24 Hilarious Shirts You Can Prime In Time For St. Paddy’s Day

There are two essential things everyone needs on St Patrick’s Day: A beer in their hand and a clever shirt. Whether you’re hitting the bars, going to a party or a parade, or hanging with your friends… you already know hundreds of Instagram pics and Snapchats are going to be taken. So make sure you’ve got the right attire on. And by that we mean one of these hilarious shirts that’s “so you“. The best part is that all of these funny St Patrick’s day shirts are prime-eligible, so if you’re ordering at the last minute, no need to worry! ( And guys, don’t think we forgot about you, check out these funny St Patrick’s Day shirts for guys, too!)

1. Shake Your…Shamrocks!

You know what they say, “shake what ya mama gave you!”

These funny St Patrick's day shirts are hilarious!  

2. Support A Good Cause

If there’s one day out of the year where you shouldn’t be judged for how early in the day you start drinking, it’s today. Honestly, the earlier – the better.

  These funny St Patrick's day shirts are hilarious!

3. Be A Role Model

Mugs > Drugs. And anyone who doesn’t believe this could take a page out of your book.

4. Drink up!

Because are you really celebrating St. Patricks’s day if you’re not pressuring all your girlfriends to keep up with you….?

These funny St Patrick's day shirts are hilarious!

5. Who Needs A Beer?

You do! With this awesome shirt, you won’t even have to order at the bar, you’ll have drink being handed to you left and right (hopefully…).


6. A Little Extra Support

Lookin’ like a fool with your pants on the ground? I hope not. These suspenders will do the trick.

These funny St Patrick's day shirts are hilarious!

7. For The True Irish Ladies Out There….

Sarcasm is like your second language. How fitting.

8. Anddddd For The Not So Irish…

So you’re not Irish…who cares? For today, everyone is irish.


9. It’s A Good Day

Because who’s going to judge you for drinking as much beer as you possibly can today?

10. TBT To Our favorite Childhood Cereal

Because what was better than eating Lucky Charms when we were growing up? Also, not judging if you still eat them, I know I do.

These funny St Patrick's day shirts are hilarious!

11. Zero Lucks Given

Did you read that right? Anyone who’s onto their 4th beer will probably read something different. Oh well.

12. Dog Beers = Dog Years

First of all, that Shiba Inu has some serious swag. And second of all, if we’re counting our beers like we count our dog years…then technically 7 beers equals 1. #winning


13. Jameson On Ice Anyone?

We all know only a true Irish girl can handle a Jameson on the rocks. Warning: Don’t attempt to drink this if you’re not Irish.

14. Let’s Get Shamrocked

Make sure you’re the life of the party with this tee. Because if you’re not getting shamrocked on St. Paddy’s day, you’re doing it all wrong.


15. For All The GOT Fans Out There

If you’re a Game Of Thrones Fan, then this is the shirt for you. No questions asked.

These funny St Patrick's day shirts are hilarious!16. Kiss Me I’m Irish

If you wear this shirt, you’ve been warned! Expect some possibly unexpected kisses…

17. For All My Redheads Out There

You didn’t think we forgot about you did you?! Especially not on St. Patrick’s Day…


18. And For All The Mamas Out There

You may be a mother but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate St. Patricks Day too!

These funny St Patrick's day shirts are hilarious!

Which one of these funny St Patrick’s day shirts are you going to get?! Let us know down below!

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