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15 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Finals Week

15 Hilarious Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up Finals Week

Finals week in college is seriously no joke. From the sleepless nights to the pages and pages of content to study. These are hilarious tweets that sum it up

Ah finals week; AKA hell on earth. Even though it’s a time of relaxation because classes are over and you have extensive free time, it is also a time of intense stress because you are preparing for these exams that could make or break your grade in a class. Finals week in college is seriously no joke, but these jokes about finals week sum it all up perfectly!

1. When your attempts to be encouraging fail

You’re trying to tell yourself that your grades don’t define who you are, but then you remember that grad schools care about GPA and your parents care about GPA and so does your future job when they see what GPA you graduated with; so you keep studying.



2.  Free time? Who’s that?

Finals week gives you so much free time that it’s legitimately suspicious. The free time calls out to you to mess around, but you know you’re just gonna spend all of it studying, crying, drinking coffee, crying, and studying.


3. When you already know

You don’t even have to guess, you just know it’s gonna suck because finals week always does and there’s always that one final you know you’re gonna bomb.




4. “Did we even learn this?”

We all have those finals questions that either make no sense or we swear we never learned. It’s okay though, the answer is always “C” right?


5. Looking back at old pics like

That moment when you look back at old Instagram photos and remember when you were happy, ate three meals a day, and slept 8 hours. *laugh cries*

6. When you look a hot mess

Haven’t slept more than 5 hours all week, showered once since Friday, probably look like a drug addict, but it’s okay because it’s finals week.


7. Knowing you’re still amazing

When the day comes that you can still feel good about yourself after bombing a final, you know you’re winning.


8. “Maybe I could just graduate late”

We all have that moment where we think about super senior-ing it for a few semesters instead of trying on finals.

9. When it’s time to fill out evaluations

and you’re ready to drag the heck out of the crappy professor whose class/final you only failed because they were so bad


10. To party or to study, that is the question

Making the choice between partying the weekend of finals week or going out to celebrate your last weekend at college (either for a while or ever) is a tough call. Choose wisely and party safe.

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11. When you should be studying but

Netflix calls. Studying and binge watching are pretty much the same thing, right?


12. Procrastinating skills on point

When you talk about finals to avoid studying for finals #skills

13. Some encouragement

Or not so much.


14. When you tag team class naps

You know it’s finals week when your classmates are so exhausted they fall asleep on each other. Just don’t wake them!!


15. The stress is real

Finals week puts stress at a whole new level. You scream, you cry, you barely eat. Finals is hell week, and it can bring our emotions to an all time high.

Do you know of any funny tweets about finals week!? Share in the comments below!

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