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20 Hilarious Tweets Only A Broke College Student Can Relate To

20 Hilarious Tweets Only A Broke College Student Can Relate To

Ahh college, the best time to find yourself as a person while you work towards your degree. It is also the time to figure out how you are going to pay for things when you actually don’t have any money to spend. It is all so relatable. But there is humor among this. Keep reading for 20 tweets that you can only relate to if you are a broke college student!

1. When you’re not scared of robbers in the slightest.

They aren’t going to find anything that they want!

These tweets of being a broke college student are so funny!

2. When you have the perfect excuse for not working out.

I don’t think I could relate to a tweet this much before!

3. When you finally have your priorities in perfect order.

Only a broke college student would see Taco Bell as a priority, Haha!4. When you realize how budget- savvy you can be.

Nobody has time or money to get a textbook you aren’t going to use! This is when you hope a friend got the textbook so you can mooch off of them and borrow when needed.


5. When you’re pretty confident you have more assignments uncompleted than dollars in your bank account.

They may be pretty even…

6. You know what it’s like to cry tears of joy upon hearing a single word.


7. When you realize that FAFSA has absolutely no chill.

Yep…pretty much.

8. When you receive a pay check and turn into Bill Gates.

This is where all of our money goes…

9. When you don’t need to be in a relationship because you have direct deposit to comfort you instead.

This is the best feeling. Money just appears into your bank account.

10. You’re still bitter about the amenities you get in exchange for your tuition.

I mean the least our colleges could give us decent toilet paper!

11. When you get over the fear of being forever alone and then get scared all over again.

Forever paying off loans..

12. When you try everything in the book to get by.

I really hope that this worked out for this person!

13. When all your money saved from your summer job is gone in one swift transaction.

We can all relate to this so much! Books are ridiculously expensive, we pretty much kiss the money we have goodbye.

14. When you forget what the joys of summer even are.

Working so much where you don’t have a social life until you get to school.

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15. When you suddenly turn into a broke college student who loves surprises.

Surprises are fun though right?

16. When you realize how easy going and easy-to-please you are.

Unless that card declines, everything is fine!


17. When you take one entrepreneur course and become innovative AF.

If you have never used your textbooks like this, are you really in college? I mean they need to have some use because you know these aren’t being used for class…

18. When your manners don’t get you anywhere.

We need any help we can get, even if we know it isn’t going to work.

19. When your creative wheels start turning with ideas of how to get money back from your school.

Suing the school because you got hit by a college bus? Well how else are you supposed to pay off your student loans?

20. When you start comparing yourself to others to make yourself feel even worse.

This is sad…but oh so true!

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