20 Of The Most Outrageously Hilarious Posts Found In The Grand Valley State University Facebook Groups And Overheard Group

Take a look at these GIF's that will surely remind you of being a student at Pensacola Christian College! Take a trip down memory lane.

Overheard is the Facebook Group for GVSU that everyone goes on when they are sitting on the 50, and just need a smile or laugh in their day. With crazy posts from professors or students on what they said, it is a sure fired way to connect GVSU students on one thing, community. Here are 20 hilarious posts on overheard.

  1. 22500961_1588138167892222_539800604_n
  2. 22472539_1588138127892226_216658402_n
  3. 22447651_1588138117892227_1313136120_n
  4. 22497524_1588138107892228_466687019_n
  5. 22471299_1588138041225568_1948683920_n
  6. 22471394_1588138004558905_1600866027_n
  7. 22471592_1588137994558906_189755689_n
  8. 22471422_1588137984558907_775139448_n
  9. 22414359_1588137967892242_1306493542_n
  10. 22472362_1588137894558916_1040087623_n
  11. 22500732_1588137914558914_994254687_n
  12. 22500977_1588137954558910_1834000952_n
  13. 22471655_1588137881225584_462566644_n
  14. 22472714_1588137847892254_1682458241_n
  15. 22524083_1588137827892256_142568475_n
  16. 22497488_1588137791225593_635822220_n
  17. 22471339_1588137777892261_285289927_n
  18. 22537906_1588137707892268_480758945_n
  19. 22447554_1588137744558931_1397310848_n
  20. 22471539_1588160561223316_1560657249_n
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