate for hippie outfits. If you have a tie-dye skirt or top, wear it! It’s perfect for festivals, Spring and Summer and you’ll have a cute hippie outfit to make you feel free and beautiful!

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Bold Trousers

Trousers are totally in! There are so many different trousers for you to choose from. This specific outfit has black floral trousers which is great for Spring and Summer. This is a lowkey hippie outfit but still cute enough for you to wear in public! You’ll look cute and stylish.

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Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are totally a hippie outfit. The sleeves are puffy, long and cute! This outfit below is such a cute hippie outfit for you to copy. It’s so simple but cute, trendy and perfect for the Spring and Summer! All you have to do is pair a bell sleeves top with some cute high waist shorts or pants!

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Lace Cardigans + Floral Shorts

For those of you who don’t know how to “dress like a hippie,” this is such a cute outfit to copy. You can wear a simple, plain crop top and then, pair it up with cute floral elastics. Then, throw on a crochet or lace cardigan on top. This is such a cute hippie outfit. You’ll look trendy and ready for warmer weather!

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Multi-Colored Two Set

Hippie outfits contain TONS of color. For those of you who like to dress simple or have an outfit that’s easy to throw on, two sets are perfect. Two sets with multiple colors or patterns are perfect hippie outfits to copy. This one below is such a cute outfit that’s perfect for music festivals or even a day out in the sun!

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Multi-Design Boyfriend Jeans

Boyfriend jeans are SO in. These boyfriend jeans have multiple design and patches which scream HIPPIE. You can buy boyfriend jeans with patches on them or place patches on your own boyfriend jeans. Add rainbows, clouds and color to your jeans and then will look hippie ready. Then, pair it up with a lace bralette and some flower crowns and you are good to go for the summer!

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Striped Pants & Scarves

You can totally copy this hippie outfit by wearing striped trousers or pants and then pair it up with a t-shirt and a scarf. Place your scarf over your heard or even around your waist and you are ready for the Summer! This is such a simple hippie outfit but you’ll look great for photos!

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Funky Colored Pants & Statement Necklaces

Wear your favorite pair of pants that have A TON of colors. Hippie outfits involve color so these pants down below are perfect! Then, pair it up with a cute statement necklace. This necklace will help bring the outfit together and make you stylish and cute!

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Multi-Colored Shorts

Multi-colored shorts are totally in! Purchase a multi-colored shorts and then pair it up with a cute top and have some layered necklaces on top. This will give you a cute, hippie vibe and you’ll look photo ready everywhere you go. Add a little color to your wardrobe or even add more accessories and you’re good to go!

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Graphic Tees

For those of you who love old graphic tees, this is for you! Graphic tees are totally in. To make them look more stylish and more “hippie” just distress the top or cut it up! Then, pair it up with colored pants or striped pants. Wear your favorite converse sneakers and you are ready to go!

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Blue Bell Bottoms

These pants are TOTALLY IN for the Summer and Spring. You’ll see girls wearing it every other day. These pants are so comfortable and perfect. Purchase a cute bell bottom pants and then pair it up with a loose white top. Then, throw on some colorful chokers and accessories and then, you’ll have the cutest hippie outfit!

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Graphic Tees & Skirts

Somewhat like the previous outfit but instead of pants, you’ll pair your graphic tee with a cute skirt. You’ll be ready for the warm weather and it’s perfect for photos. Pairing graphic tees with cute skirts is such a great trend! This is such an easy hippie outfit to copy! You’ll look stylish and cute!

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Who said hippie outfits were hard to wear? These 15 outfits are great outfits for anyone to copy and style. So what are you waiting for? Start looking into your wardrobe to see what you can come up with!

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