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15 Hilarious Christmas GIFs That You’ll Want To Share

What’s on everyone’s wish list this year? Christmas GIFs! Christmas GIFs for all the nice kids! Christmas GIFs for all the naughty kids! Christmas GIFs for your Grandma! Christmas GIFs for your grandkids! Christmas GIFs for everyone!

There’s no better way to express however you’re feeling about the Christmas season than with a GIF. Feeling super festive? There’s a GIF for that. Being bit of a Grinch this year? There’s a GIF for that. Don’t celebrate Christmas? There’s a GIF for that. It’s almost as though pop culture is littered with eminently quotable yuletide material from half a bazillion Christmas specials, holiday themed episodes, and winter story arcs. I mean, this list could have just been made up of Jim Carrey Grinch quotes, but that’s a GIF list for another day.

Any excuse to dive into the wide world of holiday GIFs is a a good excuse, so get your hot chocolate ready and snuggle up with some of the most best Christmas GIFs that everyone can relate to. These are the GIFs that keep on giving (or GIFing)!

For When You’re Your Own Santa Claus This Year

Who knows you better than you? It’s the season of giving, so give yourself what you really want. We’re talking “buy yourself an entirely decked out Batman costume complete with utility belt and five foot long cape” levels of Treat Yo Self. It really is the best day of the year. Donna and Tom might celebrate it on October 13th, but it’s appropriate for any day of any season, so put it on Christmas this year.

For When Your Brother and His New Girlfriend Are a Little Too Romantic Around the Tree

We get it. We guys are soooooooo in love. This is the one. But this is also the third Christmas in a row where you’ve brought home a Tinder match for the family dinner, so save it for the mistletoe and let the rest of us eat in peace. 

For When You Get Invited to a Christmas Party but Aren’t Looking to Catch COVID

“Yeah, sorry, I’ve got plans. Who with? Um, oh, someone super important. You probably don’t know them. I’ve had these plans for a couple weeks now. It would be super awful of me to cancel at this point. You understand, right?”

…But Then Then Say the Eggnog Will Be Spiked

“Never mind, I’ll be over in 20 minutes.”

For When the Spiked Eggnog is Gone and So Is Your Christmas Spirit

(Or, alternatively, when it’s the day after the Christmas party and you’ve got to stagger back to your terrible job.) The Christmas hangover is real y’all. Remember to drink water, sleep well, and avoid the sunlight at all costs. Hopefully we can all make it to New Year’s in one piece.

For When You’re Socially Awkward but Still Vibe to “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” for the 500th Time

Thank you Brenda Lee for blessing us with an undisputed yuletide banger. Dancing is near the top of the list of things I try to avoid, but with a few Baileys hot chocolates or Christmas cocktails in my system, no one can stop me from awkwardly bouncing along to this absolute classic. Move over, Mariah, you’re hogging all the good light.

For When You Find the Perfect Gift For Someone Who Is Impossible to Shop For

It’s a department store miracle! Ring the bells! Break out the gift wrap! That one super niche, hard to find, weirdly excellent gift has finally been discovered! Who would have thought we would find in Sephora? Pack it up boys, we found it and we’re going home.

For When Your Short Friend Co-Hosts the Christmas Party

A classic zinger to anyone who happens to be slightly vertically challenged. Hey, it’s not your fault that they’re under 5 foot 6. Although if you bust this line out, don’t be surprised if your short friend goes all Peter Dinklage on your stupid ass. Trust me, from personal experience: you have been warned.

For When Your Family Just Wants to Watch Football But You’re Determined to Make Everything Festive

C’mon, does football have to be on during Thanksgiving AND Christmas? And does your boyfriend have to watch it EVERY time it’s on TV? Try distracting him with a little dance or a booty bump to spread some Christmas cheer. This woman definitely has the right idea. 

For When You Don’t Remember Any Word to the Christmas Carols

Those songs were written like 500 years ago anyway.  I’m pretty sure they sang “Hark, The Herald Angels Sing” when Jesus himself first walked the earth. “Jingle Bells” has more than one part to it? “O Come, All Ye Faithful” has how many verses?!? It’s time for some much needed updating, so get ready to hear a totally unnecessary rap verse added to “It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas”.

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For When You Want to Accommodate All Your Friends This Year

Hey, twice the celebrations mean twice the holiday cheer (and twice the gifts). It doesn’t matter what you celebrate of if there’s any overlap. We’re all inclusive here, so break out the dreidels and let’s party so hard that we’ll need a dreml when it’s all over. 

…But Then You Realize You Forgot Something

Hey, three times the celebrations mean three times the… I mean, you get the idea.

For When Your Friends Say They’re “Not Into” the Holiday Season, so You React Totally Appropriately

Sometimes violence really is the answer. A house full of Scrooges and misers aren’t going to rain on your holiday parade. If you’re not mandating happiness by force, you probably aren’t doing it right. React to every “bah humbug” in a clam, normal, not at all irrational way.

For When You Know Exactly What’s At the Top of Your List This Year

…hey, it’s worth a shot, right?

…so You End Up Being a Bit of a Ho Ho Ho

Naughty or nice, whatever it takes to get your stocking stuffed.

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