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20 Hip Tattoos You Are Going To Love

20 Hip Tattoos You Are Going To Love

Hip tattoos have become increasingly popular for women. With the right design, you’ll have a sexy tattoo that you will enjoy forever. The best part about getting a hip tattoo is that it can easily be covered up when needed. Here are some beautiful hip tattoos that we know you’re going to love.

1. Sunflowers tattoo

Want a way to bring some sunshine in your life? You can never go wrong with a beautiful floral tattoo! Flowers are some of the more common hip tattoos that people get, and it’s because they look amazing!


2. Script tattoo

Script hip tattoos are simple but elegant. If you want something that isn’t too huge, you should opt for a simple word or phrase in a script font. You can get something that motivates you, inspires you, or a simple reminder of how amazing you are.

3. Snake tattoo

In ancient times, snakes were a representation of knowledge, wisdom, fertility, and patience. There are many meanings behind the snake tattoo, but it’ll ultimately represent what you want it to. If you want to try a different hip tattoo, you should try getting a snake tattoo.


4. Mandala tattoo

Mandala tattoos are already beautiful, but mandala hip tattoos will be absolutely breathtaking! Mandala is the Sanskrit word for circle, and it represents balance, eternity, and perfection. This hip tattoo design is mesmerizing, and it will always be special and unique


5. Quote tattoo

If you want a simple tattoo that makes a big statement, you should try getting a quote hip tattoo. Quotes that are written across the hip will always look good, and you’ll always have a special reminder every time you look at it. Quote hip tattoos are perfect for those who love seeing positive affirmations.

6. Roses tattoo

Roses are another common and beautiful choice that will make great hip tattoos. This beautiful flower represents hope, promise, and new beginnings. Add some color to this tattoo for an even more beautiful effect!


7. Roman numerals tattoo

The beauty of getting a hip tattoo with roman numerals is that it can represent anything you want it to. You can get your birthday, a loved one’s death day, an anniversary day, or whatever your heart desires. Roman numeral hip tattoos will always look good and will forever be a tribute to someone you care deeply about.

8. Zodiac tattoo

What better way to represent your zodiac sign than to have it tattooed on your body? If you’re into astrology, getting a zodiac hip tattoo would be a wonderful choice. Not only does each zodiac sign represent some of your personality traits, but their symbols also make the perfect hip tattoos.


9. Dragon tattoo

Dragon tattoos have always been fierce and sexy, so they will make beautiful hip tattoos if that’s the look you’re going for. Dragons can symbolize a lot of different things, such as strength, wisdom, and good luck. There’s really nothing cooler than a dragon hip tattoo!


10. Small font tattoo

If you’re a minimalist and a fan of tiny tattoos, you should consider getting a small font hip tattoo. You can never go wrong with a tattoo like this, and it makes the perfect dainty and feminine tattoo. Whatever word or phrase you decide to get inked on your body, make sure it means something to you or represents your personality!

11. Unique floral tattoo

Since floral hip tattoos are so common, why not try to spice yours up a little bit? Add a little pizzaz and personality to your floral tattoo by opting for some cool borders or adding some extra features to it. Your tattoo should be as unique as you, so go all out until you get the perfect one!


12. Butterfly tattoo

The beauty of butterfly hip tattoos is that they can be as simple or as detailed as you wish. Often, people who have experienced any sort of transformation choose to get a butterfly tattoo since they represent change, freedom, and beauty. Your butterfly hip tattoo will be a beautiful reminder of how far you’ve come.


13. Colorful tattoo

Adding some color to your tattoo will result in a beautiful outcome. Colorful hip tattoos are striking, and you should consider getting one if you want a tattoo that will truly stand out. Keep in mind that colorful tattoos, especially brighter colors, will fade faster if you don’t take proper care of them.

14. Feather tattoo

Feather tattoos are becoming more popular, and if you’ve seen any lately, you’ll understand why! Feathers symbolize many different things like courage, freedom, traveling, and more. This is another reason why these tattoos are a common subject. Personalize your feather hip tattoo by adding some extra details or some quotes.

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15. Lightning bolt tattoo

If you want something that’s a little bit different, but still super cute, you can try getting a lightning bolt hip tattoo. If you’re a Harry Potter fan, getting this lightning bolt tattoo is one way to show your love for the series. Even those who aren’t fans of the series could get this cute hip tattoo because lightning bolts can symbolize many other things as well.


16. Stay wild tattoo

If you’re a party person, this tattoo is definitely for you! This hip tattoo is so simple, but it still speaks volumes about your personality. Let this tattoo be a reminder that you’re a wild child and that nobody can out your flame. Stay wild, my friend!


17. Bible verse tattoo

Bible verse tattoos are common for those who are spiritual. If you have a particular scripture that speaks to you, maybe consider getting it tattooed so you’ll always have those words near you. Religious hip tattoos are also perfect for those who like getting tattoos with meaning instead of just for show.

18. Foreign language tattoo

Sometimes, words and sayings sound more beautiful in another language. People often get tattoos in foreign languages like Chinese or Latin for the aesthetics or because there are a lot of good sayings in those languages. Sometimes, foreign language hip tattoos can also be a tribute to your culture or that of your loved one. As always, make sure to triple check that the foreign phrase you’re getting permanently tattooed on your body means exactly what you want it to say!


19. Pawprints tattoo

If you’re an animal lover or want to pay tribute to a fur baby that passed away, then pawprint tattoos would be perfect for you. It’s an adorable way to always have your beloved pet close to you and a reminder of how much you love your pet. Pawprint hip tattoos will also look amazing, no matter how big or small you decide to get them.


20. Peacock tattoo

Show off your big personality with an outstanding peacock hip tattoo! Peacocks can symbolize sexuality, royalty, and vitality, so anyone who is outgoing will love this tattoo. Not to mention that the colors will look magnificent! Peacock hip tattoos are pleasing to look at, but also hold some unique meanings.

Whether you get something small and simple or big and bold, hip tattoos will certainly make you feel empowered and sexy. Which of these designs are your favorites? Comment below!